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Ecuador and Costa Rica provide a wealth of opportunity for volunteers wanting to get involved in conservation of the rainforests, cloud forests and the flora and fauna of south America.

The incredible biodiversity of the region makes this the ideal volunteer placement for any volunteer passionate about nature. Each of our projects has a particular difference to it, whether a focus on orchids, on wildlife rescue, sustainable farming or replanting of the forest.

Volunteers can expect to be educated on the local habitat, and the challenges & opportunities faced. You will work closely with the local project directors, working alongside enthusiastic, like-minded international volunteers.

You live with other volunteers in volunteer camps in the forest, so expect a more basic way of life, with nature as your live-in neighbour. You'll get involved in some tough physical work, clearing trails and eradicating non-native species, while also planting new seedlings and organic farming.

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Out of time in Yanacocha

In Yanacocha, forget your routine, your job, your problems. Leave your "always connected you" at home, and appreciate the restful environment.
In the morning, we read our program for the day, quite easy and straightforward (sometimes, a bit physical too) and the rest of the day goes smoothly. No concern, no stress, it is very relaxing: we take care of those gorgeous animals (= preparation of the food, distribution, cleaning of the enclosure), we spend time with them (no petting !! most of those animals are wild, so except for the food morning round, we stay outside), we make sure they are healthy and happy. The afternoon, there are different activities to be done, still related to the animal welfare.
We eat lunch and dinner all together (volunteers and coordinators), some of us cooking and cleaning dishes.
THIS IS NOT A ZOO ! Everything is done for the animals' benefit (not so much for the visitors' benefit). Being part of the center gives great opportunities to interact with the animals but it doesn't mean that we can pet and hug them. Yanacocha's purpose is the reinsertion of the animal into the wild, so close contact with the animals is not recommended.

What would you improve about this program?
Unfortunately, it is very expensive, this is my only negative point.
Yes, I recommend this program


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