Positions for Beginner & Experienced ESL Teachers - 20+ Cities in Korea

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Events coming up: Shanghai Job Fair & In-Person Interviews with Emirates National Schools!

The Shanghai job fair will take place on January 18th-20th.
The remaining ENS interviews will be conducted in:
San Francisco: February 7th-9th
Bangkok: January 4th-7th
Find the event nearest you, and register on our website to talk to a placement consultant about the event you're interested in!


South Korea offers something for everyone! Whether you want to experience the energy of Seoul or the quiet of Jeju Island, in Korea you're never too far from the activities you enjoy.

Teaching Nomad works with the top private schools throughout South Korea. Our schools offer competitive wages and benefits allowing you to save money ($10,000 USD+/year) while enjoying all that Korea has to offer. We currently have openings in 20+ cities.

We have jobs for beginner teachers that include excellent support & training, as well as higher paying roles for those with ESL teaching experience.

Apply today to speak with a placement consultant about your next adventure!

  • 20+ cities in Korea
  • Excellent training & support
  • Free support from a dedicated placement consultant
  • Earn a free TEFL Certificate from Teaching Nomad

Questions & Answers

If you're asking for Korea specifically, the positions we have available have a pretty narrow salary range regardless of experience and qualifications - Pay is from 2mm - 2.8mm Won per month ($1,800 - $2,500 USD) and you could probably expect to be in middle-high end. In China, you could expect $2,300 - $3,000 USD/month.
Depends on which country you're moving to. For example, some cities in China require your pet goes into quarantine for a couple weeks upon arrival, while other cities do not. Long story short, it will add some challenge and probably some cost but it's definitely do-able.


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