3-Day Standard TEFL Course with UK TEFL
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3-Day Standard TEFL Course with UK TEFL

The UK-TEFL Standard TEFL course is the first course you should take if you have never done any English teaching, and serves as the perfect introduction to the world of TEFL. Put simply it equips you with teaching methods and ideas to help people, who don’t speak English as a first language, to improve their proficiency.

Once you have completed the training you will be qualified to teach English as a foreign language.

Most of the people who take our course use the certificate to go and teach overseas, seeing it as an opportunity to travel and experience a new way of life.

Others use it to stay in the UK to teach privately, at a summer school or as part of a scheme run by their local authority.

Obtaining one of our standard course certificates is the ideal starting point in the world of TEFL and for many of our graduates leads to a lifelong career in English teaching.

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Since it began in 2006, UK-TEFL has progressed to become the UK's leading TEFL trainer. Our courses are taught by exceptional trainers, all with extensive experience of teaching EFL both in the UK and overseas, so they can give you invaluable guidance and recommendations. The