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Vietnam Intro is the most amazing way to experience Vietnam!

You’ll discover crazy Hanoi, experience the stunning Ha Long Bay, stay on your own private island, go sea kayaking, crab fishing with traditional fisherman, soak up fascinating local culture, learn to cook delicious Vietnamese food, relax on beautiful beaches, party the night away and much more.

All with awesome Group Leader with you from the moment you step off the plane, an instant group of friends to share your adventure with and help with all your onward travel.

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

  • Rickshaw Tour of Hanoi
  • Kayaking on Ha Long Bay
  • Ninh Binh Homestay
  • Basket Boat Tour
  • Cooking Class

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  • Value 9.9
  • Fun 10
  • Staff 10
  • Safety 10
  • Organization 10
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Words can't begin to cover what an absolutely phenomenal experience I've had on this trip. I came away with two of my closest friends and have left with a whole family! The itinery which covers the main highlights in Vietnam was fantastic. In such a small amount of time I was able to experience the true Vietnamese culture and explore some of the most vibrant cities in Vietnam. It was a perfect mix of culture, adventure and of course nightlife. What's Vietnam without a few shots of rice wine hey! Cycling through the stunning Ninh Bihn, kayaking through beautiful Halong Bay, catching a catfish with my bare hands (Bear Grylls eat your heart out) and crawling through war tunnels were just some of the fantastic experiences I encountered. Of course none of this would of been what it was without the fantastic people I met (best friends 4eva) and of course our lovely tour guide Faye. Having been on a few tours in the past with different companies I can honestly say that Faye has been my favourite guide out of everyone. She was friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and made every experience so much fun. Her passion for Vietnam really shone through during the tour. The way in which she became so excited and passionate during every explanation or experience we had, made her a truly amazing tour guide. If you want a true Vietnamese experience I highly urge you to book onto his tour. Intro travel provide such fantastic intineries and it's down to Faye that I have booked another one. Faye you have made this experience unforgettable and I truly hope you are our guide in Sri Lanka! Bring on the next tour. Mot, Hai, Ba, YOOOO!

What would you improve about this program?
Yes, I recommend this program
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Vietnam Intro

It's hard to put into words how good this trip has been. There has been beautiful scenery, Amazing people and incredible nights.
Intro travel has obviously put a lot of thought into their trips creating a perfect balance of partying and culture. They've split up the the ways we travel so it's as efficient as possible to tour this beautiful country in the time we had. To tie this whole trip together we have our group leader Faye who was unbelievable, she managed to bring the entire group together as a family pretty much on the first night and keep us together until the last one. She will be out with you having a good time on a night out. She will be haggling down the locals that are maybe a bit too ambitious with their prices. She will be with you when you are ill or down. She will also know when to just leave you to your hangover for a little bit.
The point is you won't regret this trip and you'll be lucky to have Faye with you along the way.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Trip of a lifetime!

As I was travelling solo for the first time I was really nervous about what to expect, had an absolutely amazing time, met some amazing people and definitely made some lifelong friends. Our tour guide, Faye was brilliant, she got to know us all, constantly looked out for us and helped us with anything we needed as well as being really fun and always happy, she was great to be around! Won't ever forget this trip!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Best trip Ever!!!!

A week before coming to Vietnam my partner and I split up. I started to look at different options and came across Vietnam Intro. I was extremely anxious about going travelling alone however even from the initial conversations I had with the call centre staff I knew that Intro travel was a professional and reputable company to travel with and a day Before I was due to travel I booked my trip. The moment I met my tour leader Faye who was so welcoming and friendly I knew that I was going to have a great time. The fact she's Welsh definitely helped too 😜.
Faye's knowledge skills and experience makes her the perfect tour guide. We got to see the real Vietnam and learn so much about the culture as well as having soo many fun nights out! Faye took the time to get to know everyone in the group, build rapport and ensure that everyone's aspirations for the trip were met. The Vietnam Intro tour has completely exceeded my expectations and this is down to Faye. She would consistently go out of her way to make sure everyone is happy, enjoying themselves and their needs are catered for. Having travelled south east Asia on several occasions I have never felt safer that being in Faye's company. What ever the demands of the group, Faye always would go above and beyond to ensure they were met, multi tasking, arranging different transport for those that couldn't bike ride and walking people home if they were tiered on a night out.
Faye has an excellent relationship with all of the locals we met along the way and is adored by all of them which was soo lovely to see as it meant the we had the opportunity to have more interaction.
The accommodation was great and itinerary amazing, it was soo much better than what I originally thought.
The banter was on top form in the group and Faye was definitely the sunshine on our trip especially when she randomly starts singing Vengaboys to make everyone smile.

