Katelyn Lengeman

Katelyn Lengeman is from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and went to school at Bloomsburg University. She was a Communication Studies major with a minor in Legal Studies. She hopes to go into a career in social justice and public advocacy.

Why did you decide to intern with Global Experiences in Dublin?

Katelyn: I decided to intern with Global Experiences in Ireland for a couple reasons. After visiting Ireland several years ago, I've always wanted to spend a significant amount of time there. Since I had to do an internship for my major, I thought it would be the best way to accomplish both of those things. I found out about Global Experiences through my university and heard good things about the program. I was excited to get to live abroad to push myself and get a new, fun, and challenging experience and the internship with Global Experiences fit that aspiration.

Katelyn interning in Ireland

What made this internship experience unique and special?

Katelyn: This experience was unique because not only was I in another country, but I was living and working there. I was no longer just a tourist, but I really felt like I was contributing to the Irish culture and society. I really enjoyed having the time to meet people and develop relationships and to get substantial work experience. It also gave me enough time to see a lot of Ireland, instead of just a couple popular tourist sites.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Katelyn: This experience had a lot of impact on my future. Professionally, it helped me to clarify exactly how I want to move forward with my education and career. I was also able to apply my skills from college and see how that fit within a real-world organization. This experience also showed me how much I could push myself. With so many ambiguous situations throughout the eight weeks in Ireland, I saw myself learn to deal with being uncomfortable, figuring out how to navigate difficult situations, and planning for the unpredictable. This experience also opened me up to a deeper desire to travel the world because of the awesome experience it was to get more and more comfortable in a new place.

Intern Katelyn and Friends enjoy Ireland

What is one piece of advice you would offer something considering interning abroad in Ireland?

Katelyn: If someone is considering interning abroad, I would tell them to definitely do it! Anyone even slightly considering it needs to start planning as soon as possible. There are a lot of steps and things to work out and it helps to really be prepared. Global Experiences advisers are awesome and will work with you through every step, but it takes time to accomplish everything you need in order to be able to go.