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Volunteering Solutions provides the most affordable and meaningful programs in India. It's time for you to take a trip to this majestic country and indulge in doing something worthy for the underprivileged people living in this country. VolSol partners with local organizations and NGOs, and aims for sustainable development.

There are more than 10 different volunteering & internship programs available in India in the cities of New Delhi & Palampur. You can choose to volunteer with street children, or teach kids at slum schools, or intern under a professional doctor at a healthcare center. No matter which project you choose to be a part of, you'll get to learn a lot and gain experience. Explore the beauty of India, visit the several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Taj Mahal. In Palampur, we have introduced the Yoga & Volunteer Adventure Program, which would be a perfect choice for those who are keen to learn the art of Yoga & Meditation while volunteering with kids.

For dental students, Volunteering Solutions offers dental elective internship placements, where they will work with professional dentists. As with other Volunteering Solutions programs in India, this dental program has a 2-week duration, and it gives students hands-on as well as shadowing opportunities in a rural dental clinic setting. Check the Volunteering Solutions website to learn more!

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  • Volunteer to make a difference and gain valuable work experience.
  • Explore India and travel to cities like Agra, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Jaipur etc.
  • Walk down the Himalayan trails & experience the thrill of trekking.
  • Get to know more about the country's history, culture, heritage & traditions.
  • Binge on the spicy Indian cuisine and let your taste buds feel the heat!

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Hi Maggie, according to the Volunteering Solutions site, "The minimum age requirement for individual participants for most of our programs is 17 years old. Some programs also have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. We suggest you to visit the specific program destination page to check the minimum age requirement. However, volunteers below 17 years old and children can join the program if they...


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Yes, I recommend this program

Street Children Project New Delhi

My recent experience volunteering in Delhi was life changing. The process of applying right to the arrival in India was very straight forward. On arrival i was greeted by Vol Sol staff who took me directly to the accommodation in South Delhi. While at the accommodation support and advice is provided by the staff at all times. Orientation to the country and the project is provided on day 1 and this really sets the scene for your time ahead. The overall experience working with the children from a local slum was so meaningful and satisfying. The children are so welcoming, loving and giving of themselves. They are so willing to learn from us as volunteers and will inspire you everyday. The experience can feel overwhelming at first but if you embrace the country the culture and the conditions the children are living in you will have the most amazing time. I felt very safe at all times and although the locals will be curious and may stare at you they are not intrusive, so just smile or say hello. What you will take away from your time as a volunteer is beyond what you can ever imagine. These children and India will forever live in my heart and soul. If you are considering a project, choose whatever is right for you. Be open, dont judge or compare but simply embrace the experience you will really make a difference. Vol solutions made my volunteering dream a reality.

Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering Solutions - India

My time in New Delhi with VolSol was an experience to remember. A month working with Aangan Day Care Centre flew by. The staff/coordinators do a fantastic job of being accessible if you have any questions or problems. Shankar and Chubbi were the simply best! Whether it was their cooking (or cooking with them) or the conversations after dinner - the two of them were a huge part of why I enjoyed my time in Delhi so much! I will miss them a ton.

The orientation is helpful and allows you to learn more about the city and how not to get ripped off when traveling around the city. The accommodation is in a great area of South Delhi and I never had an issue with safety or any possible dangerous encounters. I had the chance to see a lot in a Delhi after work or on the weekends. I would recommend this sort of program to people who want to work 1st, see 2nd.

Yes, I recommend this program

Medical internship program in Delhi

Had an amazing trip through the medical internship program. It was such a great opportunity to observe the doctors in the hospital and learn more about this field. The staff were so friendly and helpful and the accommodations were great! I felt very safe on this trip and made friends from all over the world. Also had the opportunity to visit other parts of India over the weekends which definitely made my trip even more memorable. Highly recommend this experience!

What would you improve about this program?
Better communication at airport pick up
tajmahal trip
Yes, I recommend this program

Ive just returned from 3 weeks in India on the Summer Programme with Volunteering Solutions.

