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Jennifer Veerapen
I'm about three months into my program in Sokcho and I am greatly enjoying my experience. The city is wonderful, the people are generally nice, I've met great friend among fellow EPIK teachers and my...
Katerina Noori
I love living in South Korea. I am at a private school, and there are many challenges, but the benefits far out way the difficulties! I work from 2pm to 10pm, which sounds weird at first, but I really...
Estefania Scroll
I had the opportunity to work with ispiice and their amazing team of staff in India. It was an experience that I truly treasure, and was one of the best summers of my life. “I never thought that I...
Gia Domine
I attended iSpiice this past May, and had an amazing experience. iSpiice staff is absolutely amazing, iSpiice volunteer house is nice and clean. Project was absolutely safe. There is never a moment...

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