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I just completed 9 weeks of summer camps all over Italy and I can confidently say this was this was the best summer of my life.
1. The Location - Italy is absolutely beautiful. The country is so diverse north to south, east to west. It's like visiting 4 countries at once. Every city has new sights to see and castles to wander through and "THE BEST" restaurants, gelaterias, pasticcerias to eat at. So when you're not working there are so many choices of where to go and what to see it's hard to know where to start.

2. The Staff- The summer starts with a week of training with the most hilarious, energetic, supportive group of mentors where you and 40 tutors get to sing and dance and play camp games all week together. Basically, you make 40 new friends within the first two days of arriving. Educo camp tutors are from all over the world. Everyone you work with is simultaneously embracing a new, exciting, abroad experience so you get to meet people from across the globe with similar adventurous, open mindsets. And the office staff are so open and warm and constantly in contact making sure you have what you need all summer long. Also, all of the material for classes is given to you in a great manual with all of the lessons and games to use throughout the summer and you're at the liberty of picking and choosing what methods are best for you and your class.

3. The Families - For every camp, you are matched with an Italian host family who has children attending the camp in that city. You get fully immersed in the culture and the language and get fed 3 homemade Italian meals EVERYDAY. You'll be introduced to all the aunts and uncles and step-cousins-through-marriage and quickly feel like part of the family and make really strong connections during the week or two weeks spent with them. Families are always offering whatever you need and open to giving you rest after the days at work or ready to take you on a new adventure.

You get paid to travel around Italy for 3 months, to sing and dance and make adorable Italian children laugh and learn in a new language for the summer while meeting world travelers and being hosted by some of the most hospitable people in the world. I would recommend this summer job a thousand times over.

What would you improve about this program?
More forewarning of where the next camp location is for tutors and camp details would be beneficial.
A clear communication with the payment department to make sure paycheques are being given on set dates.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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