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You can make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children when you volunteer with GVI! GVI runs a number of programs where you can volunteer with children in locations such as South Africa, Costa Rica and Nepal. Discover amazing new places and cultures, and make a difference to the lives of children when you help to build a safe environment with support, supervision, socialization and education.

  • This volunteer project involves teaching children basic literacy and numeracy at township schools. Volunteers will assist teachers in the understaffed township school in Nomzamo. As many of the teachers are not fluent English speakers themselves the volunteers will be invaluable help in these overcrowded schools.
  • Nepal's beautiful city of Pokhara offers you the chance to volunteer alongside an international team in a care center or children's home, providing educational and personal development support to children.
  • Volunteers will work with and teach underprivileged children. This program is based in the Indian state of Kerala, known as "God's Own Country."
  • Volunteers joining this project will assist teachers in island communities in the Yasawa Island chain in Fiji. Volunteers will work alongside local teachers working with students typically aged between 4 and 7 years old in one or more of the 27 island communities.
  • Volunteer at a children's center run by Save the Children. Provide a safe environment for the children to learn and play and empower them to know and apply their rights. Explore Mexico’s picturesque Caribbean coastline in your free time.

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Working with Children Cape Town

Global Visions International is an amazing organization. The program I was involved with made a huge impacting helping children ages 3-7. During my 6 weeks volunteering I was able to see so much change in the children. From not being able to speak any English to after only 6 weeks being able to comprehend and speak simple words and phrases understanding so much better. This allowed them to engage with other children and express themselves in a more positive way. The impact made in such a short time is motivating to want to do more. 6 weeks went by incredibly fast during my stay I met so many new and amazing people that life on project was never a dull moment. Constant laughter and happiness from all volunteers and GVI staff made my trip personally amazing. The staff members GVI has employed are also inspiring people that are there for you every step of the way. Anything you need they are there to help. After project this organization has motivated me to try to further my volunteer work by helping others and educated me on worldwide problems that require our help. The staff and other volunteers also become life long friends constantly keeping in touch with connections all around the world.Global visions international is an organization that is changing lives around the world.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The two months I spent in Fiji working at Ratu Meli Memorial School were the best times of my life! Not only did I help establish the first kindergarten, I met some of the most incredible people who eventually became my friends and now are my forever Fiji family! I felt like I truly was able to make a difference and use my skills as a teacher in a valuable way. Please don't be confused however; this was not a vacation--I put as much time, work and effort into my role as a volunteer teacher as I would working in the states. Though there is plenty of time for fun don't get me wrong! But you are there to work to make a difference. It was more than I ever could have imagined and to this day is an experience that has impacted me as a professional and person in more ways than I could have ever thought possible. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe my experience--its something you have to do to understand and trust me, its worth it!

How can this program be improved?
At the time, I felt that the education track was a bit limiting as the construction team was able to travel to different, nearby islands to help install water tanks whereas we had to go to the same island and school everyday so we weren't able to do as much exploring, which was really disappointing.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A whole new perspective on life!

Well how do I put into words the best time of my life? Im going to have a go but I still wont do it justice.
I took part in the "Volunteer in an Orphanage in South Africa" programme for 4 weeks in July 2011, and it was by far the most amazing and worthwhile thing I have every done. It changed my life, and im not exaggerating.

I was based in the orphanage for the whole 4 weeks I was there which meant that I really got to build good relationships with all of the children and see their progression from week 1 where they were all quite shy and dare I say it, well behaved, to the 4th week where their true cheeky personalities came out! The children in the orphanage when I was there ranged from tiny babies of 4 months, to teenagers. The orphanage has a special needs centre with 6 children with very different needs and it is with these children I spent most of my time, spending key 1:1 time doing therapeutic massages on the 2 boys with cerebral palsy, multisensory activities with the boys with sight and hearing difficulties and helping one of the boys learn to walk. The days were so rewarding just seeing the great big smiles that all of the children have and hearing them laughing and having fun.

GVI as a company are great. They were in constant contact before I went, answering any of my questions promptly and honestly. My parents were also very impressed that once I had arrived at my accommodation in South Africa they received an email from the co-ordinator saying that I had arrived safely which they really appreciated. While we were out there our co-ordinators were always around to help, even if it was late at night or at the weekend if we ever had any problems we could turn to them. They had loads of ideas about activities and games to do with the children and really knew how to have fun out of project, like at our weekly trips to the local karaoke bar.

GVI hire a driver to drive you to and from project and the accommodation was really clean and safe too. We had apartments of 5 - 8 people in each, and most importantly the food was great too! Very healthy and cooked fresh every day.

