If you don't want to study abroad in spring or fall, summer is a perfect alternative. You can spend a season exploring a new destination, enhance your education, and come back to campus with a world of experiences. Even better, many summer study abroad programs are shorter and more budget-friendly than semester-long alternatives.

If you want to study abroad in summer 2018, you're probably craving warm weather. In this case, look to destinations in the northern hemisphere. Here are some of the most popular summer study abroad destinations

The most popular destinations for summer study abroad programs are in Western Europe, including countries like Spain, Italy, France, and Greece. In all of these places, expect hot weather and lots of sunshine in the summer months.

Other popular but more off-beat destinations for summer abroad include Japan, Ghana, and Costa Rica. As in every other season, London is also a popular destination for summer study abroad.

(Don't forget: if you're looking for summer study abroad programs in destinations like Australia and New Zealand, the seasons are opposite! The warm weather months of May through August in the northern hemisphere are winter in the southern hemisphere.)

If you're headed to a warm-weather destination for a study abroad program in summer 2018, pack warm weather clothing plus some options for cool evenings. Don't forget that many destinations also have cultural sites where you may need to cover up, so a pair of trousers or leggings and a light jacket can make sure you have an appropriate outfit for any occasion.

Also don't forget to bring sunscreen, as this is a product that can vary from country to country, and you may find it hard to find the right product to protect your skin from the summer sun.

In the summer of 2018, there are some exciting events you may want to plan to travel for. Here are some of the highlights.

  • I'sola de Cinema -- June and July in Rome, Italy
  • Boryeong Mud Festival -- July in Boryeong, South Korea
  • FIFA World Cup Finals -- July 14th to 15th in Russia
  • Bastille Day -- July 14th in France
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- August in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • La Tomatina -- August 29th in Buñol, Spain


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