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Via Lingua Florence provides an intensive, interactive program to gain certification as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Our TEFL Florence Course is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date in the world today. Including 130 hours of expert tuition with 10 hours of assessed teaching practice, and covering all areas of Teaching Skills, Classroom Management, English Grammar and Phonology, it exceeds international guidelines for the regulation of the TEFL profession.
The Via Lingua TEFL Certificate Course includes vital concepts and strategic skills to live and teach effectively abroad. Trainees learn a variety of cross-cultural skills with which to analyze different cultures, as well as their own.
On successful completion of the course, you will receive the internationally recognized Via Lingua TEFL certificate. You will also be given a transcript from your trainers providing a breakdown of your performance on each component of the course.

  • Practical, engaging curriculum with professional and personal mentoring
  • Ten hours of guided and monitored Teaching Practice with Italian students
  • Graduate credits awarded to US University MA TESOL Programs
  • Individual Job Guidance and Assistance
  • Internationally recognized certification from an accredited program

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  • Instruction 10
  • Support 9.9
  • Value 10
  • Academic Rigor 8.7
  • Job Assistance 9.5
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Via Lingua Florence is Incredible

Via Lingua Florence was a great experience that I would change nothing about. I honestly can not believe how much I learned during my course. All of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and truly cared about the material they were teaching us. Between the courses and the teaching practicum, I was able to transition easily into my own classroom. I strongly recommend that anyone who is interested in teaching English abroad choose Via Lingua Florence for their TEFL certification. Not only will you be well prepared to teach English as a second language, but you will also have the opportunity to spend a month of your life in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

How can this program be improved?
I can not make any recommendations for improvement because the entire experience was absolutely delightful.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A greeat experience!

I completed the TEFL certification program in August 2017. The fact that the course was located in Florence, Italy, made a great experience even better! From the first day of class, it was clear that the instructors had high expectations of the students, and that we students were facing four weeks of serious work and learning. However, it was also clear that the course was being taught by outstanding professionals. The organized schedule provided to students on the first day made it evident that much time and consideration had been given to designing a schedule that would maximize learning during the four weeks of the course. I felt from the very beginning that I was getting a great return on my money and time!
I entered the program with many years of teaching experience, however, I learned something new every day of the TEFL course. Ironically, I found the teaching practice to be the most challenging part, as the communicative method of teaching was unfamiliar to me. However, the teachers always provided constructive feedback, and time was always provided for reflection and analysis of teaching practice and learning experiences. Both the instructors and the administrator of the Vial Lingua Florence program were highly professional, experienced, knowledgeable and supportive.
Via Lingua Florence also devoted several sessions to the topic of employment. The instructors surveyed our desired locations and types of employment. The school provided a database of language schools with contact information. Instructors provided assistance in the development of CVs, and question-and-answer sessions were also very helpful. Short of actually securing a job for me, I felt that Via Lingua provided more than adequate employment support.
For anyone wishing to teach English to foreign speakers, I would strongly recommend taking the TEFL certification course through Via Lingua Florence. After completing the course, I feel so much more confident in my abilities, and I know I will be a much better teacher to my students!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Exciting and Efficient TEFL course!

After several years of helping Italians improve their English, I was eager to learn more about teaching methodology. Via Lingua's TEFL course in Florence, Italy, did not disappoint me! I discovered the "communicative" method of teaching which is innovative and stimulating for both ESL students and their teachers. My favorite part of the course was the actual teaching experience. At first, planning lessons using this new methodology was challenging, but the knowledgeable and supportive teachers helped me acquire new skills and by the end of the month I felt confident about them. I strongly recommend this course...highly qualified teachers and the unique location of Florence guarantee an unforgettable and worthwhile experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Enriching experience, relevant tools and skills, warm environment

