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As a medical student or professional, you want to help others. One great way to gain experience is by volunteering abroad. To help you sort through and find a program, here are the best medical volunteer abroad programs on Go Overseas.
Once you decide to teach English abroad, your adventure is just beginning. Where will you teach? Who will you teach? Do you need any certifications to score a high-paying teaching job? If you're on the fence about getting your TEFL certification before teaching abroad -- or...
As a minority student, you may wonder about studying abroad: Can you do it? If so, how? What will it be like? A fellow student shares her insights after studying abroad multiple times on what studying abroad is like and how studying abroad will change your life.
New Zealand gets a lot of glory as a study abroad destination -- and for good reason, with stunning scenery, cosmopolitan cities, and world-class education. It's also home to amazing dishes and drinks that are unique to Kiwi culture, and here are the ones you must-try while...
If you've decided to teach abroad and decided that Australia is the perfect place to do so, congratulations! There are a variety of jobs teaching abroad in Australia, and this article will give you all the tips you need before applying, during the application process, and once...
You have your heart set on studying abroad in Japan... but where exactly should you go? Here are the five best cities where you can study abroad in Japan, including bustling Tokyo and laid-back Hiroshima and everywhere in between.
Studying abroad is a great chance to make friends, but where do you start? A fellow study abroad alumni shares her tips on how to make friends while studying abroad -- both in your study abroad program and outside your program.
Florence is a dream destination: the food, the history, the art... It's no surprise this is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world! However, it can be tough to stick to a budget while studying abroad -- so take these tips from a fellow student on how to...
Looking for the perfect summer job plus a way to try teaching English abroad? Go to camp! Summer camp is a great way to gain teach abroad experience plus enjoy the perks of summer camp as an adult. Learn more from a fellow teacher who's spent many summers teaching abroad at camp....
Ready to study abroad in Spain? It's easy to understand why you picked this destination: Spain is a dynamic country with great study abroad opportunities. Before you hop on the plane, check out these tips from a fellow student on what you need to know about studying abroad in...

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