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Teach English in Thailand: 5 Spots Left for Our Next Intake

Enjoy a 120 hour in-class TESOL course, done in Thailand, a weeklong action-packed orientation and guaranteed job placement at carefully vetted schools. Experience Thai New Year with your fellow participants and work for 5-6 months before getting time off to travel!

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- Apil 29th - 5 spots left
- May 27th - 9 spots left
- June 24th - 6 spots left


Teaching in Thailand offers some incredible opportunities to push your own boundaries and explore an incredible corner of the world all the while making a meaningful contribution to the lives of the children you teach. TravelBud's program ensures you're super well prepared for the classroom and includes an in-country TESOL/TEFL course, in-class real life training, 2 days of practical teaching at a local Thai school and a week's cultural orientation.

We also offer 24/7 in-country support throughout your stay and will guide you through both your program and visa applications to help you avoid any costly mistakes and get you ready for your teaching adventure in no time! The TravelBud team have plenty of first-hand experience teaching English in Thailand, so you'll be speaking with someone who's gone through this exact experience before - this way you'll be given the best advice on everything, whether you're wondering what the TESOL/TEFL course entails or simply what clothes to pack.

  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Excellent pre-departure support to prepare you for your trip
  • 24/7 in-country support for anything you might need while abroad
  • Top quality in-class TESOL course done in Thailand
  • Much loved weeklong cultural orientation in Thailand to prepare you for life there

Questions & Answers

Hi Romee, thanks for reaching out! Yes, a TESOL or TEFL certificate is required to take part in this program. Our program does include full TESOL certification which is done during a 120 hour in-class course conducted in Thailand. The TESOL certificate you'll get during our program is accredited and is valid worldwide. In Thailand it is definitely one of the most respected and widely accepted...
Hi Heather, thanks for reaching out! We have a few of options available to you. We currently have two volunteer teach programs, one in Thailand and one in Panama. The Thailand one lasts about 1 month, the Panama program lasts from 4-12 weeks. With the Thailand program you travel to various English camps throughout Thailand and so get to see a great deal of the less explored parts of the country....
Hi Patricia! I see you're enquiring regarding our Thailand program which is usually a minimum of a semester contract. We have a great one month volunteer teach program as an alternative to this program which will see you get an insightful, activity packed orientation week followed by 3-4 weeks of teaching at less fortunate schools and camps which greatly need fun English instruction. It allows you...
You can as long as your English is great and you don't have a deep accent.


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  • Benefits 9.1
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 6.8
  • Facilities 7.7
  • Safety 9.8
  • Instruction 8.8
  • Support 9.3
  • Value 8
  • Academic Rigor 5.7
  • Job Assistance 9.1
  • Academics 9
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 9
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TravelBud: The Hero You Deserve!

TravelBud is literally like having an extremely reliable, efficient, helpful and knowledgeable group of friends to travel with (you're probs thinking 'duh Didi, that's maybe why it's called TravelBUD'...yeah, me too).

It's made up of people that basically help you organize your traveling existence. They are not only amazing at their jobs, but they are also magical people who actually care about your peace of mind and easing your anxiety regarding the organisation and eventual fruition of your travel and ESL teaching experience. And the best part is-these awesome people have physically experienced the places you are thinking of going to, so they are equipped to help you out with first hand knowledge (instead of just relying on Uncle Google and his cyberspace mates).

So there really is no reason not to pop them an email, pvt message, visit their website, send a carrier pigeon or whatever! Really, just get in touch with TravelBud (they reply ASAPtually, no jokes) if you have questions or if you want to get started on a global adventure you'll never stop babbling about!

Light and good vibes

Yes, I recommend this program

My training wheels to Thailand

I always loved the idea of packing up my life in Cape Town and traveling the world. I had a vision of an independent traveller in my head that could just arrive at a new place, instantly have a place to live and attract different groups of friends from all over the world.
But I am not that person. People scare me and I always leave my socks on the floor; so I'm sure no one in a hostel would want to be friends with me. I've barely just wrapped my head around my cellphone contract back home, how could I ever figure that out in Thai.

