Nostalgic Gwangju

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The Experience was amazing. They provided us with a pick up from the airport, which is was amazing. we were giving a buddy through the program and I was with 4 students as well. We went to a baseball game together and also during the tour program were together. There were do many different student that it was easy to adapt especially because of the buddy. the food was amazing, I had one travel partner when I was there and we went to different restaurants. I am still in contact with her till this day. It is an opportunity to get out your comfort zone. I was able to explore Gwangju and other locations, we went to a temple, Busan, and went to a mud festival and meet some nice people there. my favorite memory was when my buddy had us over for a homestay and his parent cooked for us. They were very amazing people, so kind, and I really appreciated the fact that they took time out of their day to cook for us and talk to us. Some helpful tips are if there is a meeting or activity plan, it is a good idea to go and participant because you never know who you will meet. Make sure you have enough money and budget out how much you want to spend. don't be scare to try something new, you are in a different place and you never know what you might like. This wasn't my original location but I am glad everything fell into place and I went to Gwangju.

What would you improve about this program?
I was alone for abit because my roommate had not showed up yet so it was alittle nerve wrecking the first few days. If there is a way to make sure that people whos roommate are not yet arriving arent alone in room and they are comfortable. that would be resurring for those who come on the trip alone.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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