Vietnam is one of the most naturally beautiful countries on the globe. From its tropical lowlands, to its forested mountains, Vietnam offers a diverse array of gorgeous sights. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the country, Students who travel to Vietnam will be impressed by Vietnams big cities that’s markets and shops are like nowhere else on the planet. Students will also get to see traditional Vietnamese architecture when visiting temples, and eat authentic Vietnamese food, which is almost always served with a tray of fresh vegetables and herbs. Whether its sight seeing, eating, or shopping that you love, Vietnam will impress as it offers an abundance of different things to do!

Hanoi: Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, is an amazing place for students to study abroad. Its location right on the Red River is what makes it a beautiful and serene place that attracts tourists from all over the world. While maintaining its authenticity, Hanoi is a modernizing and unique city with its prominent French influence. Students who study abroad in Hanoi can enjoy the natural beauty of Vietnam while being immersed in a thriving and positively interesting city.

Ho Chi Minh City: Otherwise known as Saigon to native Vietnamese people, Ho Chi Minh City will catch your eye because of its French colonial style and charm. From museums to amusement parks, Students who study abroad will not have a dull moment in Ho Chi Minh City. The streets in the city are constantly alive and filled with people; students will enjoy bargaining with vendors and trying unique and delicious street food.

Before choosing your abroad program, you will want to figure out what aspects of studying abroad are most important to you. Be sure to keep in mind a programs language requirements, housing options and general academic culture.

Language: The main language in Vietnam is Vietnamese, which uses an array of single syllable words. The second most popular language, however, is English, but not all native Vietnamese speak it fluently. Students who study abroad in Vietnam should be aware that they may need to communicate in Vietnamese some of the time. The SIT Study Abroad Program, for example, accommodates to both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese speakers as they offer classes in both English and Vietnamese.

Housing: An abroad experience can differ immensely depending on what housing option a student chooses. Some programs, like Carpe Diem, offer homestays in which abroad students can live with a Vietnamese family. This is a great way to get an authentic feel for the country’s culture, and practice the country’s language. For those not interested in a homestay, almost all programs also have the option for student’s to live in student apartments, dormitories, or hotels. The CSA Study Abroad Program at Vietnam National University, for example, gives students the option to live in apartments with other students or independently.

Academic Life: All universities in Vietnam value education, so students studying abroad in Vietnam will not be disappointed! The education system is very similar to that of the US, so it should not be hard for abroad students to adjust

Student Visas for Vietnam

Students who wish to study abroad in Vietnam must apply for a student visa. In addition to applying for the student visa, one must have a passport that does not expire until six months post-departure from Vietnam.

Check out for more information about student visas in Vietnam.

Going abroad can be super expensive so it’s great to know about scholarship options that are available! There are both government issued and private scholarship options available for students hoping to study abroad in Vietnam.

  • The have promoted the government to award up to $25,000 to students who are considering studying abroad with financial disadvantage.
  • The awards up to $7,000 to students who have a passion for Asian culture and are in financial need.
  • More Study Abroad Grants and Scholarships
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