Luckily, I found a program that took care of all these things that scared me. Travelbud offered me the training wheels I needed to embark on the biggest adventure of my life. Every single aspect that seems daunting is explained in the most basic steps to take all the fear and uncertainty out, from applying for your visa and getting your insurance to packing your bags and knowing how many pairs of jeans are too many.
And for any questions that aren't explained, there is a team of incredibly friendly staff just an email away that are always happy and ready to answer.

The value of doing the TESOL course in-class and having the cultural orientation in Hua Hin can not be quantified. Those four weeks are everything you need to acclimatize yourself to a new culture, a new language, new food and a new transport system. It also gives you the most important thing you could need in a foreign country, a support system.
More than just a roommate who's socks joined mine on the floor, I was given a whole family of like-minded travelers who are now my closest support system here in Thailand.

Travelbud provided the training wheels I needed to take the leap and come to Thailand and they have supported me every step of the way, I could not recommend them more.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Am i really doing this!!

Am i really doing this? This question crossed my mind over and over as i started my journey to Thailand. Travel Bud only made the decision to come undeniable and provided so much predeparture support such as, visa information, budget and dress code, all things you don't realize the importance until you get here. Their support did not end there. Two of their amazing staff members accompanied us during the month of our TESOL course making things feel a little bit closer to home. They took us on excursions on the weekends, making our time in Hua Hin so much more memorable than it would have been. I cannot thank TravelBud enough for their ongoing support, friendship and guidance through this scary but incredible journey. I am half way through my first month in my new town and life is great!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Game changers.

Picture this... first year out of school thinking I was going to change the world, become some kind of prodigy and end up ruling the world. Haa Nope, instead I jumped from one failure to another. I hit a wall. Deprest and miserable with the slippery slop of 45 to 60 hours a week in a boring dead end job... im only 23. On a whim I started researching jobs overseas, after two months of no success and almost giving up I found Travelbud, I didnt know that a few months later I would be living in Thailand with the best job in the world. All thanx to Travelbud, every question was answered almost as soon as I asked, every issue was analysed and a solution brought to me. Documentation was no issue, from application to finalizing was stress free. Travelbud is a Game changer, I actually had to remind myself that I wasn't the only participant, I sure felt like it. But hey dont take it from me ... just see for yourself ;-)

What would you improve about this program?
I don't know, I dont have any complaints.
Response from TravelBud

Hey Kita, thanks so much for the awesome review! We're so happy to see you enjoying your new life in Thailand, making a difference to young lives. Cannot wait to see all that you get up to, you're going to do great :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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My Travels in Thailand

I have been in Thailand since end of October 2016. I am currently based in Khon Kaen, Thailand and I am a English homeroom teacher. My friends from South Africa told me about the Travelbud program and what great experience they had.

The TESOL course and cultural orientation was a eye opener. Being a first time traveler, I was so scared but I met wonderful people on the course and learnt so much of the Thai culture.

If I had to pick the most difficult part of this experience I would say it's between saying goodbye to family and friends and also getting used to the culture.

The thing I enjoyed most about Travelbud is the constant feedback and help regarding Visas and everything.

All in all I have had an awesome experience in Thailand so far and I am very grateful for Travelbud for helping me to get where I am now.

What would you improve about this program?
I would say the only hick up I really had was with the information given regarding my stay in Hua Hin. I was never told about the rent and deposit i had to pay but other than that I am happy.
Yes, I recommend this program

it couldn't be better than this

I didn't know what to really expect when moving to Thailand to teach English. It was an impromptu decision and I'm very happy that I made it. Travelbud has gone above and beyond my expectations I their support and advice given before and even after completing the tefol course in Thailand.

They were able to give the inside information about Thailand, what to expect and how much one would enjoy living here, you just don't realise how much you will really love it until you get to your new home and start teaching. Working in a foreign country and teaching student's who can't speak the same language as you can be daunting at the best of times, but TravelBud has been a consistent support throughout my time here.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The Gift of TravelBud

As I graduated from college, the idea of teaching in Thailand was something I longed for with all of my might, but making it happen seemed near possible. I began researching, but the more pages I uncovered and information I found, the more overwhelmed I felt. The idea of just hopping of a plane, alone, nervous, and unsure of my next step seemed quite daunting. As I sat on my living room floor completely absorbed with doubt, I randomly ended up on a Facebook page called TravelBud. The Universe had sent me the answer I had been waiting for. Within the next 24 hours, I was chatting with Peter over Skype, and I genuinely had the best instincts about this organization. Every aspect of me believed and truly knew that this was the right decision. From just one friendly and honest conversation, I had my mind made up. After a long chat and a night of rest, I woke up the next morning feeling sure that this was how I would find myself in Thailand within my goal of two months down the road.

