Popular Intern Abroad Destinations for Business Majors

Carrie Niesen
Carrie Niesen

Carrie, a Spanish speaking wannabe Latina from small-town Wisconsin, is an advocate for global learning.

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Internships are an absolute must these days, and doing them overseas are becoming an increased necessity to get that leg up in the after college job search. You business majors are no exception! In fact, with how globalized and interconnected the business world is these days (and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon), it would be detrimental if you didn’t do an internship overseas.

With endless amounts of options available at your global doorstep, you can easily find one catered specifically to you, your career goals, and even include a side interest of yours. And it's exactly these other interests and goals that will determine where you choose to intern abroad.

With how globalized and interconnected the business world is these days, it would be detrimental if you didn't do an internship overseas.

For example, are you an international business major, but fashionista by night? Look into managing fashion shows and promotion in the growing fashion industry in Australia. Are you an animal rights advocate, but study accounting? Learn to manage the books and budget reports for a nonprofit focused on protecting your favorite furry friends! Or, if you have a knack for technology but love the fast pace of the trading sector, Singapore is bound to have a company that’s perfect for you.

Still not sure what you want to do or where you want to go? Read on for six popular intern abroad destinations for business majors.

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Interning Abroad in Australia

Besides its draw for Tim Tams, breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera house, and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, business majors are flocking to Australia for hands on experience in this thriving economy.

Top cities include Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney, with marketing, event management, hospitality, and tourism as the top niches for business internships. Organizations like AIFS work with local businesses to find you a good fit assisting with a marketing strategy for local hotels, finding and training talent with a human resources gig, managing events and promotion, or helping ensure smooth day-to-day operations in a business administration role.

However, we'd be lying if we said life in Australia isn't expensive. Nonetheless, don’t let cost scare you off from Australia’s booming business arena — some of these Australian internships can include a stipend at the very least. Just be sure to do your research well before you go to increase your chances of earning some Australian dollar on the side!

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Interning Abroad in China

While English dominates as the international business language, , making it one of the logical places to do your business internship abroad -- especially if you want to have a leg up on your resume with a little Chinese fluency.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of internships for business majors in China. Businesses are growing exponentially in China and a growing number of U.S. offices have branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

The experience you’ll gain connecting markets between these prominent cities and the United States will be irreplaceable as you practice your Chinese, gain knowledge in international project management, manage social media accounts for large corporations, or tackle taxation in an accounting firm.

While it may be intimidating to take on an internship in a country with a vastly different language and culture than the United States, nearly each provider (read: organizations that connect you with internships with China) offers immersion support, language classes, and workshops on business etiquette, networking, and communication. Get a head start with our crash course on business etiquette in China!

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Interning Abroad in Singapore

Known for its international hub of business, Singapore is on the rise for business internships abroad. A fast paced and growing import/export economy, Singapore’s strongest business areas include manufacturing, electronics, finance, and technology.

While living and interning in Singapore, you’ll learn why it’s nicknamed the Switzerland of Asia

Furthermore, its open market makes it a perfect place to learn about the interconnectedness of international business! You can try your hand at developing your negotiation skills as a financial analyst, tackling audits and managing budgets as an accounting intern, or implementing campaigns and strategies as a marketing intern.

While living and interning in Singapore, you’ll learn why it’s nicknamed the Switzerland of Asia and why it’s a fast growing destination for business interns, travelers, and tourists alike.

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Interning Abroad in London, England

I'm sure you're not surprised to see London on our list -- after all, London is one of THE largest international hubs for multinational companies (next to New York City) making it an ideal destination for business career hopefuls.

Besides boasting major tourist attractions to explore during your off hours (Thames River, London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Tate Modern…the list goes on!), it’s recognized as one of the financial capitals of the world and home to the acclaimed London School of Economics. It’s easy to see how it’s an aspiring accountant’s, financial planner’s, trader’s, and economist’s playground!

Do you dream about meeting with companies about how your organization can assist with their financing? Selling, advertising, and marketing products to a global audience? Or helping local businesses grow by assisting with international partner development? London is a dream of a place for you to get your feet wet in your business industry.

Are you worried the pound/dollar rate is going to break your piggy bank? Don’t sweat it -- we’ve found ways you can find paid internships in London!

Latin America, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interning Abroad in Latin America

Do you have Latin American fever after this year’s World Cup? Do you have a Spanish minor or interest in learning Spanish or Portuguese? Then why not intern abroad in Latin America?

Finding opportunities for interning abroad as a business major in Latin America may take a bit more hunting than in some of the previously listed destinations, but nonetheless, they do still exist. Furthermore, it's a chance to gain experience working in an emerging market by taking on an internship in finance or manufacturing in Buenos Aires or international business in the booming economy of Brazil.

For business majors who want to put their marketing and finance skills towards "the greater good", there are also positions for interns to work on the business side of non-profits or other organizations working towards development throughout Latin America.

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Interning Abroad in Dubai, UAE

If there’s a city that just keeps on growing (and I’m not just talking about their tall buildings), it’s Dubai. Dubai is a cosmopolitan hot spot for commerce, international trade, and hospitality. As the financial and economic center of the Middle East, Dubai is a flourishing hub for business intern who wants to go somewhere more off the beaten path.

A taste of internship possibilities include purchasing, investing, business strategy, marketing, training and recruitment, or sales. Some companies include Apple, L’Oreal, Procter and Gamble, Yahoo!, and Deloitte -- just to name a few. Even if you want a taste of London and New York, Dubai’s Mall of the World is going to so you can still get a taste of three different worlds!

Do keep in mind, however, that some knowledge of or fluency in Arabic may be a requirement for an internship anywhere in the UAE. Although English-only internships do exist, it's definitely in your advantage to study up on some Arabic before applying. It's all about that competitive edge, right?

Keep checking in to our Go Overseas’ business internship section for more placements and locations added regularly… including more in Dubai!

After toiling around with your career goals and researching your options, you’re bound to find something that will fit with your business repertoire and strengthen your global business muscles. And you know what? You may even find a place worldwide that will put your more so than in the U.S…

Did you do a business internship abroad? Where? What did you? Share your experience with us below!

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