240 Hour Expert TEFL Course
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240 Hour Expert TEFL Course

Why not teach business professionals in China? Or young learners in Colombia? There are endless possibilities for you to teach internationally once you have this course complete.

You will concentrate on teaching business English, as well as teaching English to young learners.

You will walk into the classroom as an influential and knowledgeable teaching professional once you have completed this course.

We will support you through your learning experience, and provide you with expert job hunting advice.

  • 240 hours of online TEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, TBE & TYL training
  • ACDL & TQUK accredited qualification
  • Personal tutor support
  • Flexible study schedule
  • Internationally recognized certificate
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31 years old
United States
Florida State University

Bang for the buck!


I purchased this program to set myself up for opportunities to live abroad. It was easy to begin, easy to navigate, and contains great content. I went to college for education so the difficulty of the content itself is probably not a fair critique since I've done most of it. With that said, I would happily recommend this program and, as the title states, you get a lot for your dollar which is hard to come by!

How can this program be improved?

more interactive

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37 years old
University College Cork

Teaching in Thailand experience


Hands down! The best few months of my life!

I must admit I was a bit nervous to go off on my own to a foreign country as I've never been abroad for a longer period of time. But, I am so glad I did.

With the help of Premier TEFL, it was a breeze! From the moment I booked to the end of the internship. The friendly staff, their efficiency and always someone there to answer my phone calls and emails (I think I rang a bit too much haha!).

The experience in Thailand itself was something else! From the people, to the food, to the support, to the schools, to all the lovely people I met (who were in the exact same boat as me!)

Initially I thought 4.5 months was too long but it was too short! I wanted to live there forever! To anybody who is in two minds about going on an internship with Premier TEFL just DO IT! Take that leap of faith!

I've an experience, memories and friends for life! Thank you so much Premier TEFL!!

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25 years old
Cork Institute of Technology

Permier Tefel


The course was very informative and effective. I learnt a lot of teaching experience. I have the opportunity to work with children from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds , I have gained confidence from this course and it has helped my future in teaching children. I recommend anyone that has the opportunity to teach abroad to do this course it opens many career paths and a chance to see the world.


Overall Experience was Good


I would like to point out some pros and cons of doing TEFL from Premier TEFL.

1. Cheap and Best
2. User Friendly Panel
3. Nice support Team
4. Availability of some nice Internships even for Non-Natives like myself even in China
5. Accreditation
6. Multiple options like 240 hours, 120 hours, 30 hours, etc. with discounted upgrades available as well as various other discounts
7. Content is good as far as 120 hours TEFL is concerned, similar to what I have studied in my English Majors Bachelor degree
8. Addition of Videos and Pictures to explain the content
9. Scholarships available which are extremely attractive but only for Natives. :(
10. Better Paid internships in comparison to other websites but for Natives only
11. China internship sounds as good as any other Native internship. Available for Non-Natives as well. :D
12. Blended learning options but again only for Natives. :(
13. Worldwide availability of blended learning, internships and scholarships. For Instance, Colombia, China, Poland, Romania, India, and so on.

1. Pay extra for Enrollment Letter and Completion Certificate. (Reference Letter and Completion Certificate - hard copy are usually paid and are acceptable that way)
2. Low quality videos and images makes it hard to understand some of the content

At the time of posting this, I am about to complete my TEFL (120 hours) and begin with remaining 120 hours courses that I opted for.

How can this program be improved?

1. Improve the quality of Videos and Pictures.
2. Need of more videos and pictures to explain the topic as plain text has never helped anyone understand anything even the expert level Teachers
3. Need of more qualitative non-native internships and scholarships

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