I will happily inform you that I write this review from the comfort of my home in Northern Thailand, where I have been living for the past two months or so. I owe every aspect of this beautiful, challenging, life-altering experience to the crew of TravelBud. They provided me the guidance and support to let go of fear, say so long to comfort zones, and pursue what my heart longed for. I hold such a special place in my heart for this organization, because they have truly made my dreams into a reality. Cheers to you TravelBud!

Response from TravelBud

Brianne, thank you so much for the incredible review! Despite all the contact we've had, this still caught us off guard and brought smiles all round to the whole team. We're so excited to have been part of making this life-changing dream come true for you. Enjoy it and keep paying that positive energy forward, those are some lucky kids to have you as their teacher!

Yes, I recommend this program

From Stellenbosch to Trang!

Writing a review about the best decision you have ever made while trying to not get overly excited and sound completely biased is a tough ask, but here is my attempt. The first step in making the decision was when I met with Peter from TravelBud in a coffee shop in Stellenbosch on a Saturday morning.

He was off the clock, it was weekend, but he took time out of his own personal life to meet up with me and chat about moving abroad. This was even when he knew I was not completely convinced about moving abroad and that I was in contact with other agencies on top of this uncertainty. He wanted to make sure I had all the information to be informed before leaving, even if I didn’t choose his agency TravelBud. An incredible gesture considering we live in a world where profit is the bottom-line.

His stories amazed me, they were exhilarating, frightening and hilarious all at once and from this point on all I could imagine was sitting down with my future kids and grandkids and telling them my own tales. I wanted similar experiences; I was completely sold on that day. His raw honesty and enthusiasm was enough to change this eternal skeptic.

To clear up any confusion you may have, TravelBud are essentially your agents before you get to the country of your choice. They help you with the paperwork and hassle of visas, booking flights and provide you with priceless information you need before you jet off. Once you get to your destination, you’re handed over to your agency in that country. That is the norm with every agency, but TravelBud continued to provide support and information, even going as far as to place an employee within our city for the duration of an entire month while we completed our TESOL. No other agent did that, not one, but TravelBud went the extra mile and ensured that we were eased into a new culture and had some form of a support structure as we adjusted to life in our new homelands. They checked in and kept an eye out during the nervy placement process. Furthermore, they organised a fantastic group dinner, study groups, TESOL support and a number of other awesome excursions for us during our free time, which helped with meeting more likeminded people and in the end, form friendships with people from all over the globe. These come in handy when you travel around and need a place to crash in either your own new home country or further abroad!

If you are in two minds, you need only speak to one of the amazing team members and hear about their priceless memories and experiences. I recommend TravelBud as your choice to lead you into your new life, they have the perfect balance of professionalism and fun/friendly/warm that you need, a mould you can use for your own approach as a teacher. Take the plunge, you really won't regret it.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Teaching in Thailand

Teaching in Thailand with TravelBud was one of the best decisions I have ever made! When I signed up to the programme I was unsure whether this was the right thing to do, and the months leading up to my departure I was so nervous that I had made the wrong decision. But I was so wrong to have had any worries, TravelBud were great in assisting me with everything I needed, and they were so quick to reply to my emails.
The TESOL course in Hua Hin was such a great way to make new friends and experience new things. Not only was I prepared for teaching English as a foreign language, but I was also taught how to teach in a Thai classroom, and what to expect when teaching Thai students. I felt fully prepared on my first day at my school in Krabi.
Teaching here has completely exceeded my expectations, my Thai school is amazing and I love my students. My fellow Thai teachers have been so welcoming and they are always trying to involve me in school activities. It felt a little overwhelming at first, but I quickly settled in and now I don't ever want to leave!