India has been on my bucket list for a while, however as well as seeing the usual tourist attractions and heritage sites I wanted to see more of the day to day life and culture and give something back to the community.

After much research I decided on Vol Sol as their 3 week Summer Programme offered a good combination through a varied itinerary at a reasonable cost.

On booking I was provided with a login to my Vol Sol account, which contained a fully detailed itinerary and helpful information on visas, climate, culture etc and Sahil, our coordinator was always helpful with answering any questions.

On arrival in Delhi airport I was met by a smiling Vol Sol face and transported to the volunteer house, which was in a nice residential area of south Delhi and situated in a gated community with plenty of markets, shops and restaurants within walking distance.

On our first day we had a detailed orientation from Vol Sol explaining our first week in Delhi, which would be in a volunteer school where we would be helping children from the slums to improve their English.

Travel to and from the volunteer school was by auto rickshaw, an experience in itself given the Delhi traffic. The children ranged between 4 and 14 years and were of mixed ability but so willing to learn and absorbed everything like sponges. It was hard work but so rewarding.

Saying goodbye to the children at the end of the week was really emotional but we left with many thank you cards, hugs and happy tears together with the thought that we may have played a tiny part in helping to improve the future for these gorgeous kids.

Rajiv, Parag and Dheeraj, were always around checking our safety and available for questions.

After an overnight coach journey we arrived in Palampur in the foot hills of the Himalayas and our new accommodation for the week was in a countryside volunteer house with magnificent views of the majestic mountains.

Again we had a full orientation from Dr Bobby who explained that we would be renovating two classrooms in a non government school for very poor children. It was hard work sanding down walls, plastering and then applying two coats of base paint before designing and completing the artwork for the walls.

It was so rewarding at the end of the week when we handed over the clean, bright and fun classrooms to the teachers who were so appreciative. The children were just adorable and there was plenty of time to play with them during the breaks. Again the Vol Sol team, Dr Bobby and Amit, were frequently around checking on our progress and making sure we were OK.

Our final week included a camping/trekking trip in the mountains, sightseeing In Dharamshala, Amritsar, Agra and Jaipur with everything expertly arranged and fully escorted by Parag of Vol Sol who really went out of his way to ensure we had the best time ever.

Would I do it again - absolutely, it is so much more fulfilling to actual take part in making change happen than just donating cash and you actually get to see where your money goes.

Would I choose Vol Sol again - absolutely, they are a very professional organisation who provide an excellent combination of volunteer projects and sightseeing ensuring you are safe at all times.

So, if you are thinking about volunteering and fancy India then I would definitely recommend Volunteering Solutions.

Thank you and happy travels.

Yes, I recommend this program

We had an amazing time in India

I have recently returned from India where myself and a group of 7 other ladies (mainly over 5) took part in the Summer program. We generally all knew each other beforehand, having volunteered together the previous year. We had an amazing time in India and the ground staff at VolSol we’re excellent. They made us feel very welcome and safe the whole time, providing just the right mix of independence and security.

The transport between locations was perfecty organised. As westerners we found the food at the volunteer accommodation rather monotonous, consisting of rice, roti, dahl and a vegetable curry but there were opportunities to try different foods at lunch time in Delhi which was fun. The accommodation in Delhi was in a very safe, respectable area with a Market (shopping area) nearby with a few bars cafes including Starbucks) and some useful shops. Rooms were laid out with bunk beds and there were fans and air con, in a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 ensuite bathrooms. Comfortable and spacious but the bathrooms and kitchen could do with a really deep clean.

