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Follow the Kiwi: 2014 Scholarship Winner Leaves for New Zealand

Kourtney Stuthard
Kourtney Stuthard

Kourtney was a Go Overseas Editorial Assistant and a student at UC Berkeley. She has lived in many states, including Georgia, Illinois, and Hawaii, and is excited to begin traveling to other countries.

Last year, Go Overseas and Education New Zealand put together a full scholarship for one lucky student to study abroad In New Zealand. After combing through over 1,000 submissions, Emma Faucher was chosen as the recipient of the $15,000 award.

It took over a month of preparation and a day of travel, but she finally made it to her destination. Curious to know what the experience was like? Well, we asked her to capture that pre-departure excitement in a series of photos, and share them.

So get scrolling and follow Emma on the first stage of her study abroad adventure as she departs from Castleton, Vermont and flies to her new home in New Zealand. Get ready, the excitement is real:

Step 1: Packing

Packing for New Zealand

Tear your room apart trying to figure out all the clothes to bring (which combinations you can work with in order to pack less).

Step 2: Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

The emotional goodbyes -- leaving the people you love for six months can be a very bittersweet event!

Step 3: Make Your Flight

Make Your Flight

Arrive at the airport before the sun comes up to start your long 30 hours of traveling to your new home for the next six months!

Step 4: Take Off

Take Off

Take off! Get a good last glimpse of home. Goodbye, snowy Vermont!

Step 5: The Art of Sleeping on Planes

The Art of Sleeping on Planes

Try and get comfortable on each plane -- it rarely happens, but it’s worth a shot since you’ll be traveling for over a day!

Step 6: Layover


Typical airport Snapchats while you’re bored during a 5-hour layover (are we there yet?!)

Step 7: Keep on Flying

Keep on Flying

Fly into the sunset (literally) for over 2 hours -- what an absolutely breathtaking way to travel!

Step 8: Last Leg of the Journey

Last Leg of the Journey

Board the airplane that will be your bedroom for the night (hope you can sleep as well, otherwise it will be a very long day after arrival). Next stop… New Zealand!

Step 9: Touch Down!

Touch Down!

Get overly excited about the fact that you’ve made it to New Zealand! Now to make it through customs and add another stamp to your passport...

Step 10: Take in Your New Home

Take in Your New Home

Sit back and relax -- enjoy landing into your home country for the next six months! You’re finally here! :)

Want this to be you? apply to the New Zealand scholarship today.

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