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Traveler, blogger and serial expat, Richelle has been living and working in China for the last four years. From high school English teacher to college admissions consultant, Richelle has tried her hand at many different jobs in China. She spends all of her vacation days traveling Asia off the beaten path, and in her spare time, she loves to scuba dive, salsa dance and try weird foods no one else will eat. For more of Richelle's crazy misadventures, check out her blog .

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One of the scariest aspects of being a new teacher is meeting parents -- the same is true even if you've been teaching for years! Learn about when you might interact with parents while teaching abroad, situations where this occurs, and how to manage these interactions.
You know you want to teach abroad, and then you hear the dreaded words: "demo class." Here's everything you need to know: learn what demo classes really are, how to prepare for one, and how to ace a demo class.
When you decide to teach abroad, you might wonder: Do I really need a recruiter to land a job teaching abroad? Learn more about recruiters, what they do, and when to use one to find a placement teaching abroad.
As a new teacher, you may be surprised to learn how big a classroom of student you're expected to teach. Never fear! Our teach abroad experts have tips to help you manage a large classroom while teaching abroad.
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If you're planning to teach abroad -- or just got your job offer -- it's important to understand what you're signing up for. Your teaching contract tells you a lot, and here's how to understand it all.
When you decide you want to teach abroad, there are practical things to consider. Many schools have specific requirements and qualifications you need to teach abroad, and here's the full list of them.
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Want to create a career in ESL, but unsure what that looks like? Take a look at some of your ESL career options and additional qualifications you can get beyond the TEFL Certification.
Are you preparing to teach English in China? Read these 11 insider tips to make sure you're ready to go, and the entire process will be smooth sailing and stress-free.

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