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That’s Mandarin is China’s leading Chinese Language School delivering quality lessons to 3000+ students each year.

Study Chinese in Beijing, Shanghai, online or at your location.

Why choose us?
We offer only the best Chinese lessons for you with a unique and innovative approach to language learning.

We developed our own innovative teaching methods (Link Word and Story Telling) and learning platform (Mandarin Café) to help students learn faster, better and smarter.

When you join That’s Mandarin, you’re joining more than a school. You’ll be part of a community that supports and encourage each other to learn and explore the various aspects of China.


23rd Floor, Universal Mansion Building,
No.172 Yuyuan Road
Jing'an Qu
Shanghai Shi, 200040


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She went to Great Wall and the silk market and this is a good experience for her. This is thge first time she came to Beijing. She learnt to be independent .She did her laundry herself. She stayed in the dormitory herself. She learnt to adapt in this environment. It is a good challenge for her. The environment in this center is good , neat and clean. The teachers are good. I hope she could explore more Beijing or chinese culture here such as talking to the residence here, interacting with the local here. She will learn even faster.

How can this program be improved?
hope to be easier access in payment method
Yes, I recommend
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I went to the school as a student. It is a good school. It have people lovely people at school who can help you whenever you are in need. The class is good and fun. The school provides the excellent teaching methods, which helps me to remember the news words and new knowledge everyday. They combing with their online system. This is a great help for me to after the class, as I can access to all the class notes and learning materials. In the school, they also give me a spare classroom in the afternoon to do my homework.
I definitely recommend this school for those who are into mandarin learning. I hope you will enjoy it. It is great opportunity !!!!!!!

How can this program be improved?
Everything is wonderful.
Yes, I recommend
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I just took 5 days of 6 one-to-one lessons per day in That's Mandarin Beijing and I have to say that it was really great experience. Last year while I was in Beijing I had lessons in some other school so I can compare, and lessons in TM were 1000 times better. I appreciate very much also the App which help me to review what I have learned. After just 30 lessons I have noticed a big progress in my Chinese. I also have to mention that all members of TM staff are really lovely, Liu Song Yu and Holly especially. I highly recommend That's Mandarin to anyone who'd like to significantly improve hers/his level of Chinese in such a short time.

Yes, I recommend
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Axel Jack

I had a great time at the december 2017 winter day camp in Shanghai with That's Mandarin. I like the small class sizes and teachers are focused in the classes in the morning and the afternoon which makes the learning here fun and helpful. The teachers are quite nice, young and energetic. The learning environment is super modern which is so cool. I would love to come back next year and join the summer camp with them.

Yes, I recommend
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All the staff were very nice and welcoming, felt like I was at home straught away.
The culture activities (eg. mask painting) and trips (eg. Forbidden city) were fun and safe
Great atmosphere, peaceful and clam, just like home!
This was my first time in Beijing, and I enjoyed it a lot thanks to That's Madarin.
Got picked up from the airport without any inconvenience and the food provided was very good.

Yes, I recommend


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