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Rajasthan is one of the most colorful and flashiest states in all of India, and its capital Jaipur lives up to the same reputation as well.

The moment you set foot in Jaipur, you will feel like everything has come straight out of the pages of some epic novel. Majestic buildings, tales of heroic battles, resplendent forts and palaces, and multi-faceted characters – Jaipur is a vibrant amalgamation of the old and the new – highly urbanized pockets and shopping areas have casually sprung up beside gleaming forts and palaces.

Volunteer Work:

1) Food distribution drive - Every night and on Sundays' during the day, volunteers from the NGO distribute leftover food in slum areas collected from restaurants.
2) Teaching - Informal classes for the slum children will be conducted during which sessions on poems, English, etiquette etc can be done. In case a volunteer has any artistic or creative inclination, sessions can be planned according to that as well.

  • Experience the royal city of Jaipur, with a free guided tour across all famous landmarks in Jaipur, absolutely free!
  • Enjoy a day trip to Amer exploring the grand forts of the old kings of Rajasthan, with a tour provided to all volunteers for free!
  • Teach underprivileged children from the street and become the older brother/sister figure that they never had.
  • Enjoy the traditional Rajasthani meals and don't forget to buy the handicrafts that they are so famous for.
  • Cities such as Agra, Delhi, Pushkar are only a bus ride away!

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Jaipur! <3

In my summer vacations of 2017, I got to experience something that I could've never thought possible. Jaipur is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has somehow still managed to preserve its beautiful architecture while still having all the modern needs. During my stay there, I was hosted in a backpacking hostel, where I got to make so many friends from around the world. I worked with a team of 3 girls and we ended up getting so close. Anyone who wants to travel abroad, I would recommend them to join this project through The Tarzan Way. It will really be an amazing experience.

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