Study Abroad Articles

If you're called to distant shores during your study abroad experience, the United Arab Emirates could be a great destination for you. Learn more about what you should know before studying abroad in the U.A.E.
Costa Rica is a hot destination for studying abroad in Central America, but do you have a good idea for how much your semester of pura vida will cost? Learn more about all of the costs associated with studying abroad in Costa Rica.
Is Sweden your ideal study abroad destination, but you're on the fence about what classes to take? Learn about some of the subjects Sweden is best known for -- and which subjects you'll really enjoy while studying abroad in Sweden.
Want a semester abroad filled with German culture, pretzels and currywurst, and everything else that German culture entails? If you're curious about the total cost of studying abroad in Germany, learn more in this article, including tuition and cost of living estimates.
If you're uncertain when you want to study abroad -- and are open to the idea of studying abroad as a freshman -- you might be surprised how much you'll experience. Learn more about the pros and cons of studying abroad in your first year of college.
Considering where to study abroad? Europe is the top continent for studying abroad -- and there are more options and opportunities than you can imagine! To help you narrow your search, consider these 10 popular cities for the 2018-2019 academic year.
In the cosmopolitan Emirati cities where most students study abroad, it's entirely possible to go the whole semester and never try local food. If you're determined to sample local flavors while studying abroad in the UAE, here are the foods to try.
Spain tops many students' study abroad wishlists... but how do you choose which city to study in? Here are nine amazing Spanish cities to consider, each with their own allure. Which one is right for you?
Oceania is a huge region, with a surprising number of study abroad destinations. If you know you want to end up studying in this area of the world, but aren't quite sure where -- consider one of these 10 amazing places to study abroad.
Ready to experience pura vida while studying abroad... but not sure how you'll pay for it? Check out this curated list of scholarships that can help making studying abroad in Costa Rica a reality.