In Palampur, the accommodation was in a stunning location with views of the snow capped Himalayas and fields of golden wheat all around.
The volunteering work in both locations was well organised and a wonderful experience. I was based at the Balasarthy centre of eduction for street and slum children and loved it. The children were very bright and resourceful. They were keen to learn and were no fools! The older boys in particular needed much more than play - they were keen for a challenge and enjoyed competitive tasks. Space is very limited so activities generally needed to be things that they can do sitting in small groups on the floor. Take resources and ideas for lessons that are suitable for mixed ability, mixed ages groups. For the younger children, although boys and girls are taught together, it is more informal and you need resources that will help with learning English or improve health education. If you plan on giving gifts, take loads with you because if one has, they all have to be given something. The older girls loved the crop tops (trainer bras) that we took out. The second week in Palampur was taken up refurbishing 2 classrooms in a government school. The children and teachers were delightful and so appreciative of the work we did.
The final week was our holiday - busy with lots of travelling but wonderful sights and shopping and the chance to do paragliding! This was a truly amazing trip! Do it if you can, but go with an open mind and a generous heart.

Yes, I recommend this program

Indian volunteering

It was nice and fantastic volunteering experience. I volunteered in hospital and the doctor staff there was gorgeous and very helpful . I had fun in india i've been in many beautiful places . I stayed 6 weeks in delhi and I didn't get bored because every day I try new thing . I hope if i can go back to india and do another volunteering. I really like the voulnteering after this experiencea and it made my self more stronger and confident about volunteering work.

Yes, I recommend this program

India Inspires

My time in Delhi, India was nothing short of phenomenal. I sincerely loved every minute of it and was always learning something new, whether it be about the Indian culture, Hinduism religion, native wildlife, or Hindi language. I was in Delhi, India to teach street children, but in fact those street children and the surrounding culture taught me. This ancient place, full with busy traffic and spice aromas, opened my eyes into a vastly different way of living and connecting with the world.

I taught street children: children mainly living on the street or in underdeveloped shelters with or without immediate family members, Mondays - Fridays at the nonprofit
Bal Umang Drishya Sanstha (BUDS) center in Old Delhi. BUDS envisions a society where every child is in school, free from abuse, neglect, child labour and poverty. My role in helping this vision come to fruition at BUDS was to teach the children English, Mathematics, and other healthy life habits along the way. I adored each and every child here at BUDS and put my soul into teaching them all I could each day. I remember doing a math card game with them each day in order to practice differentiating numbers from letters and writing down new vocabulary words using pictures on my phone to illustrate what they were, such as “whale.”

Our biggest accomplishments as a class at BUDS was creating an entire alphabet poster that featured every letter of the alphabet with a picture that began with that letter, such as “B” for “ball.” The students colored and painted the letters and pictures of each alphabet card that we later hung across the walls of the room for the students to always have as a reference for learning their alphabet. The students greatly enjoyed this alphabet project and were already using the poster to refer to as it was being hung up. The teachers at BUDS were fantastic and even arranged Henna for me at the center one day. Having some of the older students and teachers do Henna art on my arms and hands is one of my fondest memories in India.

One of my favorite experiences in India was doing the weekend Golden Triangle Tour where we went to some of the most famous, historical sites in Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi. In Jaipur I visited the City Palace where many festivals and royal gatherings were conducted, the Hawa Mahal (or Wind Palace), and Chokhi Dhani restaurant. In Jaipur I also walked through Amber Fort and basked in the sun at the Monkey temple. I found Amber Fort to be extremely interesting as it consisted of royal courtyards and hidden rooms that the king and queens used to occupy. I very much enjoyed learning about these historical sites while actually standing inside of them and tasting the many traditional dishes at the elaborate Chokhi Dhani restaurant.

The Agra part of this Golden Triangle tour included visiting the famous Taj Mahal, which was truly astounding! This structure was certainly one of the most beautiful historic sites I have ever had the pleasure of viewing in person. While touring Delhi with our tour guide, I visited the India Gate, Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple, and Humayun’s Tomb. I relished climbing over the halfway broken structures of Qutab Minar and gaping at the detailed design of Humayun’s Tomb. On our Delhi touring day, we ate at a traditional South Indian cuisine restaurant called Naivedyam, which was quite delicious and not as spicy as other places I had been to in Delhi.

