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Casa Voluntary Work is, as its name suggests, an association composed of volunteers.

We aim to organise social activities which take a variety of forms. In particular, we organise international workcamps of languages which give the opportunity to children and young people to learn modern languages. We also organise environmental workcamps as well as workshops of gardening and painting in public spaces.

CVW’s most important activity is organizing international short term voluntary projects (work camps) in Morocco and sending volunteers to projects abroad. In addition, CVW coordinates long term voluntary projects of 1 to 12 months.


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I Had an amazing experience working with cvwmorocco in Casablanca for two weeks period, I was teaching children basics of English, we were organizing table games and playing music to them in order to make them having fun while learning new language. I worked four day a week, from Monday to Thursday, we had three days off to discover the wonderful Morocco. the organization team helped us with direction and getting transportation. we were group of five girls and we were able to travel alone To Marrakesh.... it was really safe !!

I was staying with a Moroccan hosting family, they always took care of me and offer me food and ask me i need something, it was really wonderful with them...; I am really missing them.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My month at Casa Voluntary Work has been unique. I didn't just teach French language to my classes but I got friend with my amazingly clever students! Aged from 5 to 21, we built up together improving and funny lessons: grammar and dialogues on actuality topics with medium and advanced classes, and playing based on basic vocabulary with children.
The staff has always been supportive and caring, giving important advice when needed and freedom of choice on the lessons program.
For what concerns my hosting family, they've been lovely with me, treating me like a daughter and a sister and almost turning me into a Moroccan!
I would recommend the Teaching Program as it makes you know the local culture and the kindness and hospitality of people; moreover, it gives you a chance to discover the beauties of Morocco.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Casa Voluntary Work Morocco gives you the opportunity to experience the real Morocco and to emerge yourself in the local culture. The stuff is very helpful and tries to accommodate the needs of every volunteer. The program also requires you to be flexible and to reassess your values and priorities.
I taught English to elementary school-age students and upper high school-age students + adults. Both students and teachers benefit from the classes. The students were very grateful, positive and interested to learn and very interested to tell you all about their country and culture. It is convenient to bring learning material - as much as you can - since you will probably face different language levels in every student’s group.
I stayed in a great hosting family that took care about everything.
I had the chance to meet local people, travel across Morocco and eat the delicious local food.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I went there in July 2015 and was a great
experience with some high and low but now I just have good memories.
people are great very kind they will help you in everything.

I was Teaching English to a teenager Group with some other Volunteer, we were Working four hours A day, and four times a week,

I loved working at Casa Voluntary Work Morocco and all the Student were lovely! It was nice just to spend time with them talking and playing . Really enjoyed it all!

The friends I made on there will surely last me a life time, and the experience has truly changed my life for the better.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I was lucky enough to take part in Casa Voluntary Work in July 2015. And I can say without any doubts that it was life changing experience.
I was teaching English to the group of teenagers with pretty good Intermediate level. And I cannot describe how lovely these children are! Attentive, respectful, active and with a big willingness to learn!
I would recommend to all future volunteers to be prepared with hardcopy materials, as these children are ready to study very hard! This is the first thing that has amazed me.
The second one is how organizers were treating us: kind, caring and interesting people! They made us feel at home away from home! My hosting family was an incredible example of Arabic family, and made me feel a part of it. I can say freely that I experienced Morocco very deeply and fell in love with the country.
I strongly recommend this program to everybody. Get out from your comfort zone and experience Morocco!
Casa Voluntary Work is definitely the best way to travel! :)

Yes, I recommend this program


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