API - Work Abroad in Australia
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API - Work Abroad in Australia

API offers paid work opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, or both! All placements require participants to commit to an initial minimum of 2 weeks, including full accommodation, living and working on family-owned organic farms or ranches. If you’ve already graduated university, and wish to spend longer in Australia or New Zealand, you are provided extensive resources and training upon arrival to help you transition from this program into a full-time paid work opportunity and remain in-country for up to 10 additional months on a Working Holiday visa! Paid positions are available in just about every field. If you can’t choose between living and working in Australia and New Zealand, no problem! You just need to arrange at least the first

These opportunities allow you to live abroad and experience the local culture as more than a tourist. By working abroad, you can cultivate real-world experience and form lasting relationships and connections, all while exploring exciting new places.

  • Guaranteed placement living and working on a family-owned organic farm
  • Minimum 2 week commitment, with paid-job search support on-site
  • 25-35 hours/week (may be spread over 5-6 days, depending on seasons/conditions)
  • Option to find a PAID job in almost any field and extend stay for up to 12 months (ask your Program Coordinator/Manager for details)
  • Approximately 90% of participants seeking paid work positions find jobs through this program
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Program Includes:
• API advisor to assist you with all pre-departure needs, including visa assistance, and liaise with
partner throughout program
• Airport shuttle bus ticket to orientation housing
• Housing with local host family
• Meals (3 meals/day, 7 days/week w/ host family)
• Medical, Life, and Travel Insurance
• On-site welcome weekend (3 days/2 nights) - Hostel + breakfast in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney
• On-site support from partner and/or host employer (assistance with bank account, tax file number, employment seminars)
• Local mobile SIM card
• National WWOOF membership
• 12 month Hostelling International membership

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42 years old
Khon Kaen, Thailand
University of Texas- Austin

Life in the Land Down Under


Interning in Australia was my first experience living abroad, and with the support of Cultural Embrace by API, transitioning to a new country was smooth and stress-free.

I lived with a lovely Australian family in North Sydney and my internship was at a nutrition clinic about a mile and half away, making for a convenient daily commute.

The landscape was beautiful and green with rich vegetation, and the neighborhood was fashioned with sidewalks lining every street, making it suitable for running. An avid fitness enthusiast, I also located a yoga studio only a short bike ride from my home-stay.

After several weeks of navigating the city and its many suburbs on my own, I eventually made my way towards the ocean, sand and social scene of Bondi Beach, where I stumbled on quaint coffee shops, health food stores, crystal waters, and hours of sunbathing. On the shores of Bondi, I made friends that are still some of my best mates to this day, including my Aussie boyfriend.

I went to Australia with an open mind and heart and a focus on personal growth and development. I made a conscious effort to stay fully present through every moment of my six months overseas. I turned challenges- such as experiencing bouts of homesickness or trouble with interpreting the Aussie accents and lingo- into opportunities for learning, viewing any difficulty as a chance to strengthen my fortitude.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing, I would have been placed in an internship and home-stay in the Eastern Suburbs. As much as I loved living and working in North Sydney, it was about an hour and a half by public transport to the city beaches, where I ended up spending most of my free time.

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The mission of API is to transform lives by providing enriching academic and cross-cultural experiences that foster increased self-knowledge, cultural sensitivity and understanding of the global nature of our contemporary world.

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