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The HSK is a worldwide recognized qualification to prove one’s level of Mandarin Language proficiency. Go Abroad China offers preparatory courses to international Mandarin Chinese learners to help them leave China with a valuable qualification in Chinese. In this course, you can expect to be taught the best methods you can utilize to get the best marks possible; we introduce mock tests to gradually help you get familiar with the HSK, the study content will include a lot of vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, paraphrasing, grammar and writing; all of which are crucial in getting an HSK qualification.

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HSK classes plus exam

I already knew a little bit about the HSK qualification. I have been learning Chinese in the US for a few years and decided to go to finally go to China.
During my research there were a few options I read about but in the end picked GAC after lots of comparisons. They organised for me to go to a small language school and I was there for 3 months. Learning Chinese away from my school in the US was totally different; the pace and intensity was higher in China, and definitely I was able to pass HSK level 3. The exam was so intense, it had a section for grammar, listing, reading and writing characters. I had expected this because I did lots of practise questions from an HSK preparation textbook.

I had so much fun when I as there; there was a lady from GAC that helped me get to my school, she always emailed me when they organised events and outings and I met a lot of other people.I think it went very well getting everything organised by Go Abroad China, they helped me a lot.

How can this program be improved?
I was hoping to get a good discount.
Yes, I recommend this program


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