An Open Door to the Future

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I took the ITTT course to advance my life, to press towards a vision I had of myself in the future. My end goal and vision for taking the course was to use English teaching as an opportunity to be self-employed and teach in any country of my choice, to possess my work. I could not have afforded the course on my own, so I used it as a bargaining chip with a prospective employer. In our negotiation for my salary at the school, I added in the cost of furthering my education to teach ESL courses in order to connect with the potential Latin demographic at the school, I would get the job and become the school's Ambassador and teach elective courses. The course not only provided me with the tools necessary to teach my electives when I worked in traditional education it also gave me the independence I desired and envisioned to teach remotely. I now teach English as a Second Language online and I live in Bogota, Colombia. I get to teach students from all around the world and live my dream of being a global citizen while pursuing international business.

The course gave me the confidence to start teaching online, and with this confidence I was able to take the risk of living abroad and being sustained by teaching. For this, I say the course is worth taking, it can provide exponential benefits if you're willing to put it utilize the tools they provide. I loved that there were videos for every Lesson as well as a printable PDF texts I could save and refer back to anytime I needed. The course is full of practical examples, worksheets, and teaching tools to help you start teaching ESL classes immediately. This course has forever changed my life and I hope to gift younger students with this course to hep them create future opportunities for themselves.

What would you improve about this program?
This course should provide access to their video library for students who have completed the course. Also a less expensive certificate process would be nice.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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