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Start Me Up combines entrepreneurial education with travel to incredible destinations like Bali, Australia and Thailand.

Our Startup Internship Program focuses on developing the key skills that will equip undergraduates and recent graduates with the skills they need to succeed in the future of work.

Specializing in remote startups, our programs combine in-demand skills learning (like UX and programming) with travel to some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Programs offer exposure across a range of disciplines, including marketing, business development, and programming.

We operate from emerging startup hubs in Thailand, Bali and Australia. In addition to organizing internships with startups, we offer support in country, transfers, training, accommodation and mentorship.


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During my time in Bali I worked on a project developing an app that helps collaboration in co-working spaces. For the first part of the project, I was responsible for the design and UX of the app, so going from the idea to exactly what we want the app to look like.

The experience was absolutely incredible and I would definitely recommend it. For me, it was more than just an internship, it was the opportunity to do something different. I’m really into traveling and this program allowed me to do that and further myself as an individual career-wise. This internship has definitely changed the way I look at work. I never really realised that the world of remote work from anywhere in the world was possible let alone existed and it was incredible to have some insight into how it works.

I learn a lot on this internship, not just about UX and designing, startups and anything any workshops covered but about a totally new lifestyle. Working the hours you want, taking a yoga class in the middle of the day or going for a walk along the beach as a lunch break.

If doing something unexpected and out of the ordinary is what you're after then I could not recommend this enough.

How can this program be improved?
I wouldn't have any real improvements I would just tell future applicants to go with an open mind, be prepared for challenges, not just skill wise but lifestyle wise.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I spent one month in Bali on Start Me Up’s startup internship program.

Working for a Start-Up allowed me to get involved within all aspects of the business. I began completing competitor analysis and market research for an Australian E-commerce business and as the internship progressed I was able to research digital marketing channels, plan social media and design landing pages using UX tool, Sketch.

I started the internship with little practical experience, so many of my tasks involved quite a learning curve! One of the main focuses of my internship was social media, so I learnt how to conduct competitor analysis, plan social media posts and research into digital marketing channels- all new to me. I was also Tasked with designing landing pages and emails, so I learnt design thinking techniques such as wireframing and how to use UX tools such as Sketch.

I also learnt highly transferable skills such as time management and self-motivation – which I found to be essential when working remotely.

I worked from a number of co-working spaces in Bali, most frequently the nearby Dojo in Canguu. It had its own café, swimming pool and a lively beach just 5 minutes walk away. There are always events and workshops to attend, as Dojo encourage skill sharing – a great way to meet other members and learn about new projects.

The Startup scene in Bali is so fresh and exciting. I met such a wide variety of people from freelance photographers and artists to coders and FinTech specialists. It just goes to show how diverse digital nomads can be.

Working with Start Me Up has been a memorable and rewarding experience. I’ll miss working overlooking rice paddies alongside amazing people, it really has been an opportunity I wouldn’t have found anywhere else! If you’re stuck trying to decide between work and travel - you don’t have to!

Yes, I recommend this program

I decided to do the 1 month Internship in Bali and it was a decision I will never regret! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience I would recommend to anyone looking to develop their entrepreneurial mindset. Helping a startup business gives you a lot of responsibilities which is very challenging but also the best way to learn. By working in a Coworking space like Hubud, I have met a lot of inspiring people and made some very good friends I could hangout with outside of work. There are also a lot of skills workshops and interesting events you can attend. Everything was well organized and Clare offered continuous support to monitor my progress. She was also very easy to contact at any time if I had any issues or just needed anything. Bali was just like paradise and after living and working a month there on my laptop, I realized that it is the kind of lifestyle I want to have.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Let me be clear , this is far more than just an internship. Having interned in a corporate environment London , nothing can compare to the exposure that you gain through Start Me Up. Of course any internship is what you make of it , and who you decide to talk to , however Start Me Up gives you the platform to make connect with entrepreneur's from across the globe from Silicon Valley to Australia. The Start Me Up team support you through each step , from settling in Bali , to field trips to other Start Ups and skill shares, so if thats a worry of yours - relax! I was also really impressed by the time taken to match you with an internship that suits your goals and mentors that are invested in you. They really know what they are doing. The biggest thing that I have gained is confidence within myself and my skillset . I'm still at uni and whilst I have a lot to learn , this experience has taught me that I can add value through my fresh , young perspective. It has also taught me what I need to do, to get ahead in the job market , the skills I need to develop and how to navigate in the working world to suit my career goals. 10/10 Start Me Up , thank you.

Yes, I recommend this program

The Start Me Up program was exactly what I needed. I was a recent graduate from university with some time off between uni and grad school. I knew I couldn't stay at home and do nothing. I wanted to travel, but I also wanted some work experience prior to going back to school. That's when I signed up for Start Me Up! Not only did I met such inspiring people on my journey, but I also got the chance to really advance my skills. I worked on social media marketing and several video projects for two different startups. In the span of 4 weeks I planned, filmed and edited 9 videos (more than I ever made in my university career). This one month has allowed me realize that my work was valuable and useful. I'm so glad I did this program and would recommend this to anyone interested in the start up industry. Also, Bali is amazing!!!

Yes, I recommend this program


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