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A world of possibilities awaits you with Frontier. You could be spending memorable days scuba diving off the brilliant white sand beaches of Fiji or discovering Madagascar on a conservation project with lemurs and chameleons.

Frontier has over 300 projects in 50 countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia, giving you unlimited adventures and excursions in beautiful locations. WWith 25 years experience in managing volunteering and adventure travel projects, we can find you the perfect project whatever you want to achieve.

You can contribute to positive change in the future of marginalised communities with one of Frontier's development projects. Teach a class of neglected children in under-funded village schools, before adventuring through forests spotting bush babies and flying foxes, or scuba dive and take part in marine conservation in a protected marine eco park.

Go on a Frontier project and discover an adventure beyond your wildest dreams!



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The only reason I enjoyed this trip was the people who were in my group, my trail leader was lovely and she chose and booked great accommodation, and the countries themselves were incredible. Our leader only had online training and Frontier had not told her the process at all, it was not clear what trips/travel and transfer was included (and a lot was restricted). Breakfast and lunch (which was included) HAD to be incredibly basic, very cheap local food eaten together at the same time. However this didn't take into account any other circumstances such as illness, group size, availability, price fluctuations etc. Our budget was tiny for the whole trip and if we didn't use it all on a meal, we never saw the leftover money.

There was rules with drinking and you weren't allowed much personal freedom - it felt like a school trip really. The safety regulations were ridiculous: not being allowed to slide down a slide at a waterfall, go on a banana boat or walk by yourself unless you were 'signed out' from the company's care (this also meant you couldn't use the paid for company accommodation whilst signed out). We had to write a blog every week, which only around 2 of which were actually published.

Communication with the company was shocking, they never replied to any emails or queries no matter how urgent etc. They also failed to take appropriate action when it came to one member's mental & physical health, which had consequences later on.. They also made not a single penny donation to the local school we taught at, which is disgusting considering how much we paid - and very awkward when the teacher told us this.

Overall on the whole trip I could not understand where any of this money had gone and was hugely disappointed. So much so that I actually came back early. We had one leader for around 13 people, which is not acceptable and too much responsibility for one person.

I would greatly advise you find a different company to travel with! I regret going with Frontier.

How can this program be improved?
Too many ways to list, please see my review for details.
No, I don't recommend this program
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i Volunteered with frontier after finding them online as i wanted to do something exciting with my gap year, i found the frontier Tenerife whale and dolphin conservation trip and it looked amazing from the reviews so i booked it. upon arrival i was greeted at the airport by the frontier staff and some other volunteers, the house was alive with laughter, fun and people from all over the world getting to know each other, the boat trips were amazing as you got to see the short fin pilot whales out in the wild and they are so relaxed around the boats, you also get to see many different types of dolphins swimming along the side of the boat and jumping out the water showing off. them memories will stay with me forever as a mother and a calf swam right along side the boat and looked straight at me. other activity's include beach clean ups which were a lot more fun than they sound as you get to see the physical impact your having and how you as an individual are helping not only the community but also the environment as a whole. on your free days and time off after activity's you can go down to the local towns and go kayaking, snorkeling, climbing and exploring. i went snorkeling every singe day i was there as i just loved being in the warm water surrounded by marine life and its a great way to bond with new volunteers as you all share the same love for the sea life. i would 100% recommend this trip to anyone who wants to explore a little more of the world and its marine life, iv been back 4 months as of now and i still haven't stopped going on about my time out there and i do not think i ever will.

How can this program be improved?
the only way i can think of this project being even better would be if the accommodation was improved slightly.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I was on the Costa Rica project for four weeks and found it amazing! the camp location is absolutely stunning; it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. The staff and volunteers were great company and always ready to help if necessary. I benefited from lots of presentations during my time and being on the surveys was always interesting. Most of the volunteers were from different backgrounds, but during our time here, we became great friends. Four weeks was not really enough to explore this astonishing area. I saw monkeys and other wildlife every day, woke up with the sounds of various bird species, and tracked frogs during night walks. I would recommend the project to anyone who wants to an unfoegettable wildlife experience with lovely and passionate people.

How can this program be improved?
More variety of food would be nice but I appreciate that it's hard to get resupplies to remote locations.
Yes, I recommend this program
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This was my first trip abroad on my own for 4 weeks, i was very nervous as a first-timer and frontier provided me with support on flights to book, what to take, and how i could raise the funds to afford the costs. When i arrived in country, a local was collecting people from frontier and took us to the safe hostel for the night, felt very comfortable. The flights down to Puerto Jimenez are great and the town is gorgeous. Getting the travel to the camp was like something out of david attenborough, driving through the dense jungle was incredible. The camp was clean and i had a bed of my own, the food was great and the staff were amazing! The volunteering involved mostly survey work and some beach cleaning. It was easy work but well organised by the Project leader that the time, she also organised loads of extra activities for us to do, most which were very low price, such as horse riding down the beach, boat rides in the bay dolphin watching, paddle boarding with green turtles and loads more. My favourite was a trip into corcovado national park, where i saw my first puma and tapers! The people that go are amazing too, i couldn't have wished for a better crew, we still meet up in the uk! Leaving was really hard, but i hope to go back again for longer!

Yes, I recommend this program

I have volunteered twice with Frontier, once on the adventure project in Madagascar as my first big trip after school and once in Tanzania on the dive project. In both trips I undoubtedly learned a lot and made many good friends with those on camp but I couldn't help get the feeling that someone was 'off'. The more time I spent with the organisation, the more I learned that generally the staff in field are great but London seemed not only unhelpful but also inept.

In both places but particularly in Tanzania the accommodation was basic, makuti (woven palm leaf) structures with open doors, termites and spiders as roommates. There were two temperamental solar panels on camp and the kitchen was made of makuti. Considering that the project has been situated there for at least 5 years, numerous people have requested improvements -- and given that volunteers pay for these experiences -- I am still shocked that the accommodation has not improved.

Undoubtedly I learned a lot from my experiences, as someone now involved with other international developments and NGOs most of what I took away was what I kind of organisation I never wanted to be involved in. My review may seem biased but a quick google search will tell you a lot.

I did enjoy my time on projects, but 100% this was due to the hard work and attentiveness of in-country staff, as an organisation I would now not touch them with a barge poll. I would not recommend them to any individual as there are hundreds of more useful ways to benefit communities in other parts of the world. If i did have to give advice to anyone looking to volunteer in the future it would be to consider WHY you are volunteering. If it is to travel and meet cool people. 100% go with Frontier, but if you want to benefit a community in a supported environment do not. Have a look at the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN and judge for yourself whether this organisation really has something useful to offer to the community within which it operates.

No, I don't recommend this program


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