Teach English in a Homestay in Chile for 1, 2 or 3 Months with Greenheart Travel

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Enjoy the culture in Chile
Enjoy the culture in Chile
teach in a homestay in Chile
teach in a homestay in Chile
Explore Chile as a homestay teacher
Explore Chile as a homestay teacher
live with a host family in chile
live with a host family in chile
tutor English in Chile with Greenheart Travel
tutor English in Chile with Greenheart Travel


Greenheart Travel’s Teach English in a Homestay program gives you the opportunity to teach conversational English for 15 hours a week to your host family, while practicing your Spanish and exploring the area during your free time.

While this is a volunteer, unpaid teaching placement, this program is designed for deep cultural immersion and language exchange. This program is ideal for adults hoping to gain experience in teaching English, teachers planning to travel during their summer break, or travelers seeking to experience full cultural immersion while teaching English abroad.

Program dates:
Start dates are twice a month, with applications due at least 8 weeks prior to desired departure date.

Program Fee:
1, 2 or 3 month program: $1,410

  • Single-room accommodation with carefully screened host family
  • 15 hours per week tutoring; the rest of the time is yours to travel and explore!
  • 1, 2 or 3 month placements
  • 1 day orientation in Santiago, Chile at the start of the program
  • Tutoring placements throughout the country


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  • Benefits 10
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 9.5
  • Facilities 9.5
  • Safety 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Chile homestay experience

Before going to Chile, I had studied abroad and lived with a host family; however, that experience did not compare to the complete cultural immersion of the greenheart program. Pre-departure, the greenheart staff were all very accommodating and informative, making me feel completely prepared for my time abroad. Upon arrival, I received more support from the in-country partner agency. I would definitely say the best party of my experience was my host family. They were just as excited to teach me about their culture and integrate me into their life with family and friends as they were about learning the english language. My host placement was located in a very small town which allowed me to feel part of their community and learn a lot about the Chilean culture. I was also able to take day and weekend trips during my time in Chile to see some of the larger, popular cities. Although my host family would sometimes treat me as actual family and be protective, I never had any concern regarding safety. I would highly recommend this program to any traveler hoping to gain an understanding of another country's culture, build a relationship while also getting the experience of teaching to a non-native english speaker.

Yes, I recommend this program

Best Decision Ever!!!

My experience with this program was amazing! I loved every second of my life in Chile! I loved getting to know my host family, and watch their English improve more and more each day! I loved learning about their culture, and teaching them about mine! I loved getting to see another culture in action (while being completely submersed in it). The bond I formed with my host family during this program is the one thing I will never forget about this experience!

My experience with this program changed my view on the world because it made me more aware of the world around me and how many things we take for granted each day (that other people barely even have access to).
This experience also helped me strengthen my Spanish skills and my teaching skills; which are two things I now know I definitely want to use in the future.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone just looking to travel and make new friends abroad, while making a difference in such a simple, yet very important, way.
Teaching English abroad is one of the best decisions I've ever made!

About Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel is a 501(c)3 non-profit, mission driven organization based in Chicago, USA. We are passionate about providing immersive cultural immersion experiences for teenagers and adults in countries all over the world. We believe in the power...


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