I would recommend this project to anyone, you make the most amazing life long friends, come away with some lovely memories that will stay with you forever, and it really changes your perspective on things. You will want to return as soon as you get back.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fiji Teaching Program

I was in Fiji for a little over a month teaching grade 1 at a local school. In a (hyphenated) word, the experience was life-changing! The children there are so excited to have you around and are extremely eager to learn. I think about them every day and miss them as well as all of the wonderful friends I made during my time with GVI. One of the more difficult things for me to deal with was the fact that I was so used to westernized schooling and, even though I knew it was going to be different, I was shocked when I learned that sometimes the teachers don't show up to classes. It was intimidating at first, but as long as you have lesson plans made, the students are willing to do just about anything and are absolutely WONDERFUL to work with. Granted, this happened only once in a great while for my class, but I do recommend that anyone considering this program keep in mind that they may be asked to run a class on their own. The staff and other volunteers are also really helpful if you're ever having a hard time figuring out lesson plans, using education resources, etc. One of the times my teacher wasn't in class, a few of us combined our classes for a group music lesson and it was a hit with the kids! All of the volunteers work together to make sure that the school day runs smoothly, so you're never alone...which is really nice.
Also be prepared for very basic living conditions. Cleanliness is hard to come by there, which was what I had the hardest time with.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fiji Teaching

I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to go to Fiji to Volunteer. It had been a year since I volunteered in Mongolia and I felt this instinct inside me that said go. After plenty of research I decided to go with Global Vision International. A month later I was jumping of the boat and onto the beautiful white sandy beach of Tovuto Base, Fiji. After meeting 20 or so of the other volunteers I was set up ready for my first day at Ratu Melli school. We arrived at the schools assembly and we were introduced to all the students with a wonderful singing performance. It was instant love and appreciation for the students of the School. Walking down the veranda you couldn’t help but feel somewhat famous with the attention each student was paying you. I had the honour of teaching class two who were a great and energetic bunch of kids. Over the weeks you built an unbreakable bond with not only the children of the school but the volunteers and staff. When you live with people 24/7 you get to know them rather rapidly on a personal level. You create a home away from home which you feel so safe and appreciated. The staff in particular offers you support and makes it comfortable for your experience.
There was not one point of my trip where I wanted to go home or felt like I made a mistake about coming to Fiji. From the white sand beaches to the smiling children of class two, volunteering with GVI in Fiji was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve formed lifelong friendship with the other volunteers and a home away from home all thanks to my spontaneous want to come to Fiji and the help of GVI.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Biggest Difference in the World

I feel like I made the biggest difference in the world when I was on this project for 6 weeks. I feel like I made an impact at the school I taught at, but I also feel like I made a difference in the local community. I was able to hear the stories of the people in the village and after hearing there stories I would walk away speechless. Everyone person I met, changed me and I now have a broader look at life. The second you arrive in Mombasa is the second your life will change. It is such an amazing trip and the kids at the school are the most precious kids I have ever met. This trip is priceless and you will get so much out of it.

Yes, I recommend this program
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You have to see it to believe it!

There is no place in the world filled with so much love and happiness as the Nceduluntu nursery and Ikhayalethemba orphanage. I was so lucky to have spent 4 weeks at Nceduluntu and 2 weeks at Ikhayalethemba. Adding up to be the best 6 weeks of my life.

On my journey to Africa i was nothing but freaked out. I was questioning exactly what on Earth i was thinking. But as soon as I arrived i felt right at home. The staff were lovely and so were my fellow volunteers. The first day at the nursery was one i was never going to forget. Walking in and hearing about 60 screaming voices "TEACHER TEACHER TEACHER" from the most beautiful children, craving your attention. All they wanted was a high 5, a smile, a cuddle or to grab onto your leg and not let go.
Whilst in lessons they were crazy and the language barrier was quite a struggle, they were so excited to learn and so greatful you were there to help them.
My most treasured memories of the nursery are one little boy Maurena, who every morning would say "Good morning teacha, owa you?" I would respond and ask him how he was and never received a reply. He had no idea what it meant, but knew that it was the polite thing to say when greeting someone. So cute! I also loved when they all came out so sleepy from nap time and just put their head on your lap and curled up into you. aahh.

The ikhaylathemba orphanage was a real place of hope. The children spoke a lot better English and were so beautiful. At times it was sad to remember why they were there and that some of them may be there until they reach their adult lives, but they were so happy that it was easily forgotten.
The best memory i have of Ikhayalethemba was during one of the fun fridays when we were doing a treasure hunt. We all dressed up as pirates and went to find the treasure. They were all so in character and so excited! The smiles on their faces when the got the treasure of a couple of lollies, a piece of orange, a pirate hat and a small silly wrist band was priceless.