My most exhilarating experiences in India include riding an elephant up the Amber Fort wall and feeding monkeys at the Monkey (or Sun) Temple! It was breath-taking to view such an ancient structure from atop such a tall, majestic creature while also feeling that creature’s every step beneath me. Elephants are my favorite animal and I absolutely loved riding one for part of my India experience. Feeding the monkeys was quite a humorous experience as they jumped on me at any time and were quite forward in taking more bananas from my hands. I was with an experienced wildlife handler while doing this of course, but it still felt quite uncertain at times with monkeys approaching from all corners of the temple, seemingly out of nowhere. I truly delighted in this and found these creatures to be quite adorable.

On weekdays when I was not teaching my students at BUDS, I was often visiting local temples, mosques, and popular sites with a volunteer friend of mine. Some of the places we visited that I enjoyed most include Jama Misjid Mosque, Red Fort, Akshra Dham, and Iskcon Temple. Walking into the sacred areas of mosques and temples while observing the rituals people engaged in as a part of their religion was one of the most serene moments I remember having in India. I am thankful to have been able to intimately observe these religious monuments and practices in India. I also greatly appreciated the art I saw in India at various artisan shops such as the Blue Pottery store, an authentic Marble craftsman shop, cottage emporiums at Delhi Haat, and many more. Often times I was able to not only view the finished products, but also watch the artist at work creating their masterpieces and learning exactly how they completed them. As an artist lover, I definitely purchased several unique art pieces from these shops and plan to decorate my home with them soon.

While traveling within and around Delhi, India I saw much poverty and pollution. Many times there were people, including young children, approaching me; begging me to buy whatever they might be selling or simply to give them food. Further, it was often clear that the people living on the streets or in underdeveloped shelters were malnourished and did not have the opportunities to practice healthy hygiene habits, such as bushing one’s teeth each day or even bathing. While riding inside of a rickshaw, I could often see smog covering structures only 500 meters ahead and could feel myself inhaling chemicals from the exhaust of vehicles directly in front of me. Although viewing these inequities and dire situations people lived in was quite distressing at times, I am grateful to have observed this in India. I am grateful not only because it deepened my understanding of global inequity and disproportionality of wealth in the world, but also strengthened my allegiance to social justice. I know that so much more needs to be done to find and create solutions to this global poverty and pollution. These solutions are something dedicated to being a part of.

The experiences I had here will not only serve as fond memories of the past, but will most importantly inspire me presently to continue to make positive impacts in the places that need it most. I truly understand how big this world is, how many different lives are in it, and how each of us are intimately connected as humans that must care for one another. I believe that the future of our human species is dependent upon all of us not only being aware of the unique lifestyles and struggles that others in different parts of the world endure, but also acting to improve conditions for those in need. I am forever grateful to Volunteering Solutions and all the people I met in India for allowing me to experience a different way of life and be further inspired to continue to make positive, global impacts over my lifetime.

What would you improve about this program?
Add more vegetables to dinner dishes
Yes, I recommend this program

Our Volunteer Solutions Journey...

My daughter who was 17 started me with Volunteer Solutions in 2015 (Kathmandu, Nepal) and recently in October 2016 (Palampur, Dharamshala in India). Looking back I have no regrets. the program is organised to immerse you in the culture and way of life of the people where you volunteer. At the same time, the program coordinators are always there to answer all your queries and see to your needs.
Our Program coordinators at Palampur, Dr Amit and Dr Afzal used to go an extra mile in making sure to see us almost every other day during our stay. At one occasion, my daughter was not able to get the public transport and was stranded at the bus-stop, Dr Amit personally drove her to her destination. As much as the coordinators wants us, Volunteers, to be independent, they also care for our safety. Another person who needs to be commended was Charanji. He cooked hot delicious meals.
We had real fun together interacting with the kids in the neighbourhood as well as the childcare where I volunteered. We had the advantage of being of Indian origin. Though we are not born in India, we can speak Hindi. I was able to speak to the mothers of the children in my care and discuss with them the importance of education. They really appreciated my help by giving me small memoirs to bring back.

