Teach English in Italy

Armed with your TEFL certification, your bags are packed, and la dolce vita is calling! Immerse yourself in all that Italy has to offer by teaching English, and you’ll experience first-hand why this country so rich in culture, history, and tradition, is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Salary Expectations for Teaching in Italy

Italy is a varied country with a variety of teaching opportunities: you can teach primary school to Italian children in the countryside, or instruct business professionals in a bustling city like Rome or Florence. Similarly, the salary for teaching English in Italy can range. The salary for English teachers in Italy is typically €1,500-€2,000 per month ($1,750-$2,250 USD).

Housing is not typically included as part of your benefits, so expect this to be your biggest expense while living and teaching in Italy. If you rent a room in a flat in a city like Rome, you can expect to pay €650-€800 per month ($750-$1,000 USD). In smaller cities and towns, this cost will be lower.

Required Qualifications to Teach in Italy

As part of the EU and Schengen visa zone, it is relatively tougher to get a teaching job in Italy than in other parts of the world. While you do not need previous teaching experience to become an English teacher in Italy, there are other qualifications you’ll need to meet:

  • You’ll need a college degree. While there are teaching jobs which do not require a college degree, most will require you to have a four-year degree. Even if not required, having a degree will help your application stand out.
  • TEFL certification is crucial to successful job placement. While it is possible to find jobs that do not require a TEFL (or equivalent) certification, most will require it.
  • Look for jobs that provide a work visa. Though it’s hard to find a teaching placement that offers visa sponsorship (and many teachers work illegally ‘under the table’), these jobs do exist and are the best way to ensure you get a legal work visa while teaching in Italy.

How to Find a Job Teaching in Italy

Here are some tips to help you find a job teaching English in Italy:

  1. Pay attention to hiring seasons. Recruiting is most commonly done from mid-September to mid-October. A second hiring season happens in mid-January. These are your best opportunities to find lots of job placements.
  2. Inquire directly with Italian schools. While there may be some advantage to being in Italy in person, you should inquire directly with Italian schools and programs where you want to teach.
  3. Budget in advance and prepare for part-time work. Many English teachers in Italy supplement their work with part-time work or private tutoring. These opportunities may be easier to find at first too, but make sure you plan to be flexible when you get a teaching placement.
  4. Have your resume translated into Italian. This is a pro-tip if you really want to impress the schools where you apply. Having an Italian version of your resume will help you stand out in a sea of English resumes.
  5. Prepare in advance for your interview. We’ve got a whole article detailing our top tips to ace your teach abroad interview. These tips are not specific to any country, so they’ll work as you apply for teaching jobs in Italy too.

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