Writing and Communications Internships in Cape Town
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Writing and Communications Internships in Cape Town

NEW! NGO Management Internships

Always wanted to get a thorough insight into charities and nonprofit organizations? These NGO Management Internships provide a great opportunity for you. As an intern, you can expect to gain valuable work experience in a variety of aspects, which can include project development, sustainability, fundraising strategy, or on the ground project coordination.

We’re excited to offer a wide range of communications internships and content writing internships with NGOs in Cape Town, South Africa. If you're interested in the fields of communications, journalism, or marketing, and are looking to get some practical work experience, this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

We offer writing and communication internships with grassroots organisations doing amazing work in a variety of areas; urban greening a eco-education, health education, social development, and nonprofit film and photography. Our internships are between 8 and 26 weeks, and we can tailor-make programs to suit yours specific skill set and desired learning outcomes. We'll offer guidance and assistance throughout your stay!

“Somehow the world has gotten bigger and smaller at the same time over the last six months. Things seem more complex, but the ability to have an impact now truly feels within my reach." - Ivy, United States, Creative Content and Copywriting Internship

  • Get a valuable experience in areas such as content writing, creative writing, SEO, social media management, web management, and PR
  • Be part of an NGO or social enterprises, so you’ll also be making a difference on a grassroots level
  • Have the opportunity to work and live in the stunning and dynamic city of Cape Town
  • Be a large part of a small (and passionate!) team, which offers a great variety of opportunities
  • Enjoy personal match-making, so that you're ensured to be placed at the right organisation
Cape Town
Year Round
Airport Transfers
Domestic Airfare
SIM cards
Travel Insurance
Good English skills (both written and spoken)
Some experience with social media and SEO is a nice to have
Contact us
Send your CV and 2-3 English writing samples
First (Skype) call to discuss opportunities
Second (Skype) call with your future supervisor
Internship confirmed by host and you
Roots will send you information and start preparations for your stay in Cape Town
Weekly Hours
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Age Min.
Application Fee
Starting Price
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At Roots we do everything we can to make your work placement experience smooth and hassle-free. We offer an all-inclusive service, which means we will help you find the right internship (we believe we are great match makers!), help you with visa arrangements, book accommodation for you in Cape Town, give you all the pre-departure information you need before arriving, pick you up from the airport and check in with you while on your work placement to ensure you feel supported. The fee includes accommodation based on a shared dorm room. If you are interested in another kind of accommodation or a single room, please let us know.

Not included in the fee
- Flights to Cape Town
- Meals, drinks, snacks and items of personal nature (f.e. curios, gifts, clothing).
- Costs for additional excursions or activities
- Visa, medical and travel insurance costs for the duration of your placement – must include cover for repatriation

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Writing and Communications Internship with Greenpop

My experience interning with Greenpop through Roots Interns was nothing short of an amazing adventure. Not only was I given the oppertunity to enhance my creative writing skills in a positive and supporting environment, I truly felt like I was part of an incredibly important movement that brings about positive change to undergreened areas of the Western Cape, one tree at a time. Living in such a diverse city with a wonderful group of people from all corners of the world is an experience you can't let pass you by! Join the #Treevolution!

Yes, I recommend

An Abundant Experience with Penda Photo Tours

I thoroughly enjoyed my writing and communications internship. There were endless opportunities to write and I learned a lot about SEO writing. This internship provided a lot of creative freedom. That said, there was also guidance available when I needed it. My supervisor provided plenty of one-on-one attention and was very conscious of creating an internship that suited me and my goals. There were opportunities to get involved in projects in the community, as well.
The office culture is friendly, energetic and innovative. And there is no better place to enjoy an internship abroad than in Cape Town, it is a beautiful city, full of life.

Yes, I recommend

Learning while having fun

I've studied literature and I have my own blog, but I've never had the experience to write on a professional level for an organisation. I could definitely recommend the writing and communication internship because it's the perfect way to gain experience in writing skills, SEO, and it's ideal to learn how to express the values of the organisation you work for but still to maintain your own personal style. I would also recommend to get an internship in an organisation you really believe in. The more you canq support their values and what they stand for, the more you'll enjoy your internship, since you're not only learning but you're also part of something bigger you really believe in and want to add value to.

Yes, I recommend
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Content and Storytelling Intern Review

I never imagined myself interning at a non-profit to begin with so this internship has really opened up my eyes to how to raise money strategically. This can be through writing, which is my passion so I have had a lot of hands-on experience on content marketing and how specific keywords can help raise money. It impacted me to now think more of non-profits, even to then think about pursuing a masters in visual anthropology in the future. I think future participants should know that the work done here can be impactful depending on what you make it. Sometimes the work may seem tedious and repetitive but it needs to be done in order to get the content out there and producing money for the non-profit to continue. It is a really great environment to work in since everyone is passionate about the organization's mission and really willing to put in the effort to raise funds. Everyone is excited and willing to work together for the good of the organization. There is always projects to work on for example writing a blog or experimenting with social media management.

How can this program be improved?

I understand office work is needed, but more hands on projects like going out to visit the communities we directly have an impact on would be great or hands on fundraising events to really see the capability that our fundraising has.

Yes, I recommend

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At Roots Interns, our mission is to create the perfect balance between meaningful work and valuable learning. That’s why we offer internships at NGOs and social enterprises that are adding valuable contributions towards community programs,...