Study Abroad at Maynooth - Ireland
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Study Abroad at Maynooth - Ireland

As a Study Abroad student at Maynooth University, you will enjoy a diverse, flexible, selective curriculum that enables you to match your study abroad options with your home university program. Our ECTS assessment system lends itself to easy conversion into other credit systems. Study abroad students can avail of high-quality on-campus accommodation, comprehensive student support services, including a Buddy Program, and diverse meal plan options. Study Abroad students can also enjoy the vibrant social scene at Maynooth: we have over 100 Clubs & Societies. Prospective Study Abroad students can rely on Maynooth’s recent ‘Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award (Study Portals) and its ‘Outstanding’ score in the International Student Barometer. If you are a student who prospers in a smaller university setting and are seeking an exciting and academically-stimulating study abroad destination in a safe and beautiful country, then Maynooth University is the perfect fit for you.

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  • Housing 9.3
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Almost the Perfect Travel Experience

LOVED Maynooth. My favorite class - and the one I gained the most from academically and professionally - was with the Kennedy Institute. Look into a class with them!

The classes were very laid back as far as difficulty goes. I appreciated that because my home university is very intensive in academics. Maynooth had the perfect balance. I still gained a lot from many of my classes without massive loads of stress. That gave me the opportunity to get involved on campus and makes friends from different countries. I traveled to several other countries while studying abroad. As a student from the USA, it was very important for my experience studying abroad to see as many places and interact with as many cultures as possible.

Biggest tip: travel and make as many friendships as possible!

How can this program be improved?
Registration was a little confusing, but a lot of that is just that European and USA course registration is different. The language barrier (even though we both speak English) was a little challenging just because there's different names for stuff in the US. For instance, I got points docked for not using A4 paper. I had no idea what that was until I was a good month into the program because our standard letter-sized paper is 11"x8.5" in the US, not A1.

In general, Maynooth had nearly every base covered. It was really hard to come up with ways they could improve their program.
Yes, I recommend
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I Love Maynooth

Studying abroad at Maynooth University was one of the best decisions I ever made. Although I originally wanted to study in Dublin City, the university was located in a town outside of Dublin, so I got to experience the best of both worlds. I absolutely loved taking the train into Dublin every weekend and exploring the surrounding area. When I was feeling stressed about my assignments, it was relaxing to take the short train journey to Dún Laoghaire and walk along the sea. At Maynooth, I made meaningful and lasting friendships with students from Ireland, France, Germany, and Austria, in which I still communicate with them regularly. My courses were extremely interesting and my professors were fascinating. In one of my history courses, the professor arranged for us to tour Castletown House, which was closed for the season and to meet the curators of the National Museum of Ireland. As a history and museum studies student, this was an incredible opportunity. Maynooth University will forever hold a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to return to Ireland one day :)

Yes, I recommend
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Maynooth University

I fell in love with Maynooth the second I got on campus! Maynooth really gives you that "small town" feeling that you wouldn't get from being right inside Dublin, but it nevertheless is so close to Dublin that you have the amenities of the city in your backyard. The academic system was the hardest thing to adjust to, specifically having only one or two papers/tests constitute your entire grade for a class. Because of how classes are designed, it is also hard to meet Irish students. The best way to do that would be to get involved in clubs, which were very fun.

I loved how friendly all of the locals were. I never felt unwelcome for a second at Maynooth. I wouldn't trade going abroad to Ireland for the world!

Yes, I recommend
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My Time at Maynooth

Due to travel difficulties, I arrived in Maynooth very late at night. The airport hopper dropped my friend and me off on Main Street. It was dark. It was late. We did not even know where to go to receive the keys to our apartment. We followed the signs to the University and ended up on the South side of campus (no where near where our apartments were). We probably looked very lost carrying duffles and rolling two suitcases around while wandering about the campus. Needless to say, I was stressed. This Irish student approached us, called security for information about where the apartment reception was, and accompanied us to the apartment complex. She was so kind for giving up her time to help us get where we needed to go. That's the moment I knew that I had chosen to study abroad in the right place.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend
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"When I die Dublin, MAYNOOTH and IRELAND will be written in my heart"

Before coming to Ireland I already heard many different stories and experiences about the Emerald Isle but all of them had one in common: the huge friendliness and hospitality of the Irish. Of course you always have to make your own experiences but I personally can just underline that! Before I even arrived in Maynooth I was overwhelmed by the great support I got from the lovely staff of the International Office of Maynooth University. They are always friendly and open and willing to help you with more than what you can expect. For example Alena who answered student queries via Facebook even on a Saturday night at 10 pm. Thank you for all that effort!! I also really enjoyed learning about the Irish culture and language from the great teachers of the Irish Cultural Heritage and the Irish language classes who made learning so enjoyable. To sum it up I can just say that my semester at Maynooth University and in Ireland have been one of the greatest experiences in my life so far and I can just highly recommend everybody to study at Maynooth University if you can get the chance! So for me the famous quote of James Joyce has to be revised slightly from "When I die Dublin will be written in my heart" to: "When I die Dublin, MAYNOOTH and IRELAND will be written in my heart"!

Yes, I recommend
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Maynooth From an International Student

Maynooth is an amazing University. The campus itself is full of history. Being in a University town really helps Maynooth feel like home. Nothing beats being able to maneuver your way around and having a hard time getting lost. Everything become so familiar. Your favourite cafe ends up being the best place to get to know people. The town life affects the University as well since there is not a lot of students which makes for a more personalized feel to the campus. Less students means smaller classes! I never realized how important this was to me. It makes it so much easier to learn when the class sizes are not in the hundreds.

Yes, I recommend

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Maynooth University (MU) is located in the beautiful, historic town of Maynooth on the fringes of Dublin, Ireland’s bustling capital city. MU is ranked among the Top 200 Most International Universities in the World (Times Higher Ed.) and is named in...