Lost my heart in Africa

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Tears of happiness when I look back to my adventure in Livingstone, Zambia. I am so thankful for the experience I had the past months. I’ve been there twice: last year 1 month on the Sports project and this year almost 2 months on the Girl impact. Both of them, were totally worth it! I made friends all over the world, I’ve been living with lovely locals, I’ve been helping poor kids and their families, I’ve done such great activities, I’ve seen beautiful world wonders... And all of this together with African Impact. The staff is very friendly and always there to help you with anything. Not only when we were out of projects but also in the weekends. We got to know them and did activities together where we had lots of fun! It felt like a real family and we could share all the fun but also emotional and sad moments together. I liked all projects but especially the Girl Impact was my favorite. We have a girls club, boys club and a womens group. It’s always the same group we were teaching so you really got to know them and it’s nice to see them grow and become more open and comfortable with certain subjects. We taught them about diseases, pregnancy, health, feelings... These are all subjects they don’t really learn about in school and they can’t really talk about with their parents but it’s very important to teach them. For example: to avoid pregnancy. We were always well prepared together with our coordinators and we tried to make every lesson fun with some instructive games. In the end we did some tests and you could really see that they learned a lot. They knew a lot more then in the beginning of the lessons. In every project we did, you could feel the impact we made and we could see the kids being happy. I think that’s the most beautiful feedback you can get.
I can’t even describe how happy and grateful I am. It’s been so heartly overwhelming and I’ve opened my eyes. I learned what real life is and how to enjoy every single moment. I take this life lesson with me and hope to inspire other people. Stepping out of your comfortzone is good. You get to know yourself and you learn how to handle in certain situations. This was my first big trip abroad, but not my last! Livingstone will definitely see me again and I hope to discover more beautiful places. Thank you to everyone who made this trip so wonderful! And very much thanks to African Impact.
See you soon Africa, Zikomo❤️

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Provider Response

Hi Delphine,

Thank you for these beautiful words. We'll make sure to keep your heart safe here in Africa until you return to us. Keep us updated with what you get up to next!

The African Impact Team