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Rhys Woodwards
Had great fun, amazing views and great company. Tour guides were a great help, knowledgeable and proactive in helping the group bond. It felt like I'd known the group for years. Amazing sights and...
Daniel Romero
I came out to Thailand two years ago and tried this 8 day tour to help ease me into Asia. I ended up extending onto the 13 day experience because I loved it so much. Two years later I am still...
Ben Persha
I was only able to spend 3 months in Portugal as I needed to return back to Texas for school. I have traveled abroad on vacations before but never lived in another country. I felt completely at home!...
Nick Crowley
Wow, great experience. Life changing for me. Spending a semester in Portugal and traveling to surrounding areas! The parts I loved the most was the adventure activities (surfing, rock climbing,...

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