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According to her mother, Julia has been sleeping with her passport under her pillow long before coming to GoOverseas. While no one can verify this claim, Julia does have a love for travel that’s been described by concerned friends and family as “sheer lunacy.” Now that she’s all grown up (sort-of), Julia slowly is making all her travel fantasies into realities, visiting over 15 countries in the past three years. She spent 2012 living and teaching in Lille, France before returning to her beloved Bay Area. Find her on .

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It’s happened. You thought you got away from it all. You thought you would be alone here! But you still hear it. That familiar refrain of “I, like, totally want to go to the Eiffel Tower today!” You look up from your café crème and your copy of Sartres' Being and Nothingness , on...

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