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- Maximum of 100 teaching hours a month (approx. 20 per week)
- 5 days a week (overtime is available but not required)
- You will be supported by local Chinese teachers who will also assist with communicating with parents.
- You will follow Aihua's set curriculum supplemented by an interactive whiteboard and extensive multimedia material.
- Aihua provides unparalleled ongoing support and professional development for their foreign teachers.
(If you're looking for a chance to develop and progress as a teacher this is the job for you!)

  • Experience an amazing new world
  • Teach inspirational young children
  • Get solid support and training
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Work on a safe and legal China visa

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  • Benefits 9.4
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 8.6
  • Facilities 8.9
  • Safety 10
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Shane teaching in class

10/10 with so many rewards!

When I was thinking of coming to China to teach, my first thought was "how could I adapt to a culture so different to what I am used to". Aihua-English ensured I was fully prepared for my journey. From the first communications with the management to landing in Beijing the treatment I received was top class! The HR team made sure everything was taken care of and I soon realised I made the right choice.
I am teaching in Aihua for over 6 months now and I have experienced so much in such a short time. I have been to the Great Wall, lots of temples and I have met some fantastic people along the way.
The teaching materials are very easy to follow and the support from my supervisor and managers ensure that every question is answered promptly. The children I teach are amazing and it is crazy how quick I got attached to them. They each have their own personalities and every class I am left smiling.
The apartment that is provided for me is spacious, clean and very western.
I honestly can say that Aihua have provided me with the best of treatment. I have been attending Chinese lessons, also provided by Aihua, and these have been a huge help, especially when I am communicating to the delivery man for my dinner :)
I play for a local football team and there is a first class gym just up the road from my apartment. Everything is local and the centre is only a short ride on the subway.

If you are thinking about coming to Beijing, then I suggest coming to Aihua as the platform they provide is outstanding.

Take the leap and come to Beijing, you will not regret it!! :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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Take the next step!!

I have been working as a Foreign English teacher at Aihua for one and a half years, and it has been a unique and truly amazing experience. When I made the decision to move to China all those months ago, I knew I wanted to secure a legitimate teaching job which could offer me a safe working environment, and the potential to grow professionally. Let me tell you, Aihua has offered exactly that!!

Leading up to my departure, The assistance offered from Aihua in processing my visa application was second to none. I was sent a clearly outlined e-mail explaining what documents I needed to gather and essentially exactly what I needed to do. Any time I had a query, I received a very prompt response from Aihua headquarters. You will never have to do anything by yourself during this process and help will always be provided.

Not speaking Chinese must surely cause a number of problems in everyday life right?........wrong! All foreign teachers are provided with support from two amazing ladies called Summer and Tina. From your very first day at Aihua, Summer and Tina will kindly help you buy a Chinese sim card, Help you register with the police, complete the compulsory health screening check and buy you a travel card which can be used on most modes of transport. In addition to this, if you encounter any personal problems, let's say you need to see a doctor, visit a dentist or change some money at the bank, Summer or Tina will assist you in setting up an appointment and accompany you to this appointment.

Another question I asked myself before I decided to move to China was, "Is it safe?" "What are the people like?" Shijingshan district in Beijing is a very comfortable and safe environment. It is common in China for people to walk around the streets very late at night and feel completely safe. This is very true of Shijingshan. It is also very nice to know that all of the other foreign teachers live in the same area. So if you do ever have a problem or feel scared or lonely, you know all you have to do is walk for a couple of minutes to meet a friend. The locals in Shijingshan are also extremely friendly and love to have a chat. You will notice you begin to see the same faces while carrying out everyday activities and if you can speak a few words of Chinese they will be full of curiosity.

Another reason I decided to move to China was to learn Chinese. Aihua offers every foreign teacher group Chinese classes twice a week and a V.I.P class once per week. Looking back and not having a word of Chinese, it's great to see how far I have come with the help of the classes at Aihua. It is an amazing benefit and it is really great fun to learn Chinese with the other foreign teachers.

Aihua offers a very comprehensive ten-day training course. It focuses on a variety of topics such as classroom management, teaching methodologies, course curriculums etc. I found this training course extremely beneficial before I began my first teaching term. Any worries or fears I had before stepping into the classroom quickly vanished and I was very confident leading into my first lesson. I have to say it is also a very funny experience and it allowed us to act like little kids again.

While working for Aihua there is a lot of potential to take on more senior roles. Many of the foreign teachers at Aihua become foreign center supervisors at one of Aihua's many schools. Others may become involved with training the new Foreign teachers or more recently developing online curriculums. If professional development is something that interests you, there is huge potential to achieve this during your time at Aihua.