It is safe to say this is truly the best experience I have ever had. I went to Vietnam lost and broken hearted and left with a group of friends I have made for life, amazing memories and a trip booked with 6 of our tour group to Sri Lanka through Intro Travel. I really really really hope that Faye will be our tour guide!!!
Thank you Faye for making my trip soo special. It wouldn't have been the same without you as our leader. Xxx

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Yes, I recommend this program
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Vietnam Intro 12 day

I had the absolute best time on this trip. My first time both travelling alone and travelling in Asia and I think this was the best way to do it. The activities are amazing - really high quality and good variety between relaxed days, party days and getting stuck into Vietnamese culture and history. There wasn’t a day I didn’t enjoy, but particular highlights include the awesome cooking class in Hoi An, cycling through the rice paddies of Ninh Binh and jumping off boats in Ha Long Bay. Food and accommodation are also consistently good - the Ha Long Bay boat was like a luxury cruise!
Couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide in Faye. She was so good at bringing us all together, super helpful with anything we needed and a laugh on our nights out.
Would really recommend this tour for both solo travellers and groups. I loved this little taste of South-East Asia and have already booked onto the Bali Intro trip!

Yes, I recommend this program

Vietnam Intro - 12 days

This was my first time travelling solo and I was not sure how it would be but I would definitely recommend Vietnam intro. I arrived a couple days earlier than the tour started and my accommodation and airport pick up was sorted out by the Group Leader Adam. It was nice not having to worry about these details when arriving to a new country. Throughout the trip Adam reminded us of the daily activities. He was very helpful and ensured everyone in the group was having a good time.
Vietnam intro covered some cool extras which other tours didn’t. Some highlights include cat-fishing in the mud, releasing laterns into the river, climbing dragon mountain for the amazing views of the city, cycling around rural Vietnam and of course the Vietnamese cooking class.

Yes, I recommend this program

Great trip, great crew

Me and a mate booked the Vietnam Intro 12 day trip last minute. We had a great time exploring Vietnam with an awesome crew. Everthing was well organised and we got a few extra bonuses as we were a large group of 17 people ages between 18 and 31. The tour leaders were very knowledgeable and very helpful with helping us organising our trips at the end of the tour. I’ve done similar trips with other companies but would recommend this one over the others.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A must for all young travellers

Booked Intro Vietnam 9 days before it started. One of the best last minute decisions I have made. So much so have put a deposit down for another tour for later down the track.

My tour leader Adam hit the mark every time. Whitty, knowledgeable and fantastic guy. Couldn't ask for a better leader and based on this experience would recommend Intro to family and friends.

Made many friends and made lots of memories.
Thanks to Adam and all the team everyone on my tour had a fantastic time.

Highly recommend!!!!

Yes, I recommend this program

Vietnam Intro 12 days

Would highly recommend this tour to anyone. Had such a fantastic time exploring Vietnam. Loved the crab fishing and the cooking class the most. Loved being in Hoi An and releasing lanterns on the river.

Will our group leader was fantastic and couldn’t recommend him enough.

Thoroughly enjoyed visiting Vietnam and meeting some amazing people and looking forward to doing more travels with intro travel

Yes, I recommend this program

Hannah’s Intro Vietnam 12 day tour

The Vietnam Intro 12 day trip was an amazing tour which was made even better by our tour leader Hannah. From the moment she picked us up at the airport her kind nature and great banter was apparent which set the tone for the entire trip. As the tour progressed it became apparent Hannah has embraced the local culture as she was able to share her knowledge of Vietnam, local customs and food recommendations to the group. Anyone who is fortunate enough to get Hannah as their guide will have an amazing time.
As for the trip, there is a lot of travel involved as you make your way down the country. You get to use a variety of different methods such as boats, coaches and trains all of which added to the experience. The accommodation was always clean and conveniently positioned with the local hosts being friendly towards the group. The Nimh Binh accommodation is stunning and was a highlight of the tour.
There are plenty of activities included in the trip, many of which I probably wouldn’t have ever thought about trying if it weren’t for this trip. Things such as crab fishing, cooking classes, bikes rides and catfish fishing mean you are kept busy but are broken up with a few more relaxed days to recover from the nights out.
Overall, I had a great time in Vietnam and would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who wants to visit Vietnam.

