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Volunteering Solutions understand the seriousness and importance of acquiring decent sports skills at an early age. And to suffice that need, there are dedicated sports training programs offered to volunteers who are interested in coaching school children. The projects are spread across different destinations and categories; including Football, Basketball, Surfing, and Swimming.

Volunteers interested in joining a Sports Coaching project can choose from the below placement locations;

  • Ghana: Join the team of local sports faculty in government schools to coach the future of Ghanaian football. Volunteers need to be acquaint with the nitty gritties of the game and should design a proper training schedule for the children.
  • Ecuador: Volunteers joining the soccer coaching program in Ecuador will be placed in the south of Quito. They will be coaching students from 6 to 16 years of age. The timings mostly will be late afternoons, post the children finish their schools. And, although, it is not compulsory, but a decent sports background can really help the volunteers in successfully executing this project.
  • South Africa: South Africa is a destination known for its adventures, which includes sports as well. Having a good hand on any of the sports skills can help the children make a career for themselves when the time comes. VolSol offers sports development projects and surf training program for disabled children in the sub-urban regions of Cape Town.

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Volunteering experience in South Africa - Sports Program

I spent six weeks volunteering in Cape Town, South Africa. I worked in primary school as a kind of PE teacher. Basically I had to take children outside on the field and play sport with them, but I also had sometimes to teach in classrooms or to work at the garden. I found an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere at school: teachers, the principal and the rest of the staff were always trying to make me feel part of the family. Also for this reason I felt really helpful at my project, I could understand that my contribute was so important. Besides, I really loved staying in contact with kids, I had so much fun with them.

The accommodation was very nice and the atmosphere at the hostel was fantastic. The manager and his wife were so cool, and the volunteers too. I met so many new friends!

I liked also the city life, the amazing natural landscapes and all the tours I joined. You can have so many opportunities in Cape Town!

For all these reasons I'm so glad to have done this experience, I think it was really worth it and I can strongly recommend it to anyone wants to chose volunteering.

Yes, I recommend this program

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