For those who are considering teaching in Thailand, I would absolutely recommend going through TravelBud, they offer a fantastic programme! The only thing I could fault is that during the TESOL course there were various costs I felt unprepared for, and I did end up spending a fair bit on teaching materials as they are not provided for you. But if you are willing to save the money, then go through this programme, you definitely won't regret it!

What would you improve about this program?
It would be useful to give future TravelBud members a list of optional but useful materials to bring with them for teaching. Things like whiteboard markers, cardboard, speakers, sticky tape etc... I ended up spending a fair bit of time and money trying to find these things.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Thank you TravelBud!!

I was so impressed with TravelBud! As I was completing the course, they were right there supporting me in every way I could imagine! Our TravelBud representative in Thailand planned weekend excursions for us which was so helpful! They also were there to celebrate our birthdays, assist us with our course, or give useful tips for Thai culture or just getting around! Their professionalism was unparalleled and I met others who wish they went through TravelBud after seeing how well they treated us! It is hard to trust your time, money, and future with any organization, but I would trust TravelBud with mine again in a heartbeat! They were truly the BEST organization to go through and I am so happy and thankful that I researched and found them!

What would you improve about this program?
Better communication of how it is not the TESOL course (XploreAsia gave the TESOL course) but the path to get there. I was so confused at first but once I met others from other programs it made a little more sense.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Peace of Mind

This review is entirely written to put your mind at ease and to briefly explain to anyone wanting to leave your comfort zone and work in another country of the incredibly informative and reliable service offered by TravelBud.

When I decided to teach English abroad, I was faced, as we all are, with the very real concern of scammers. My first dealings with TravelBud were extremely pleasant and I could see right away that this was the real deal. There were no tell-tale signs of fraudulent activity and the company appeared far too organised to be a hoax. Keep in mind that I was only 22 at the time and a valid concern of my parents was that I did not know enough about the world to be really sure. So, as parents do, they fired-away with every single question you could possibly think of in order to achieve piece of mind, often to my moans and groans of "come on mom what else do you need to know".

TravelBud helped me understand where I was going, what I was going to be doing, who I was going to be doing it with and most importantly, exactly why choosing to trust in their system would be beneficial for me and my future in my new home/country. Every single bit of prep work (visa's, airplane tickets, etc) that needed to get done before I stepped on the plane was done with the help of their extremely understanding team members. They made sure that I was all set and ready to go with complete confidence in the fact that I was going to have the time of my life.

The help didn't stop there (and still hasn't). TravelBud followed up with constant contact from their side and really made the effort to make sure everything on my side was still going smoothly.

That is why I am writing this review. Truthfully, I wouldn't normally do this sort of thing but because I felt as though they really had a huge part to play in me being properly prepared for my time here I felt it only fair to repay them in this form. TravelBud do very well and I wish you, whoever is reading this, all of the very best for your future and I urge you to trust in them the same way I did.

I'm having the time of my life.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A+ For TravelBud!

To anyone interested in teaching overseas in Thailand, or a number of other foreign countries, I would highly recommend going through TravelBud! From the first day of getting contact with the team over 6 months ago, to today, where I am currently teaching in Thailand, TravelBud has been with me attentively throughout the whole process.

My decision to go though TravelBud from a friend who had gone through the program the previous year and only had extremely positive feedback. Now I can see why!

Knowing that the TravelBud company is not based in the US, where I was currently residing, made me a bit uneasy for fear of complicated or minimal communication. However, this was not an issue at all. Even with the major time difference, a member of the TravelBud always responded to e-mails within 24 hours and even made themselves available for phone and Skype chats to answer my questions and concerns.

After deciding on teaching in Thailand, the TravelBud team gave me a lot of insight on what what the culture and teaching life would be like once I moved over. They gave advice on pros and cons of different cities/towns and helped me get a rough estimate on average salary and living expenses.

When it came close to moving time, TravelBud was on top of their game with reminding me of deadlines and documents that needed submitting. They even had an agent who found me the cheapest flight option and booked my flight for me!

Since arriving in Thailand, members of the TravelBud team have kept in touch and are very much still hands-on to help me in any way. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my choice of choosing TravelBud and would definitely recommend them to people looking at moving overseas!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Most Enriching journey ever!

