CRCC Asia’s award-winning Internship Program has provided over 7,000 students and graduates, like you, the opportunity to boost their employment prospects through work experience placements across 14 sectors.

We are the leading provider of internships and partner with over 600 companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo & Manchester. We empower you to develop personal and professional skills in dynamic international settings. 89% of our interns are offered graduate-level jobs within 3 months of program completion and 30% are offered positions in their Host Company post internship.

Our structured employability programmes empower you by providing a platform for internationalizing your work experience and developing key employability skills in dynamic international settings.


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CRCC Asia helped provide me the necessary support and connections to work within Tokyo during my 2 month duration.

The housing was spectacular, clean, and the staff was happy to assist with questions or complaints.
There was more than enough information for someone to comfortably navigate the cultural differences. CRCC provides seminars and books on this topic.
24/7 help line as well as check in messages from CRCC. They would be around housing often to check in and meet with you in person as well. They always seemed to genuinely care about and act on any concerns and often went out of their way for us. I.E. bringing medicine to those who are sick, taking time out of their personal lives to meet with you, introducing you to contacts that may benefit your future.
From interview to post departure, the CRCC staff have been incredibly friendly, helpful, and honest. They really do love their jobs and this greatly benefits the program. The Tokyo Team is absolutely fantastic!

Overall my experience was fantastic and I made many long lasting friendships and gained a lot of new insight into myself and what I want from my career.

How can this program be improved?
I was part of the first group to come to Tokyo; and at times it felt like it.

Some students had issues with companies. CRCC would make necessary changes; even moving students from companies to new ones. But the whole process could be stressful and frustrating for everyone involved.

The weekend events were very hit and miss. The cultural ones were a blast however those directed at improving career or providing service back to the community seemed less than stellar. I think this will be greatly improved after CRCC is more established in Tokyo. They have already mentioned hearing feedback about the events and will be discussing how to better improve them.

The program had way more students than I was expecting. This was both a good and a bad thing. Cultural differences and the large number of students resulted in an often dirty kitchen and drama that typically comes with having a large group of college students in a small area. Generally everyone seemed to get along really well and I think everyone had at least one group of friends they could connect with. I think the interview process given by CRCC resulted in a fantastic group of individuals and I would happily take a dirty kitchen in exchange for the fantastic friends I got out of the program.

Cost was high. Luckily there are many scholarships (at least in the US) that help balance this out, but a break down of where my money went might have been helpful. But anyone signing up should know the cost prior to even applying so it isn't that large of a concern. Look for discounts (talk to people who have previously gone abroad with CRCC as well) and apply for scholarships.
Yes, I recommend this program

My internship with CRCC Asia was not only a valuable professional experience, but also an enlightening opportunity to see life in a different corner of the world. I was fortunate enough to work for a small environmental company in Shanghai, which finally enabled me to feel like I was making a difference in a field that I cared about. I conducted research, wrote reports, assisted with translations, prepared company contracts, and collaborated on a number of other company projects, all of which undoubtedly helped me prepare for a career in the 21st century. I would highly recommend this experience!

How can this program be improved?
The program was overall very great, yet I think one way to improve it in the future would be to add even more organized group events for interns to get to know each other better. I became great friends with the other interns that I lived and worked with, but I would have liked the chance to become more acquainted with people outside of that circle as well.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Through CRCC, I was able to gain experience in a Chinese IT company. The company itself has seen huge success offering blockchain and cryptocurrency related services, and the department that I was placed in offered me the opportunity to gain meaningful development experience in this dynamic new field!

As part of CRCC’s “Intensive Mandarin” program, the experience that I gained in my Mandarin courses that preceded my internship were absolutely invaluable in helping me to make the most out of this experience. I was able to learn from my peers about IT, language, culture… So much more than if I would have just gone in on my own. CRCC helped me set myself up for success with my host company.

As a result, I’m walking away from this experience able to come back to live and work in China, and utilize the skills in data science and machine learning that I continued to develop this summer!

How can this program be improved?
Definitely go for "internship only", if you have the time and ability to set up housing yourself. Everything else can be figured out quite easily (no need to pay hundreds more to have somebody hand you a sim card and a metro pass, especially when both are so easily obtained from the airport and literally any metro station (respectively)).

Also, the Mandarin courses can be purchased directly from the school for cheaper than what you pay in CRCC's program fee. Anything beyond basic internship placement, definitely not worth the money in my opinion - you basically pay them and extra $2000 to find you a place to stay :/

However, having said all that, the internship itself was GREAT; CRCC representatives took all the time necessary to get to know me and help connect me with an ideal position that fit both my skills and aspirations. Definitely would recommend to anyone for internship placement!!
Yes, I recommend this program
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In the Summer of 2018 I spent a month working at Jingshi Law Firm in Beijing; and it was such an incredibly interesting and rewarding experience. It was exactly the type of firm I was looking for when I applied through CRCC Asia, so I was very grateful to have the chance to work there.

I thoroughly enjoyed going into work every day (even if it did mean leaving the great accommodation we were in!) and I found that I was assigned much more responsibility and tasks than I imagined considering I am not a Law student, which was fantastic.

Whilst I am by no means a linguist, and probably never will be, the optional Mandarin lessons provided by CRCC were not only useful and informative, but also rather entertaining.

I think my internship in Beijing was extremely rewarding and worthwhile, as I have gained a huge amount of knowledge, not only about the legal sector, but also about business and culture in China. This experience will benefit me greatly in applying for jobs in the future, as it should make my CV and applications stand out!

Yes, I recommend this program
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My experience in Shanghai with CRCC Asia is one I am very grateful for. The opportunity to live and work in a culture so vastly different than my own is one that very few people get to experience. While the hustle and bustle of Shanghai is not something I was used to, I ended up loving the fast paced culture I was immersed in. Not only have I boosted my workplace skills and employability but also my life experience. The memories made are some that will last a lifetime as they were once in a lifetime.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program