To provide context, this was a mid-career break for me. I wanted to travel and learn a skill, so I decided to get certified to teach English even though my previous career path was not in education and I was also not decided if I would actually go into teaching. However, the skills learnt can be applied to many aspects of a job, not just as an EL Teacher.
It was definitely a great choice to take the course at Via Lingua Florence. Florence was amazing with its picturesque buildings and rich history, the school is located in the heart of the historic centre and I got to walk to school everyday surrounded by so much art and culture. The teachers and team at the school were very supportive, sincere, and genuine. Never once did I feel like I was the odd one out being the only Asian face on site. The workload might seem intimidating at first, but it was given out and worked on in chunks so it was manageable, and you will feel really proud of your achievement at the end of it.
The classes were relevant, grammar (once a hated subject) became my favourite, which speaks volume of how enjoyable it was, and I was being taught how to make it enjoyable for my students too.
The constant feedback given for our participation in class, for teaching practices and for our general progress was really clear and constructive. You also get to evaluate yourself in a journal so you can keep track of your improvements.
I was very fortunate as I had awesome classmates from different parts of the world whom I got to work with, which made the whole experience very enriching as you learn from each other. The classes draw many interesting people with many interesting stories to tell, so that was one of my biggest takeaway from this experience.

After completing the course and doing a bit of travel around Italy, I did a short volunteer stint teaching English in Thailand to University students. The course equipped me with the structure to make my limited time with the students more fulfilling.

As said the course doesn't only teach you how to teach English, but provides you with skills you can apply in any job - presentation skills, public speaking, planning and communication strategy etc.

I would give a 100% yes if you are considering on taking the course.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing Experience!

Doing the TEFL Course at Via Lingua Florence was one of the best things I have ever done! Florence has always been one of my favourite cities but to study there for a month and live the way Fiorentinos live, gave me an unforgettable experience! I still do feel the great spirit and excitement when I think about those days! For this, I think I should thank the fantastic Via Lingua Florence team. Every one of them was so well-organized and experienced and helpful that I could find answers -even further explanations and suggestions- to all my questions about the lessons or the city. Although we had to spend a lot of time to do the projects - the assignments or to practice teachings, the trainers and the management was so great that not only me but everyone in the class could still enjoy the aperitivos or the magnificent city Florence.
I have already had BA in ELT but by getting this certificate, I had the chance to criticise and improve myself not only as a teacher but also as a person. It also gave me amazing new friends from different backgrounds and cultures.
Thank you every single one who is working at Via Lingua Florence for making my experience wonderful!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing TEFL Course

Before taking the TEFL course, I researched all the schools in Florence. I chose Via Lingua Florence because the staff was so nice and helpful when I went in to visit the school. I took the TEFL course in June of 2017 and I am so happy that I did. The teachers and staff were amazing!

I was very scared to take this course because I knew that my grammar needed some major improvements. Throughout the course grammar became my favorite subject and with everyone's help I was able to get through every challenge I faced. I was also very fortunate to have a great group as my classmates. We were like a little family and we all got through challenges together. Our teachers were always there for us and they would help us with any problems we would face. Having their help and support helped all of us in the class succeed.

The course taught me so much about me as a person, teacher, and professional. I feel more than ready to teach English. Thank you Via Lingua Florence!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Best TEFL course

The Via Lingua TEFL course was incredibly comprehensive, clear and enjoyable. From the very first day of class you could tell how much thought and work had gone into the course. Not only did the pre-arrival materials correspond to the real experience, the people---both administrative and instructional—were always ready to help in any way. Each section of the course, from grammar to culture to teaching to life skills, allowed us to grow personally and professionally. By tracking our progress in a portfolio we actually learned to observe, reflect and develop into the kind of teacher we want to be. And this is probably what makes Via Lingua Florence so special: within a rigorous academic syllabus, there is room for us to discover our own talents and strengths. We live and learn and understand that we can change the world. I learned so much about Italian culture and even more about my own! Now, not only am I ready to step into a classroom, I can’t wait!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I have completed the Via Lingua TEFL course in May 2017 and I couldn't have been happier with this experience. The course was very well organised and it provided me with all the necessary knowledge to start building on my teaching career. Professional and supportive trainers, as well as a very helpful administration, made this course absolutely perfect.

After taking this course I've been working in China and as an online teacher and I don't think I could have done it without the support and training I received at Via Lingua!

In fact the experience in Florence wasn't just about learning theories on books: apart from having real students to teach to, it was an international environment where we got to know more about different cultures and countries. I met lifelong friends there, all coming from different backgrounds: we shared experiences and opinions and worked together to achieve our goals!

I will never be thankful enough for these four weeks at Via Lingua and I can't do anything but recommend this experience to anyone interested in teaching!

