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Volunteer in Zimbabwe and see how you can make a difference! GoEco was created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife and environment they visit. Join us in Zimbabwe for a wide variety of programs!

  • Volunteer at a world - renowned wildlife rehabilitation and release center and experience beautiful Zimbabwe.
  • Research lion behavior and aid in their rehabilitation so that they can be released back into the wild.
  • Volunteer to work up close with lions against the backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls and help teach about conservation in the local school.
  • Improve your photography skills with some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa while assisting in collecting vital research data.
  • Join a group of volunteers on an exciting adventure where you will be able to manage and train horses in addition to participating in the renowned Lion Rehabilitation Program.
  • Make an impact in the lives of children during the week, and help with lion conservation efforts over the weekend. This project allows you to provide support to two worthwhile causes.
  • Make an impact in the lives of orphaned children by assisting in the basic care of babies, support teaching and the maintenance of the orphanage building.
  • Make an impact in the lives of underprivileged children by assisting at a primary school teaching and playing games.
  • Volunteer at a health clinic in Gweru, providing medical support to a community with limited access to healthcare as well as helping in a severely understaffed facility.
  • Together with your family make an impact in the lives of disadvantaged communities by providing support on a host of different projects.

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Best experience of my life

Working at Chipangali was the experience of my life. The goal of the orphanage is to help and to give a second chance to injured or orphan animals. It’s not always likely to release the animals but I can tell that the staff is making everything they can to make that possible. I loved being a volunteer there because everything you do helps the animals to recover. For example, you will be given tasks like cleaning and redecorating the animals’ enclosures, feeding them, playing with them and most of all, making sure that they’re having a good life. Having volunteers around is very important for Chipangali and it is not only because of their help, but also because every dollar invested by them helps the animals to recover and to be in a good shape.

I’m very proud of myself to have been in the Chipangali team for three weeks and I hope that my photos will encourage people to participate in the project too. Every animal has their own story and this is exactly what inspired me during my trip. Believe it or not, when I went home after this project, I was kind of a different person. You learn so much and you may realise things you never thought of.

Please take note that Chipangali is not a zoo, and that there’s always a reason why all these animals are not released in the wild yet. For example, they have to wait to have a few more monkeys to release them all, because they are animals that live in a group.

The other aspect I really enjoyed is that you have the chance to do other trips during your stay. For example, the staff can arrange a trip to the Matopos National Park or at Victoria Falls for you. All you need to do is to pay and to have a wonderful experience there!

How can this program be improved?
It was very expensive. It would change the price because it's not affordable for everyone who can give the orphanage some help.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great experience.

I volunteered at Chipangali for 4 weeks and I absolutely loved it. Still miss it, actually. You get to work with a variety of animals including antelope, monkeys, lions, birds and more! The staff and team really care about the wellbeing of the animals at the orphanage. Bring a positive mentality because their will be snakes, bugs and creepy crawlers! But hey, you're in Africa. Truly an adventure that I will never forget, if you're looking to make a difference in animals lives while being hands on - this is the place for you!

How can this program be improved?
Probably letting individuals know that this is a lot of hard work! So be prepared but in the end it's worth it.
Yes, I recommend this program
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When I was working at the old peoples home in Zimbabwe I met a really interesting 100 year old woman! I would often see her up before breakfast sweeping her porch! When she was introduced to anyone she would turn to someone who knew her and say "You know who I am, why are you asking again." I though that was funny!

How can this program be improved?
I think that the project was fantastic and I would not change anything.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Trip of a lifetime!

I chose this program because I wanted to gain experience working with animals for my future career and I could have never imagined everything I would get to do. The volunteers are in charge of caring for the babies and helping with various projects around the orphanage. While I was there they had 3 baby barn owls, a baby serval, a baby duiker, and 3 baby pookies along with some other critters that we were in charge of caring for. Each day we also get an hour of animal time which allows us to spend time with any of the animals at the orphanage. The amount of knowledge and experienced gained in just 5 short weeks was incredible!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Experience in Zim @ Chipangali!

Wow! What can I say?! I signed up for this program because of other people's reviews. I was not disappointed! I was looking for a program with a lot of hands on animal time and that is exactly what I got. One of the coolest things I was able to do while at Chipangali was microchip a hyena. They had rescued some hyenas and unfortunately, could not return them to the wild. My time spent there included prepping enclosures for them so we could move them to a better and more suited area of the orphanage. In order to move them, we needed to dart them, collect health information, microchip them, and then relocate before they woke up. It was so cool that the orphanage lets you do these types of things with their supervision. Also, while I was there, a monkey somehow got a cut on it's leg. We had to dart him as well so stitches could be put in. One of the volunteers there had just graduated from vet school so they let her administer the stitches with their supervision.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Volunteer Feedback

When deciding between the various volunteering experiences offered at GoEco, I was most drawn to Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage because of the opportunity to work closely with a wide range of animals. I was not at all disappointed and over just two weeks, I was involved in the feeding and caring for lions, leopards, servals, a cheeky baby duiker, owls, and much, much more.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Incredible experience

Dealing for the first time with wild animals was a real joy, hard work but so gratifying. Dealing daily with animals, preparing their food and feeding the baby animals, then cleaning cages, collecting grasshoppers for the chameleons, working with the staff and the other volunteers was very enriching, and I recommend this volunteering program to anyone who loves animals !

Yes, I recommend this program


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