It was one of the most enriching experiences ever, Thai people are by far the most welcoming and friendly people I've encountered, even being back home my Thailand connects are still making me feel the love across continents.

The Travelbud team was a great support structure throughout the process, the fact that you guys are there from the very beginning and continue to follow through throughout the process is amazing. I can say that you guys are hands down the best agency in the game from what I've heard. The welcome dinner and the braai are great touches!

I literally have not a bad word to say about my experience with Travelbud and definitely feel like I got my money's worth. The only constructive criticism that I would pass on would be the handover from you guys to your in-country partner, there were some slight gaps there, perhaps because of the outstanding amount of information that we were getting prior to the handover..

The biggest gap in the first bits of communication from TravelBud's in-country partners (I and many others felt) came in as far as costs were concerned. As much as we're told about the big budget figure that we're expected to have to carry us through, it's just lovely to have a breakdown of just how much of it is gona slip right out of our fingers in the very first week. So things like, bank card costs, songteaw for the month, breakdown of accommodation costs from H-Residence to Hua Hin accommodation etc. but all in all that is not enough to leave a dent in the experience so all's well that ends well.

That said, moving from the course to my placement made my experience that much more amazing. Ayutthaya became home away from home within no time! Having a place where even through the language barrier you can feel the love, is priceless. I straight up cried my entire last week in the place and almost a month later, I'm still getting an out-pour of love from my students something I will carry with me forever and a day!

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone as it will change the way you see the world forever!

What would you improve about this program?
Better communication and transparency particularly from the TravelBud's in-country partners side.
**When you pack your bags and leave your home for the unknown, you make a conscious decision to become a grown up. Not being treated in the light even in the slightest manner is rather disheartening.
Response from TravelBud

Hello Bongi

Thank you so much for sharing your Teach Abroad experience with us in Thailand. It is so great to hear that you had such an enriching experience teaching at your school in Ayutthaya - this is exactly what we work so hard to offer to all our teachers in Thailand!

Thank you for also sharing such valuable constructive feedback with us. We are actually in the process of reviewing our suggested budget for Thailand and how we go through it with all our soon-to-be teachers. We are always working hard to improve every aspect of our Teach Abroad programs and feedback like this really helps, so thank you :)

We're wishing you the best of luck for your new job back home and please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if there is anything we can do for you. We're always here to help!

The TravelBud Team :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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barefoot in happy land

It has been a roller coaster of a ride, but most certainly one I wouldn't change for the world. I have been in Thailand for roughly half a year now, closing in on the October break, and there always seems to be something exciting coming up around the corner.
One of the times that do stand out wasn't necessarily one of the big name locations full of tourists, but rather an island just a 20 minute ferry ride, just south of Trang. I met a wonderful Thai lady and her husband at an English camp that i was working at, and of course a smile and good first conversation can go a long way. I was soon invited to her family home on an island called Kho Sukhorn, and I could have almost guaranteed i was the only foreigner on the island, but i was quite happy with that. It was an invaluable experience where i was able to learn and make good friends.
Nevertheless, it all goes down to how this was made possible. It seems hard to think back when there is so much to look forward to. Coming into this venture was made alot easier with the agency and people that I was fortunate enough to work with. Travelbud made the process seem effortless, and if it wasn't for them I'm not sure how this time in my life could have been made possible. thanks to Peter from Travelbud who was always there when we needed questions answered and even came over to Thailand during our TESOL course to show us a few tricks of the trade. I would recommend Travelbud every day of the week, and i suggest you take the opportunity while you still can, you will have the time of your life.

Yes, I recommend this program

Taking a leap of faith!

After being stuck in a corporate job that I really began to detest, i was running out of ways to escape and to build a new life for myself. I stumbled across TravelBud's course for Teaching and Thailand and decided to take a leap of faith. After making triple sure that it wasn't a scam (I was very worried about giving a company my money and being stranded in Asia) I applied and was accepted. Three months later I have absolutely no regrets, the entire experience has been life-changing and I have met some really amazing people! The TESOL course was intense but fun and I made friends from around the globe in this one month. I am now placed at a kindergarten in the North of Thailand and am loving every moment. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a rewarding change that will allow you to explore the globe and yourself. The Land of Smiles awaits you, just do it!

Yes, I recommend this program


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