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Join GoEco on any of our incredible projects that give you the opportunity to participate in animal observation and research and at animal rescue and conservation sanctuaries around the world! Many of our projects allow you to gain experience in research, data collection, and enjoy hands-on experiences with the animals!

  • Volunteer at a wild animal sanctuary in Australia to make an impact on conservation efforts of Australia's indigenous animals. Volunteers will have the opportunity to care for rescued and endangered animals and protect them from extinction.
  • Work directly with animals who have been rescued or orphaned and cannot survive in the wild plus, improve their quality of life by building larger enclosures and enrichment areas.
  • Many of the wild animals in Costa Rica have suffered from habitat destruction, poaching, and lack of wildlife protection, which has threatened many of the animals’ survival. The project works with the Wildlife Rescue Center and the Paradero Animal Rescue Center to help protect the wildlife. Volunteers will have a variety of responsibilities such as preparing food, cleaning enclosures, and maintaining the trails.
  • Volunteer at several local sanctuaries and a game park that are dedicated to providing an enriching environment for elephants, monkeys, wild birds, cheetahs and other wildlife.
  • Volunteer in South Africa and gain hands-on experience working with animals and learn about the wildlife conservation efforts being made on the ranch. Volunteers will have a variety of responsibilities such as feeding the animals, maintaining their enclosures, and providing them with enrichment activities.

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