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Announcement: The 3rd Annual Scholarship to Study in Ireland

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While it's the time of year that many people are feeling the 'winter blues,' we've been feeling a different color in the Go Overseas office. For those of you who've been part of our community for a few years, you can probably guess what color we're talking about.

Need a hint? How about:

Ireland Scholarship Announcement - Photo by Lindsay R., CIS Dublin
Photo by Lindsay R., CIS Dublin Alum


Ireland Scholarship Announcement - Photo by Jeovan A., AIT Ireland
Photo by Jeovan A., AIT Ireland Alum

Oh, and:

Ireland Scholarship Announcement - Photo by Christine, API Cork
Photo by Christine, API Cork Alum

That's right, we're feeling green! Why? Because it's time for our 3rd Annual Scholarship to Study Abroad in Ireland!

We are delighted to work in partnership with and six universities in Ireland to offer two scholarships this year:

  • One Undergraduate scholarship to study abroad in Ireland for a semester, along with a €6,000 stipend to cover additional costs.
  • One Postgraduate/Masters scholarship to cover two consecutive semesters of enrollment at an Irish university, plus a €12,000 stipend.

We are also teaming up with our friends at Aer Lingus to offer the two lucky winners a round-trip flight to Ireland. That's right: these two winners receive a tuition waiver, stipend, and flights! (Aer Lingus is also offering to all applicants.)

Our partner universities and study abroad providers have also contributed a bunch of additional scholarships -- these are scholarships for those students who don't win the full prize but are worthy to receive assistance to study abroad in Ireland. In total, additional scholarships total $4,000 and €42,000!

Basically, that's a lotta green on the table! (For our non-U.S. friends, green means money!)

Money Falling Gif

Need more inspiration first? We feel ya; this is a big opportunity! We've got tons of Ireland resources here on Go Overseas. Start by reading our guide to studying abroad in Ireland. Then read these other articles about studying abroad in Ireland:

Lastly, here are some helpful articles to give you a sense about what it takes to actually win one of these scholarships. You can get inspiration for your creative photo from past Undergrad and Masters winners last year.

Okay, now you're ready. Click here to visit the scholarship home page and apply today.


You're still here? Okay, last but not least, here are the important details:

  • The scholarship runs NOW through Friday, February 23, 2018.
  • To apply, you'll need to fill out our online form, select the programs you're interested in, write us an essay about why Ireland is calling out to you, and (optional) submit a creative photo to strengthen your application and showcase your personality.
  • All the other important details can be found in the Terms & Conditions and FAQ we put together.

Okay, now go apply! May the luck of the Irish be with you! 🍀