I wish I had longer time to spend at both these places Kathmandu and Palampur, Dharamshala.
We are so grateful to Volunteer Solutions for giving us the opportunity to volunteer.

What would you improve about this program?
Frankly, a well organised program.
Yes, I recommend this program


The volunteering experience was great, I couldn't be more happy about it. It was a lifetime exprience. I am also very happy with volsol, it gave me the safety and reliablity and at the same time the enough freedom to be able to have a deep experience.

The most memorable thing was the time with the kids of course, who I could never forget and taught me so many things, I liked the fact that not only them could learn from be but I also could learn a lot about them, their courage, their happiness, their strenght and their smile taught me that life is not at all about having it all, but making it the most with what you have. They were also so grateful and tried to make me feel comfortable at any time, it was really impressive.

Not only I learnt from the kids but also from the city, the culture, the people. Learning that there are many different ways to do the things and different ways to think it is really important for our inner selves. People showed up to be really helpful, at any difficulty they were willing to help, when asking for directions or different problems that emerged, also very curious to know about you, your culture and your country. With the kids and as well as with other people it was always a way back relationship, you could learn a lot about them, they were always willing to learn from you.

While being in Delhi I lived in a cloud, my eyes couldn't stop looking around everywhere, there were so many things to see, to hear, to smell, it was a big fest for all the five senses. Every single second I was fascinated with everything, every second passed by you discovered new things, it was a completely pleasure for the mind and the heart, little pleasures of life. A rickshaw stucked in the mud and other drivers jumping to help to pull the vehicle out, a random person giving the water bottle they were carrying to some street children, a poor children smiling and laughing out loud while her mother watched him with a spark in her eyes while waiting the train at the station, a group of young women singing and laughing in the rickshaw next to yours, the boom of colors of the women metro coach, the smell of street food that flooded your nose and make your stomach beg to try it, the explosion that your tongue felt while trying spicy food, the non-stop noise of the horn of the cars that would make you feel that there is something missing once you are in the silent roads of your country...

I also went home with another great gift, friendship, not only the friendship built with the kids, but with the other volunteers, and what is better than making true new friendships? Having the chance to meet such wonderful people it really changed me, they all had their uniqueness, their way of being, their story, their kind hearts, they made you feel less lonely during the hard moments you could face, and at the same time they made you have the best during the moments of joy, they made the experience to climb to a whole different level.

I think that immersing yourself in this kind of adventure is an experience that changes you forever and gives you the opportunity to grow as a person and learn a lot about life. I am really really satisfied with the volunteering experience, I could not be more happy about it.

VOLUNESIA (noun) - That moment when you forget you're volunteering to help change lives, because it's changing yours...

Yes, I recommend this program

Streetchildren Project in New Delhi

One thing that I will never forget, is most properly my last day at the project and saying good bye to all of the gorgeous kids. I was expecting it to be a very heartbreaking day, but to my surprise the girls in my afternoon class which were about 8-10 years old, organized a little party for me. They had their mothers cook some delicious food and brought all sorts of snacks and cakes, from the little money that they have. This was a very touching moment for me, because I had realized that those girls were not only my students, but that they had also become my friends. We had lots of fun that day and they enjoyed styling my hair and giving me a "bindi", so that I would look like I'd just escaped a Bollywood movie. There was also a lot of dancing and singing and I must say that these experiences with the girls had let me love the Indian culture more than anything else could have! After our little party and all of our laughter, I then had to say goodbye to everyone. We all hugged each other a thousandth times and didn't want to let go. But sitting in the car on my way home to the accommodation, I had a grin on my face. Because on the one hand I knew that I would miss these girls, which mad me sad, but on the other hand I was so grateful to have taken part in their lives, because they have the kindest hearts and the brightest smiles,which I'll never forget.