How can this program be improved?
It's perfect. I just loved it!
Yes, I recommend this program
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A life-changing experience with Via Lingua Florence

I completed the VL TEFL Course in October 2016 and I couldn't have been happier with my experience. The program was highly organized and the course structure was comprehensive. The trainers were knowledgeable, supportive, and approachable. They guided myself and my classmates through the program, provided us with the necessary resources, and answered all of our questions. In addition to having high caliber trainers, the administration was extremely helpful in acquainting us with Florence (restaurant recommendations, nearby pharmacies, etc), housing, and job guidance.

Not only did the trainers and administration contribute to making my experience so enjoyable, my classmates were fantastic. I had the opportunity to spend 4 weeks with people from all over the world, some with teaching experience and some with none. I absolutely loved how diverse my group was, as it gave me the chance to learn about their cultures and countries. My classmates and I grew very close and have remained in contact ever since.

The Via Lingua TEFL Program in Florence was life-changing. Not only did I learn how to become an effective teacher, but also someone who can fearlessly communicate with people of all ages and from completely different backgrounds. I highly recommend this program, trust me, I can guarantee you will acquire a new set of skills and the confidence to go out and teach English as a Foreign Language to people of all ages.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A great experience

I just finished the TEFL course in Florence, Italy. From the moment I decided to take the course, to the final graduation lunch, this program proved to be one of very high quality, very well organized and extremely interesting. Studying abroad for the first time, I didn't know what to expect. Everything was taken care of. The thoroughness of this program is to be commended. The teachers tirelessly gave us the tools we needed through teaching, practice sessions, and life experience. The administration was also supportive and professional. I loved how international and diverse the group of students I studied with were. I really can't say enough good things about it. If you are contemplating TEFL at ViaLingua Florence just do it! You will have an amazing experience and come out of it with a certification and the self confidence to go out there and teach!

How can this program be improved?
It was perfect.
Yes, I recommend this program
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TEFL Course at Via Lingua Florence

I definitely recommend taking the Via Lingua Florence TEFL course because it gave me a chance to improve my second language, English, and that taught me to teach it - something I would have never imagined to be able to do.
Taking this class I understood what my strengths and weaknesses were. I discovered where I needed most help with and I had a great source to get it from: professional and outstanding teachers! They were always present, on-time, very helpful, very patient and always there for me for any reasons I needed them to be. If someone in the classroom had a hard time understanding a concept, or a grammar point, they always offered their time after class for further explanations. They were there if I needed to talk to someone, or just to clarify a misunderstood concept previously explained in class.
The class sizes were small, max 7 to 8 people. I found it very efficient having a small class because there was the possibility to have a better one-to-one student teacher time and also this made team work easier and more fun.
In this month course I met so many awesome people who I am still very close to. There was such a bond among us that it felt like they were my second family : they were always there for me to give me either encouragement or advice or help. I would hangout with them during our breaks, we had lunch together and sometimes we studied together.
By taking this class I also learned to work in a team. I have always worked individually, so getting used to working with others was something new for me. It was hard at times because we all had different ideas and we didn’t always agree with each other, but that helped us find a common ground, a solution that we could all compromise with. It’s all about talking and sharing what we think is best, without getting mad or frustrated with one another.
An activity in the TEFL program that I found evolving and useful was the Capstone project, which gave me the chance to bond with my teammate and visit the culture of Florence together. ☺
Taking this course taught me how to prioritize and gave me responsibilities to follow through. It was a challenging course, but I found it rewarding when I actually began to see results after a couple of weeks.
The Via Lingua Florence program at the Istituto Americano is also located in a perfect location: right in the center, next to the Hard Rock café, easy to reach and also near to many Panini stands and restaurants. Sometimes I would also bring my own lunch and ate it on the school terrace with its colorful flowers and from where one enjoys a beautiful view of the Cathedral and the mountains in the distance.
Finally it really gave me joy knowing that I managed to follow though and earn a Via LinguaTeaching Certificate that is recognized by many well known educational institutions, and that will allow me to teach in different parts of the world!

No, I don't recommend this program
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An Amazing Experience

There was such a great atmosphere at the school and with our diverse group. It was always new and exciting to come to class and learn from the best, growing and developing day by day (some days more than others)
Not only did my teaching improve, but I saw communication skills take shape that I know I will be able to put to excellent use whatever I do. Learning to teach as part of such a select, supportive group meant that we motivated each other all the time. I am definitely prepared for the future thanks to Via Lingua
Don't change a thing and keeping up the good work!

Yes, I recommend this program


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