Whether you’re looking at coaching, management, finance, psychology or nutrition, studying abroad as a sports study major will greatly enhance your education. Though the majority of study abroad students are not sports study majors, it is definitely no exception. You will learn a new way of thinking, coaching, managing and playing, and gain experience invaluable to you in the future. Lastly, national pride for a sport is generally extremely passionate, meaning, you gain new competitive friendships (and a few rivalries along the way) that will undoubtedly last a very long time.

The sports study major has a huge list of different options on its own. Many go into nutrition for athletes, journalism, broadcasting, coaching and management. It is studied through the lens of history, psychology and sociology. Some of the more coveted jobs in sports include General Manager of a professional team and Head Coach.

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Check out these awesome suggestions to jumpstart your research for studying sports abroad.

ISA's Summer Sports Program: Learn more about recreational and professional sports, physical activity and health. This multi-location is extremely ideal for students. As it is in Australia, English is the language spoken, so there is no worry of learning a new language.

: CIEE offers a program for baseball lovers in the Dominican Republic. Famous player such as Albert Pujols hailed from the Dominican Republic, so Santo Domingo is the perfect place to study in. There is a Spanish portion of the program, but the other two classes are in English. In essence, you learn all things baseball: MLB impact on the Dominican Republic, Dominican baseball, the relationship between MLB and developing countries and much more. Certainly, a fantastic program!

Australia, Mexico, Brazil and England are the more popular places to study sports abroad in. Mexico with its Estadio Azteca, Brazil with its famous football team, Australia with its Tennis tournament, and England with Wimbledon Stadium, create strong appeal for students to study sports abroad in.

If these aren't quite your cup of tea, look to the directly to the right on your screen, and you'll find a long list of sports study programs.

Scholarships for Studying Sports
  • provides soccer players with scholarships with the goal of becoming professionals, but also if one of your main goals is to play abroad on a university team.
  • If you're looking to study in Spain, , Universidad Catolica San Antonio in Spain provides great scholarships for those pursuing sports and want to learn a bit of Spanish along the way.
  • More Study Abroad Grants and Scholarships
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