I think of these children everyday and cannot wait to go back and see them again sometime. :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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First time out of the country

This was the most amazing experience of my life. I had never left America before so this was a really big step for me, but it was more worth it than I had imagined. Although the price put me off at first, you are getting a lot for your money. All of the side trips are included and you live in a rather nice apartment where all food is provided for you. During the week, we went daily to the orphanage we were working at. We would get there and wait for the kids to finish getting ready then take them to their classrooms "one by one-hey!" from there you'd have a lesson teaching english at various levels depending on your class for an hour or so. Then we would give them a snack altogether, and take a quick break then start another lesson. After this the kids would have lunch then a nap, and we would get to eat. We spent the afternoon doing one to ones getting to know the children and then brushing their teeth before we left for the day. Every child there was beautiful and amazing. They will stay with me forever.
We spent the weekends doing amazing cultural tours, safaris, wine tasting, and a few social events. Getting to know the other volunteers was a great experience! I really hope to go back one day soon!

Yes, I recommend this program
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It was tuesday morning when myself and the other volunteers at the nceduluntu nursery in Nomzamo township had our first day. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we had no idea that the loudest sound we could hear throughout that street was the cheerful chanting of "TEACHER TEACHER TEACHER!!" comming from a large number of Xhosa children between the ages of 2 - 5.

From a great start it could only get better:
This children were so enthused by us and enjoyed comming to nursery. They were full of charisma and very cheeky - one of the boys I taught managed to say "alright mate?" in a Liverpool accent!

Mornings began by teaching basic maths - counting, adding, recognising quantities, followed by literacy - reading a story or trying to get them to copy letters. After this they had snack time with a physical session afterwards followed by creative time. The group I taught spent most of their time cutting as many pieces of paper as the could into as many pieces as they could!

It was startling to notice how independent some of these kids were. At 4 years old some of them were walking home all on their own - sometimes looking after a younger sibling.

Two weeks later I was in the local orphanage. The children here were equally cheeky and loved playing hide and seek. Lessons were slighlt different as classes were smaller and they were more exposed to english which enabled us to give them one on one lessons each day. Again though, during creative time they just wanted to cut as much paper as physically possible!

One of the difficulties that I faced was that I had arrived without the necessary visa - to be specific, I needed a tourist visa and a volunteer endorsement - the latter of which I did not obtain when comming through immigration. Because of this, I had to resolve this at the home office in Cape Town which mean that I eneded up missing half a day's work. This could have proved to be a decisive factor in ruining my experience - at one point I was told by someone in this home office that I would need to go back to Johannesberg airport immigration to get the propper endorsement! Thankfully, the GVI member of staff who accompanied me was able to sort this issue out efficiently and proffesionaly, and the necessary stamp and documentation was given to me within the space of a couple of hours. A potential disaster had become a minor inconvinience thanks to the help of the GVI staff.

I think this issue highlighted the proffesionalism and thoughtfulness of GVI. Before I left for South Africa my parents had warned/ nagged me about the dangers of arriving in an unfamiliar country with a company that I had only know via a google search. and some of the issues I ought to be aware of. GVI gave us a full briefing on safety, conduct and expectations whilst on the project and provided us with plenty of fun and everlasting memories.

I thoroughly recomend this experiences and am very jelous of anyone going soon!

Yes, I recommend this program
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changed my life!

The organisation is great, we got picked up from the airport and transported to the project everyday. I felt really supported and looked after. The project was great and it's aim was to teach the children English through play and games as most are young. The highlight was seeing there faces when we arrived in the morning and they all shouted "teacha, teacha" I thought I might have difficulties fitting in as I am a bit older but this was not the case at all. We did lesson planning every day as a team and got help from the coordinators if needed. As I have experience with young children I helped potty training some toddlers which was successful!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing is an understatement!

I lived one of my dreams volunteering in an orphanage, South Africa and came out the other side a much better person. I met the most amazing people and found a second family away from home. I held hands with some of the most beautiful little children in the world, saw their incredible smiles every day and became friends with their massive personalities. I woke up each morning awaiting the sound of their giggles and excited about the day ahead. I learnt more about myself than even I knew and had the privilege to be a part of a culture that I never anticipated existing, full of the most grateful people I have ever met. I experienced more in these four weeks than I probably will in years and years of my life and I had the most fun ever possible at the same time. I only have GVI to thank for all of this, for giving me the safest, best time of my entire life, providing me with a heart full of memories, a million special moments, the passion to make a difference and for giving me that focus that there is forever something to smile about. – ‘always do what you think you can’t, because nothing is impossible’.

Yes, I recommend this program


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