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Valerie Stimac is the Managing Editor at Go Overseas. She has contributed to AFAR, Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, and Roads & Kingdoms, and her own blog, . Her not-so-secret dream destination is to travel to .

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Go Underseas

I've always wanted to go underseas, and I've finally had the chance!

Every day, we woke up to nautical themed music blasting through the PA, my favorite by far was the day we woke up to "In the Navy" by the Village People. During the day once, we surfaced and open the top hatch to take a look around -- nothing but sea for miles and miles! I'll never forget the view.

Oh, we also learned underwater basket weaving. And my mom said taking that class would be useless...

My only complaint was that, as a submarine, the doorways were small and I knocked my head a few times crossing through the doors. After the third time, I learned quick enough. What amazing things you learn when YOU go underseas?

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