Graduated on Friday; Hired on Monday

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I graduated from Vantage TEFL on the Friday and Vantage set up an interview for the following Monday, which led to a great position being offered. I couldn’t have done this any faster. Vantage has agreements with some of Thailand’s leading teacher placement agencies who provided teachers into Thailand’s top schools. I actually had two different job offers to choose from on that first Monday.

The TEFL course at Vantage gave me the foundational teaching skill and hence the confidence I needed during my interviews. I could show schools how to prepare a lesson plan that would engage my students. I was told as these companies had hired many other Vantage TEFL graduates, they knew I would be successful in the classroom.

For me, the heart and soul was the six hours of observed practice teaching, and the expert feedback I got after each session. I developed my skills after each class. My trainers kept saying that new teachers are born in the classroom and I'm now I’m a firm believer.
Vantage trainers always put in the extra time and effort into their students to turn them into professional ESL teachers.

Without hesitation. I would recommend Vantage TEFL to anyone who is considering becoming a professional teacher in Thailand.

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