Yes, I recommend this program

The Best Money You’ve Ever Spent

It’s not very often one gets the opportunity to travel. And, to do so in such a well organized manner is even more rare. I’ve just completed my 12 days with Vietnam Intro and I couldn’t think of a better way to have experienced this breathtaking country. Vietnam Intro came highly recommended by a friend who had done one of the other Intro trips to Bali. It’s quite difficult to pin point one specific highlight in a schedule that is so jam packed, but on my list of top 5 are the following:

1. Boat cruise around the majestic Ha Long Bay with its 1969 limestone cliffs.

2. Volleyball and hammocking on Freedom Island.

3. Local homestay in Ninh Binh surrounded by mountain goats and the great trek up Dragons Peak.

4. Hoi An. HOI AN. Theres just nothing wrong with Hoi An. From it’s lantern-lit streets to its tailor shops and restaurants.

5. And, I didn’t think I’d be writing this...but...catfishing barehanded in the muddy streams of the Mekong Delta.

Doing a trip with a babbling tour guide seems to be so run-of-the-mill these days. I imagine it would be easy to parrot fashion a bunch of facts to travelers if boredom ever struck. We didn’t have that, though. We had Mat Stirland. Mat went out of his way to throroughly walk us through each activity on each day, effortlessly arranged transport so that it was no inconvenience to us and checked in at the end of each day making sure we got the most out of every experience. To tie that all together he was funny, knowledgeable, able to communicate with locals, helpful and invested in what he does. I couldn’t think of anyone else squeezing every last drop out of an experience the way Mat did. And for that, I’ll remember this whole experience for many years to come.

I now can’t wait for Bali Intro and Thai Intro, I’ve already started my planning. You don’t want to experience this with anyone else but Vietnam intro and Intro Travel.

Michael McMeeking

Yes, I recommend this program
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Vietnammm Intro!

VietnamIntro was amazing! We done so much in such a short amount of time, seen and done some of the most beautiful things. You won’t regret booking this intro! Our leader, Will, made our time in Vietnam so stress free - he was the most energetic, kind & helpful person we could have had. Couldn’t of asked for a better leader - nothing was ever too much of a problem! He went above and beyond and we can’t thank him enough. We’re now following on to our next intro in Thailand! Wooohooo!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Vietnam Intro was unreal! Hoi An was my favourite place and the activities we did there were so fun especially the cooking class. The views along Ha Long Bay were unreal!!! But the whole trip was amazing. Will was our group leader and he totally took the stress out of traveling. He is so positive and has an amazing high level of energy. Nothing was too much trouble for him, from helping get a towel to organising a birthday surprise for a group member.- get him as your leader

What would you improve about this program?
This trip was beyond perfect...
Yes, I recommend this program

Best way to get to see a country!!

After having done Thai intro and Bali intro... The Vietnam Intro was definitely the best way to end an amazing travel experience!! Everyday we did something really amazing. Hanoi was just such a fab city to start the tour with. Going around and seeing the city was absolutely amazing so many cool things to see. Took some bikes and explored Hanoi a bit more. We then moved on to Ha long bay... oh my word it was the best day and night ever staying on this 5star backpacker mini cruise ship was absolutely amazing!! Wish we could have stayed a little longer but the following day we moved on to freedom island.. private island stay was so nice and peaceful. Amazing view and you can go kayaking or just chill in a hammock. After that we moved on to ninh minh homestay. We stayed in some really cool bungalows near some rice paddies. Food was nice there too. Then we took bikes to go and see the lying dragon viewpoint that was just amazing and beautiful 468 steps up but trust me... it’s worth it!!! Moving on to Hoi An again lovely little town hotel room was awesome too. The way to the cooking class was so cool!! From a little boat onto some baskets where you can try and catch som crabs!! What a laugh!! Then you cook your own food!! Just delicious! Definitely won’t be hungry after that!! Finally we flew to Ho Chi Minh last destination of the trip. Hotel with a lovely family an amazing night out and exploring the city. Next day you take a boat trip to a family homestay where you do loads of activities such as mud fishing, tea party, cycling etc just great! Last day going to see the tunnels!! This journey has been absolutely phenomenal and our leader Will was absolutely amazing too! I can’t recommend this trip enough!! Thanks Will and introtravel it has been the bomb

What would you improve about this program?
It was absolutely faultless would be good to have a few extra days!!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Best two weeks of my life

I’ve just spent two fantastic, adventurous weeks in Vietnam. Special mention has to go to our tour guide Mat who pulled out all the stops and made every second enjoyable. My birthday fell on one of the days and he made sure I had a day to remember. His energy and amicable personality was infectious and it made every day an extra pleasure. Every activity was fun and interesting. The accommodation and choice of restaurants was meticulously chosen and each meal was a delight. The 12 day tour is definitely recommended as you go to sections of the country that you would not venture to in other tour groups or on your own backpacking. I would highly recommend this tour to everyone.

Yes, I recommend this program


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