What would you improve about this program?
It was perfect, so I see no need of improvement:)
Yes, I recommend this program

India Summer Camp

India was the most incredible trip I've ever been on. Teaching young kids from the age of 3 and developing their English was inspiring. These kids have very little to live from and still make the most of everyday and smile more than you can ever imagine. They're full of energy and will definitely put a smile on your face. Growing very close with certain kids makes it extremely difficult to leave without a tear in sight. These kids taught me more than I taught them and that life should never be taken for granted. Exploring the country after our two weeks of volunteering was hectic from the get go, but I enjoyed every part. One day you'll be at the Taj Mahal and the next at the Golden Temple, the culture shock is immense and it's lovely to see how differently they do things compared to the western world.

What would you improve about this program?
The only negative comment I have is that I wish there was a better health and safety scheme put into place. Whilst I was travelling, a terrible thing happened to a fellow volunteer and no one was really sure on what to do, I wish we were put at ease more and knew what needed to happen next. Apart from that, the trip is incredible!
Yes, I recommend this program

Dehli Volunteer Work

Saying goodbye to our students was one of the hardest parts of the trip. Although these wonderfully sharp children may lack physical resources, they make up for it with their energy and their wonderfully generous hearts!
On our last day, one of our students gave me one of his only earthly possessions; a little toy robot. I knew how much this toy meant to him so I refused. He said, "It's a gift. You helped me all week and I wanted you to always remember me." It brought me to tears and will be one of the many touching memories I experienced while participating in this program.

What would you improve about this program?
Developing an emergency protocol when tragedy happens. I was on the trip when a fellow volunteer came down with a contagious disease and died while on the trip. We were all exposed, but no one from the organization followed up with our safety regarding our health. We all should have been checked!
They told us they would see us off to say goodbye but they sent the house boy instead. I felt that the organization knew something had happened but failed to communicate it with us. Luckily we were travelling with people who had connections to the medical profession and we were able to get medical advice and purchase precautionary medication while on the trip, especially since many of us were continuing on with further travels.
Yes, I recommend this program

Delhi Orphanage Program

In May 2016 I had the opportunity to participate in the 2 week orphanage program in Delhi. I worked with the NGO Jamghat and went to the girls' home Aanchal, which housed 12 girls between the ages of 12-18. These girls either did not have parents, or their parents could no longer take care of them. The girls were so welcoming on the first day I arrived and made leaving them nearly impossible.
One of my favorite memories was when I had gone in to visit them on a Sunday after their weekly dance class. Since I have a background in ballet, they asked if I would teach them a short routine and in exchange, they'd teach me their most recent Bollywood piece. The girls were so happy and kept smiling and laughing the entire time.Seeing how happy such a simple thing as dance made them helped me realize how fortunate I am. I still keep in touch with the girls through email and they will always hold a special place in my heart.
Overall, my experience with volunteering solutions was excellent. The staff was very helpful throughout the entire application process and answered all of my questions leading up to my arrival in India. The accommodations were very nice and Rajiv and his family were amazing hosts. I'm so thankful for my opportunity to work with volunteering solutions and can't wait to return.

Yes, I recommend this program

My experience in India

India has been an incredible experience, for me working in a health center and in a hospital was a great way to learn medicine but also about indian culture and people.

Since the first day in India the adventure was amazing, the places I went, the people I met, the food, everything was just incredible.

Now I have a lot of friends I met back in India, that´s why traveling alone is one of the best things I did, incredible people living in the same house with me and sharing beautiful moments, traveling around, and getting know about India.

What would you improve about this program?
In the health center, probably making that the volunteers participate more with the doctors, and doing more medicine practice.
Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering solutions - India 2016

During the summer of 2016 I went on a volunteering trip to India. It was an inspiring experience, full of learning and culture. It was amazing to see people with so much less than me but still be just as happy and just as willing to succeed as I am. I met children who had dreams of becoming pilots and soldiers. The love for their own country is immense and how proud they are of what they have become and what the country has achieved is beautiful.

What would you improve about this program?
The program is amazing and I cannot think of any way that it could be improved, apart from maybe a longer day with the elephants.


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