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Sankalp Volunteer organizes various volunteer tours in association with local Non-Profit / NGO in India.

The organization is built on the purposeful foundation of serving our community by involving volunteers from all over the world. We provide safe and structured volunteer programs in India that combine personal strengths, flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Volunteering with Sankalp gives each individual a meaningful, memorable, and valuable experience in making a difference in all the lives we serve.

Sankalp Volunteer offers various low cost volunteering options in India. Our main projects are in education and healthcare and are located in Jaipur.

What makes us unique is that we can provide you the opportunity to do volunteering work in local communities, so you get to experience the real India. We also offer the unique possibility of combining your volunteering work with one of our travel programs.


16, Sikar Rd, Vijay Bari
Dahar Ka Balaji
Jaipur 302039



I joined the Volunteer and Travel Program in Jaipur, India for four weeks and found it to be the experience of a lifetime!

The volunteer work, caring for orphans at a government-run children’s home in Jaipur was an incredibly humbling and life-changing experience that I will be eternally thankful for.

My volunteer hosts offered me as well as the rest of the volunteers unbelievable support during our stay. Every concern or query we raised was dealt with immediately and they went out of their way to make sure all our needs were met and we were comfortable and happy on all levels - offering physical and emotional support whenever needed.

Our “house mother” was fantastic! She made the most amazing meals, served us tea, took care of us when we were ill and was there for us all day every day and night with a smile on her face. No task ever a problem!

The travel program was fantastic! Very well organized, fantastic hotels, safe transport and wonderful sight seeing.

Overall this is one of the best volunteer programs available and offers amazing value for money when including the travel aspect into the volunteer program! Highly recommended!

What would you improve about this program?
More evening group activities for volunteers would be fun like going to cafes and restaurants in the evenings for dinner or going to the cinema. Have more fun in the house!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Work with your child's dream and do voluntary work. It's the second time I'm working on the street children's project. It says a lot when you go for a second time. It's just amazing, something you'll never forget! Anyone who is interested in volunteering or responsible, wants to visit one of India's addresses: "Sankalp Jaipur". You can choose between several projects: street children, orphanage, women's empowerment. If you want a mix between work, travel, relax then you need to be here. You still have plenty of free time to explore India. They are happy to assist you in organizing. They also have an organized trip that I have done this time. It is definitely worth it. The second time in Sankalp was another great experience! It's a safe organization, it's fun to be with other volunteers, they're happy to help you, give you enough information. I'm very glad I've been able to do this.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The course that I did in my internship was pretty enjoyable and would help me to carry ahead in my professional career. I got to know how to implement my gathered skills practically and see the real outcomes from them. It gave me the courage to be bold enough and confident so that I can converse with professionals with full confidence. It was a real boost and stimulated my intellect to the next level.

I can surely recommend their services to anyone. Amazing services guys! I went to the student internship in North India and trust me, and really learnt a lot about the country too. It’s an awesome country with diverse cultures yet unity in all.

What would you improve about this program?
I found them brilliant in giving support to the students coming from overseas.
Yes, I recommend this program
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The overall layout and design of the Gap Year Expedition program is good to be a responsible tourist in India, I had a great time. I joined their 6 week Gap Year India Expedition and get opportunity to work with street kids for 4 weeks. This experience definantly ranks as one of my all time greatest. The kids have touched my heart in such an incredible way.
Pranay & Amita (Organizers) are compassionate, caring people who have inspired me to live my life in a way completely dedicated to the kids. I am so impressed by this project. I have learned so much that I know I will never forget. It was an honor to be a Sankalp Volunteer !!
The two weeks of travel has been one of the best ever as this has been an experience of a lifetime.
Thanks to Sankalp team, for all that you do for the kids here and for us !

Yes, I recommend this program
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Sankalp Volunteers

I am Fajer Ben Naser, a graduate from the American University of Kuwait 2015.
For as long as I remember, I have admired being a leader in volunteering and not only wanted to change the lives of people who are less fortunate, but mine, and those around me to take a step up, leave their comfort zone, and experience the real world.
Experiencing the real world doesn’t come naturally, by traveling the world, living in luxurious hotels and learning about cultures. Its living the culture, wearing their clothes, eating their food, showering with a bottle of water, not having a choice of whether to walk, hop on a tuk-tuk or a camel’s hump.
Those are the moments we refuse to forget and taught us a lesson, that what we have can be gone at any moment, and what we think we need are just “wants” that make us see life way more complicated than it is.

I have organized several trips with my university, and my aim was that after I graduate, I would see those who took part, continue and take on my path to create future youth volunteers. I successfully did. Sankalp volunteers were our starting point. After having assured everyone’s safety and good time, volunteering trips became an annual part of our university’s good cause initiative.
Sankalp Volunteers 2013, Jaipur

To sum up all of our experiences in a nutshell, the trip to Jaipur India with Sankalp Volunteers in 2014 was unforgettable; it changed each and every one of us as individuals and group leaders, and brought us close together. As most of us travelled not knowing anyone in the group, we became a close group of friends that went on several other trips representing our University after India was the first for most of us.

Flashing back through the memories, describing our experience gets me lost out of my excitement. To start off, we were a group of 20 students around the age of 18-23 both males and females. As we arrived at Jaipur’s airport early in the morning, we were very warmly welcomed by Pranay, Sankalps Director who picked us up on time with a tour bus as promised. Amita, welcomed us at the Sankalp’s housing with warm greetings and some snacks before going down to the basement to have an introductory session.