Lastly, Teachers are contracted to work up to a maximum of 25 teaching hours per week. Foreign teachers at Aihua have a lot of time off throughout the week. There is huge potential to see all Beijing has to offer on days off. Usually, teachers don't start work until later in the evenings during weekdays, so there is also potential to do a lot of activities during this time. Foreign teachers get a month break in February for Chinese new year and a month off in July-August. You can decide whether you want to explore more of China's rich culture and vast landscapes, maybe travel home or even visit a number of other neighboring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand, there is always something to see or somewhere to go!!

Overall, Aihua is an extremely professional company. Help will always be offered and you will never feel alone in this huge City. Aihua has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and really develop as a person. I have found my home away from home. So, if you're on the verge of taking the next step, and moving to this diverse city, Look no further than Aihua International Education, you won't regret it!!!!!

Yes, I recommend this program

10/10 with so many rewards!

I have been working for Aihua for almost 6 months now and I have to say the standard of support I have received is top class. China can be a very daunting thought before you come here, especially if you are inexperienced in travelling. However, put them thoughts aside and think positively because the support I have received from my Supervisor, HR and Management have been excellent. Before I came to China, I did not have much travelling experience and I come from a rural country side in Ireland, but again I settled in very quickly and made friends almost immediately. No matter what the issue, there is always a helping hand.
The children are adorable and the teaching material is laid out in a structured and easy to follow manner. I actively take part in Chinese lessons every week and these are complimentary of Aihua which is a great help. Whether you want to study Chinese or take a year out, learning even a small bit of Chinese is important when you want to order your favourite pizza...
I honestly recommend Aihua to anyone who wants to come to Beijing and teach. There is an excellent progression rate into management and staff are rewarded for their valued work.

I will leave you with a few snaps of my experience so far and hopefully you can experience this too... :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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Working as a manager for Aihua

I have been working for Aihua English for almost exactly 3 years now and have been in a management position at the school for more than 2 years. As far as I know, not many English schools are offering the prospect for a teacher to move on to management which makes Aihua stand out from other English schools here in Beijing – making the experience of living and working abroad even richer. This chance of working as a Manager/Foreign Centre Supervisor for the school has given me the opportunity to keep growing professionally and to start a career at the school rather than “just” work here for one year. The management-work at Aihua is very challenging and could not be more diverse and interesting while I am still following my passion of teaching in the classroom. One important aspect of my work is cross-cultural management which certainly is one of the toughest challenges considering the huge cultural differences between Chinese and “Westerners” – also on the management-level. But I also learn a lot from my Chinese colleagues just as I did when I started at Aihua as a teacher 3 years ago. Living in Beijing for such a long period of time has not been difficult for me as I consider Beijing to be one of the most exciting cities I have ever been to, and I see myself growing here personally as well.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Aihua English is not a horror story

I have been working for Aihua English for almost 1 year and have recently signed another 1 year contract with them. While a college student, I studied abroad in Beijing for roughly 2+ years. At that time, I became acquainted with many Western expats whose career paths were ESL in China. From the horror stories they told me about unreliable, dishonest program administrators and essentially being glorified babysitters, I was very hesitant to start working for an ESL training center in China. Aihua English is not the antagonist of a horror story. Sure, it’s still an ESL training center in China, so it does conform to some Chinese work practices, such as holidays/days off really aren’t holidays or days off (you have to make them up at another time). But the administration at Aihua English is very dependable, the benefits are unbeatable and the pay is reasonable. The workload is also reasonable. I highly recommend to anyone interested in experiencing the Middle Kingdom and/or trying their hand at being an ESL instructor to give Aihua English their full consideration. Working at Aihua English gives you a chance to visit and explore one of the oldest and culturally rich countries in the world with the security of a job, housing and a very warm and inclusive community of people from all over the world.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My First 2 Months in China

The past 2 months I’ve spent here in Beijing, working at Aihua has been eye-opening and memorable to say the least. Leaving my family and friends behind and traveling across the world to a brand new city of over 20 million people has been one of the biggest and boldest decisions I’ve ever made. Thankfully I’ve had the support of everyone at Aihua (from my supervisors and HR, to my fellow co-teachers) to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition. For me, this teaching experience was a perfect opportunity as a recent university graduate to explore more of the world and gain hands on working experience at the same time.

Whether you have a career in education, want to improve your Chinese or are just interested in stepping out of your comfort zone to experience something totally different- Aihua is the right company to support and encourage you in all that you do. Be sure to check it out!

Yes, I recommend this program

My First 2 Months in China!

