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Since 2007, Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) has been working with the aim of providing support to the underprivileged societies of the world in order to make a difference. Over the last 11 years, VolSol has placed more than 13,200 volunteers across 20+ countries in different parts of the world. Meant essentially for high school, college and university students as well as gap year travelers and backpackers, the projects have been reasonably priced, starting at a cost as low as $200 only!

Volunteering Solutions aims to promote affordable volunteer work in countries that need it the most by connecting the right people with the best projects abroad. With such a wide variety of projects around the world, there is surely something available for everyone. It'll be an incredible opportunity for you! At the end of the program, volunteers and interns are awarded a Certificate of Project Completion.

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DLF Phase IV
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My recent experience volunteering in Delhi was life changing. The process of applying right to the arrival in India was very straight forward. On arrival i was greeted by Vol Sol staff who took me directly to the accommodation in South Delhi. While at the accommodation support and advice is provided by the staff at all times. Orientation to the country and the project is provided on day 1 and this really sets the scene for your time ahead. The overall experience working with the children from a local slum was so meaningful and satisfying. The children are so welcoming, loving and giving of themselves. They are so willing to learn from us as volunteers and will inspire you everyday. The experience can feel overwhelming at first but if you embrace the country the culture and the conditions the children are living in you will have the most amazing time. I felt very safe at all times and although the locals will be curious and may stare at you they are not intrusive, so just smile or say hello. What you will take away from your time as a volunteer is beyond what you can ever imagine. These children and India will forever live in my heart and soul. If you are considering a project, choose whatever is right for you. Be open, dont judge or compare but simply embrace the experience you will really make a difference. Vol solutions made my volunteering dream a reality.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My time in New Delhi with VolSol was an experience to remember. A month working with Aangan Day Care Centre flew by. The staff/coordinators do a fantastic job of being accessible if you have any questions or problems. Shankar and Chubbi were the simply best! Whether it was their cooking (or cooking with them) or the conversations after dinner - the two of them were a huge part of why I enjoyed my time in Delhi so much! I will miss them a ton.

The orientation is helpful and allows you to learn more about the city and how not to get ripped off when traveling around the city. The accommodation is in a great area of South Delhi and I never had an issue with safety or any possible dangerous encounters. I had the chance to see a lot in a Delhi after work or on the weekends. I would recommend this sort of program to people who want to work 1st, see 2nd.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Foi muito proveitoso! Poder conhecer um outro sistema de saúde e uma outra cultura é muito enriquecedor. Aprendi muito mais do que a pratica da medicina, aprendi como lidar com o lado social e com pessoas, com diferentes costumes e pensamentos. Não é um programa pra se aprender medicina, mas sim pra aprender cada vez mais qual medico ou qual pessoa você quer vir a ser.
Sem falar que cusco é uma cidade muito incrível. Mas recomendo se programar para conseguir fazer os passeios porque na cidade mesmo tem pouca coisa pra visitar.
A Host Family foi incrível também. Aprendi muito mais da cultura local por conviver com pessoas que vivem aqui. E sem falar que consegui ganhar muita vivencia no espanhol. Enriqueci meu vocabulario e minha desenvoltura para falar. Fui muito bem acolhida e com certeza vou sentir muita falta de todo o carinho e atenção que me deram (e da comida tambem hahaha)

What would you improve about this program?
Um pouco mais de participação dos voluntarios na parte social. Fazemos muito "paper work".
Yes, I recommend this program
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I spent a month in Cusco volunteering at a small health clinic and had a wonderful experience. It was amazing to see how healthcare works in a different country and to be able to help out. I got to work in three different areas of the clinic which included maternity, general medicine, and with kids. I helped out by doing a lot of paperwork but I also got to learn how to give injections and vaccines. I really enjoyed staying with my host family. It was nice to not have to worry about meals and the food in Peru is amazing! I also enjoyed spending time with the other volunteers. We explored the city of Cusco together as well as many other interesting sites near Cusco like rainbow mountain, Humantay lagoon, and lake Titicaca. Overall this was an wonderful trip and I would recommend it for anyone.

What would you improve about this program?
I think this program can be improved by having volunteers stay with the same host family when there are only 2 or 3 volunteers. The last two weeks there where only 2 volunteers and I spent a lot more time inside by myself since I wasn’t with any other volunteers.
Yes, I recommend this program
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In the summer of 2015, I was fortunate enough to travel abroad to Spain with my mother and sister. Although they wanted to make the trip, they weren’t totally sold on my idea of volunteering on their vacation. However, by the end of our holiday I had changed their minds!

We spent 3 weeks in Valencia, Spain where we volunteered with children at risk of social exclusion. Being a kindergarten teacher myself, I knew this was a program where we could make a real difference.

We spent our first week helping to coordinate a summer camp, plan activities and excursions, and organized our schedule for each day. I was pleasantly surprised that our ideas were taken seriously and implemented into the agenda! During the next two weeks, we helped the kiddos with their homework, assisted with English-speaking skills, played games, and even made a trip to the local pool where we were able to teach some swimming lessons (another passion my family and I shared)!

Because our volunteering hours were Monday-Friday, we were able to travel to different parts of Spain on the weekends and afternoons. Some of our trips included: Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, and Seville. Our trip coordinator gave us a tour of the city the first day we arrived, and advised us of the best ways to travel. This was extremely helpful and eased any previous anxieties. The accommodations were spacious, centrally located, and safe! We made several friends along the way with other volunteers and enjoyed every part of our adventure.

Overall I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make an impact on children’s lives, while traveling abroad. The relationships we built there will be cherished for a lifetime. I cannot wait for our next trip!

Yes, I recommend this program


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