We all felt safe, as we went into the house, not knowing what to expect, it was exactly what we saw in pictures, no disappointments, three floors, and a basement. In fact it has a very cozy living room, which was our lunch area and a rooftop terrace for us to chill at night.
Volunteering experiences

The volunteering programs differed. We had a choice of going to the orphanage (girls only), teaching and playing with the street kids at a local school run by Sankalp Volunteers, and lastly, teaching at government schools some English and math, all very basic, nothing to worry about. As the number of volunteers in each area varies, we divided ourselves into groups as Amita explained that once we chose a place to volunteer, we could not change it later. At first, we wanted to try volunteering in all three places and be able to rotate. But after volunteering for 10 days, we understood why that was a rule, and thankfully we sticked to it. Going to the same place and spending hours with the same kids allowed us to grow a connection between them and us that both of us needed. We learned what our weaknesses are and tried working on that, and the kids wanted some older people to look up to, and not just visitors.

Briefly, for all three areas, we woke up early in the morning where a car arranged by Sankalp took and to and from the orphanage, or Schools. After that we’d come back home where we’d find our vegetarian lunch prepared and then rest and explore the city together. Indeed, the food was very clean and healthy, no one got sick or tired as there was enough provided for everyone. One rule is to always drink from bottled water, that’s it.
The orphanage

The orphanage was a tough task, as the people who volunteered there wanted to take another step forward, having previous volunteering experiences before. It taught us girls how to become mothers, and appreciate our families. We went in in the morning seeing how the kids all share a few beds to sleep on, some disabled kids with no wheelchairs or aid, children crying and fighting over what clothes to wear as they shared everything. They had no sense of belonging to a place, nor a thing.
We tried to create an enjoying atmosphere. You’d think its easy to sing, dance and play, what else would make kids happier? Here, we understood the difference; the street kids and school kids were fine with those simple acts, but not the orphans. Too much emotional energy was required, but in the end we did it. After the first week, the kids began to realize that we’re not like any visitor coming for a day or two to sit around, since unfortunately, they had no official “teacher” or “guardian”. We helped them shower and change and play old school games.
If you’re looking for something very life changing and have experienced volunteering before, this is where you’d love to be. It made us stronger.

Street kids and Government schools

Here too, so much patience is required. Kids coming up to you so excited and shouting around a class of around 40 kids is hard to handle. You don’t just want to teach them and leave; you want to make sure they understand the lesson, as if you’re their teacher. Its your responsibility now. Making sure all of your group members abide to the rules and regulations of Sankalp and the school and act as adult leaders is necessary because these kids look up to us as foreigners.
The uniform

During our first day at Jaipur, we went to a shopping center to buy local clothing, as it is a must to be wearing while volunteering. For the government schools, it is required by the government and for the rest; we wore it out of respect and the very different culture we were around. It also made us feel very local, and enjoy the experience. Not only that, we all felt safe while wearing local clothing, as it is advised not to wear tight or short clothes.
Daily touring

Clearing our minds and setting ourselves free came at the end of the day after having some rest. We went to a lot of markets around and ate a lot of good food.

Amazing experience, truly one of a kind. This is because the house was really good safe, had good food, Amita and Pranay were always a doorstep away for any help. We also met a few other volunteers who stayed at the house the same time as we did, great opportunity to make connections worldwide!
After volunteering with sankalp volunteers, Amita and Pranay kept us updated about the kids whether they got adopted or graduated from school. We truly feel like we are part of the Sankalp Family. Great efforts Amita and Pranay, well done.

Truly, a place to visit again with a group of friends, school or family.

All the best everyone.
Thank You,
Fajer Ben Naser

Yes, I recommend this program


Staff Interviews

Staff interviews are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.


Pranay is the Director of Sankalp Volunteer. He has worked with kids from the street and orphans in many cities of Northern India. Pranay holds a Bachelors degree in Public Administration and Economics. He is an active social worker since 2001. In 2006, he was elected as the secretary in Sankalp Volunteer Society (Registered Non-Profits). He has done lots of hard work to run the projects for street kids, orphanages, and women's education in rural and urban areas.
Meet Pranay!

What position do you hold at Sankalp and why do you like working there?

Pranay: I am the founder of Sankalp. I do research work and am the volunteer coordinator (I work in the area first to feel it out and then place volunteers). I do this for my inner peace and so that I know what the volunteer should expect. I plan for my volunteer travel, so I have to travel a lot with different people and it helps me to understand different cultures and lets me make new friends. I would like to work in other communities and help.

What is one thing you would tell any future volunteer?

Pranay: You don't need any special skill, education or knowledge to make a difference. If you have passion, you have everything you need to change your world.

What does the future hold for Sankalp - any exciting new programs to share?

Pranay: In near future we want to start our program branch in Udaipur (Rajasthan). We want to work with tribal communities (education and health) as they have fewer possibilities to acquire them. I would also like to start projects in some Asian countries.

How does your organization differ from other ones in the industry?

Pranay: I am proud of being able to work with a non-government Organization and this will help me to closely look at the good impacts of the work which the volunteers do for society. Sankalp is really working hard to make positive changes. It is one of the least expensive organizations and always provides full attention to our volunteer safety and security. We also make sure that the volunteer will experience the real situation and won’t take their work lightly.


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