The past 2 months I’ve spent here in Beijing, working at Aihua has been eye-opening and memorable to say the least. Leaving my family and friends behind and traveling across the world to a brand new city of over 20 million people has been one of the biggest and boldest decisions I’ve ever made. Thankfully I’ve had the support of everyone at Aihua (from my supervisors and HR, to my fellow co-teachers) to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition. For me, this teaching experience was a perfect opportunity as a recent university graduate to explore more of the world and gain hands on working experience at the same time.

Whether you have a career in education, want to improve your Chinese or are just interested in stepping out of your comfort zone to experience something totally different- Aihua is the right company to support and encourage you in all that you do. Be sure to check it out!

Yes, I recommend this program

Two Month Look at Aihua

I have been working at Aihua for two months now, and it’s been an incredible experience.

Even before arriving in China, the staff was friendly and efficient, helping me gather all the required visa documents. Once I arrived, Aihua teachers picked me up from the airport and delivered me to the apartment, which Aihua provides rent-free. The Shijingshan area is spacious and much less crowded than the inner rings, but if you’re looking to get into the city center, Beijing public transportation is cheap and easy to use.

Aihua has a two-week training period which is very thorough (and is getting better!) They don’t just throw you into the classroom and hope you swim, they actually take the time to go through the books and demo different class levels before putting you in front of the kids. They also provide a ton of resources on a USB to get you started. If you’ve never taught before, don’t worry. Aihua has got you covered.

I was also able to become closer to the other new foreign teachers in training. There are so many teachers, it’s impossible to not make friends. Additionally, any problems you have while in Beijing, whether it be health issues or problems with the apartment, Chinese staff at Aihua are always available to help. The support from Chinese staff and fellow foreign teachers is unparalleled.

In terms of actual teaching, Aihua is an excellent place to work. The Chinese teachers who assist me in class are excellent and the children are delightful. My center is beautiful, well organized, and in close proximity to good baozi and jianbing!

I’ve only been here two months, but the experience has only been positive. If you’re looking to teach in China but are overwhelmed with the choices, Aihua is a strong and secure option with a ton of support. Definitely recommended!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Couldn't be Happier!

I've been working for Aihua for over 2 months now in Beijing and I couldn't be happier. Right away, from when I landed in Beijing I felt welcomed, comfortable and most importantly safe and secure. Everything was really well organised and all went smoothly. From getting a Chinese sim card to setting up a bank account, everything to make your life and adjusting to a new city easier was sorted. The accommodation is wonderful, in a lovely, friendly neighbourhood, with loads of shops, restaurants and parks nearby. You get extensive, but always fun, training so you will feel ready to take on teaching no matter what your experience. The staff are so friendly and always there for advice and support. I couldn't recommend Aihua and Beijing more!

Yes, I recommend this program

Aihua At-A-Glance

Hi all,

Thinking about teaching in Beijing? Looking for a legitimate school with amazing benefits? Look no further than Aihua. From the moment I accepted my position as a foreign teacher (FT) Aihua's staff has assisted in every aspect. From gathering the correct documents for my Visa, to picking me up at the airport and settling me into my apartment and surrounding community, Aihua has been a game changer. Not once since my time in Beijing have I felt lost or alone, which is amazing when you live in a city of 20 million plus.

Regarding teaching at Aihua, the training is excellent. Aihua staff does everything possible to have you prepared for your first class. Additionally, on going training allows you to improve your teaching skills throughout the entire term. When in the classroom you are allowed great autonomy to most effectively reach the students. Plus, you have great foreign staff (Chinese Teachers) to assist and make the class most fluid.

All in all, Aihua has proven to live up to its great reputation. I strongly recommend you consider learning more about this great language academy.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Aihua English, China

I have now spent six amazing weeks living in Beijing. The first day was quite overwhelming, as to be expected when moving to a new country with new customs and a language that your not familiar with. On my second day, I got to meet the wonderful Aihua support staff - Summer and Tina. They are angels and completely took care of me and my and my co-workers... Well, they still do. The staff at Aihua are phenomenal - everyone is around to help each other out when needed.
As someone who moved to China with basically zero Mandarin, I have been absolutely blown away by the kindness of the local people here. Not once so far have I had a negative interaction. Everyone here, locals and staff alike, are all here living together and as a non-Chinese speaker, people in Beijing have been much more accommodating than I ever expected.
In my humble opinion, the level of support, training (both introductory and on-going) that Aihua offers in second-to-none. There is support for anything you could imagine, from housing issues to cultural differences - from work related issues to issues going on back home - the Aihua family has your back.
Aihua is a fantastic company to work for (and with). I for one know I made a great decision to come work here.

What would you improve about this program?
I have no complaints about Aihua.
Yes, I recommend this program

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