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The Intern Group is one of the leading providers of international internships. Our programs are located in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia & Latin America. We place participants from all over the world in international internships that propel their career development forward. The Intern Group is built on the foundations of adventure, ambition, internationalism and curiosity. We take those applicants we accept to the next level professionally, while also providing them with a global experience that broadens minds and enriches lives.


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Doing an 8 week internship in Dublin was the best decision I’ve ever made - it helped me grow as a person, and provided invaluable experience in my field of study (Computer Science). The events organised by the Intern Group were always incredibly enjoyable and worth every cent that I payed for this opportunity. I’ve made lifelong friends with people from all over the world, as well as important industry connections including mentors who have passed on valuable information on to me.
For anyone thinking of applying for this internship experience, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Being given the chance to live and work halfway around the world, and being completely independent but still supported by your fellow interns and the staff at the Intern Group - it’s a once in a lifetime experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Yes, I recommend this program
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An International internship is all of what you'd expect it to be. Exhilarating. Unknown. And filled with innumerable opportunities, that is, if you're willing to take them.

The 6 weeks I spent living, working, and growing in Madrid conisted of all of the above. Each Intern has their own work schedule, this work schedule varies from company to company. In my case, I went in at 9am and was finished at 6pm, a typical Spanish work day. Others I found went in at 10am and were done by 4pm. Personally I enjoyed working the long hours, it eventually led to some strong relationships with my co-workers. I also invested myself within the company, Trivu, a global ecosystem that promotes opportunities to connect, activate, and empower young talent with the aim of generating real impact. My role consisted of Marketing and the Engagement sector of the company.

The time spent away from work involved networking events, both formal and informal with the other interns and Intern Group Staff. I would like to take this time to mention one of the most important reasons why it was so easy to transition into the Spanish culture. His name is Carlos Perez Bañuls. Carlos is a member of the Intern Group who hosts events and dinner(s) for us interns almost daily. He is our go-to person for any and all information; traveling to other cities in Europe, medical assistance, food savvy, and very open to any type of conversation.

In terms of Safety, I felt right at home. Madrid is a lively city, it hardly rests. However, just like any other city, there are great areas and there are dimly lit areas. In my experience, I did in fact lose my wallet, but that was due to my lack of responsiblity and a night out at the club. If you're reasonably aware of your surroundings and you keep accountability in yourself and your friends, you should be just fine!

If given the opportunity, I would be more than happy to re-live this experience and if anything, extend it. This internship is more than just "an internship". I wholeheartedly believe, if you take proactive measures to achieve your goals and are self-motivated, you will gain so much from this internship. Friends. Connections. Professional Skills. Confidence in your ability to function with a foreign company. And more, much, much more. I am very grateful to have been one of the very few to be selected for this experience. I am happy to have learned, adapted, and grown so much in so little time. Something to note, from a Marketing perspective, the ability to sell yourself to a school, job, or opportunity is invaluable. Investing in an International Internship WILL set you apart from the rest and it will pave new opportunities, should you take full advantage of them.

How can this program be improved?
I stronger focus on the inviduality of each intern in regards to their work route and housing location. Some are far closer than others. However, I understand due to the availability of each accomadation and the time constraint placed on the program pertaining to the final commitment of each individual intern, it is understandable that this may not come easy.
Yes, I recommend this program
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The time I spent in Dublin blew my expectations out of the water in every aspect. My internship itself gave me great hands experience and helped me learn a lot in my field. I did the didgital marketing for a The Church bar, restaraunt, nightclub and tourist attraction. They took me on a corporate event and because it was a tourist spot as well as bar and restaurant, I had plenty of perks when it came to food and bringing groups of people there for a night out.

The instructors were amazing, they were all very lively and outgoing and did an excellent job making everyone feel comfortable upon their arrival and the duration of your trip. They set up a variety of events and trips that I advise everyone to take advantage of. It’s a great opportunity to go out with the other interns and get to know them as well as taking part in something fun. There’s events that range from something as simple as a literary bar crawl to something as adventurous as a day trip to Cliffs of Moher and Galway.

Because I did the Summer program, My accommodation was located in UCD (University College Dublin). Where I shared an apartment with 3 other people. From my personal experience, the summer program offers a better living accomodation then the middle of the year. The group size of interns that come in the summer are drastically larger as well and everyone in the summer program are all placed together at UCD. Where in traditional housing you are placed in a house that is in supposed to be a convienient location from your Internship, however, your housemates are typically not from the Interngroup. I guess that can give it a real authentic experience. It would just depend on your personal preference at the end of the day.
-However, if you’re not a fan of the rain and cold weather, I would definitely advise going in the Summer.

The people you find throughout Ireland, particularly In Dublin, are very diverse and welcoming, of course with an exception of the occasion drunk. You’ll find that there’s actually a large amount of people that aren’t even from Ireland but are living, working or traveling there as well.

Yes, I recommend this program

This is the most exciting opportunity I have ever been given and I enjoyed it tremendously. Prepare to have a professional experience you will never forget while making memories that will last you a lifetime. The interngroup in Dublin is top notch, and I was blessed to have worked with their team. The friends I have made, both local and and fellow interns, have had a great influence on my life, and I can’t wait to come back one day. The professionalism I gained in my workplace has already began helping me reach my individual goals in the field of psychology. The cultural events I was exposed to created an interest in within me for the Irish culture that is hard to put into words. Overall, it is one of my greatest decisions to date and I’m truly blessed to have had this experience with the Interngroup in Dublin. It was amazing!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Where I'm from, internships are everything and it's near impossible getting a job in your degree field without one. Even ones that require 0-1 years of experience can be difficult to get as they'll go with people who have that 1 year. This was a great way for me to spread my wings and return to a city I love! I had been in Dublin before and had been itching to go back so this provided a great opportunity for me! The internship I was a part of was amazing. It let me get a real feel for what a job in my career field would be like and I got to see my projects applied and displayed for everyone to see, which was incredible! The outings and the people were probably my favorite. The group provided so many different things to do nearly every week which really helped me make the most of my trip, and if there wasn't an outing, being able to take a day trip by taking the DART or bus with others really made it worthwhile. The only downside (slightly) was the housing. I had a few issues with a few small things, but they were really nothing I couldn't handle and deal with for the time I was there. In this day and age, it's all about connections and experiences, and this group provided just that in a fun and safe environment I will always be grateful for.

Yes, I recommend this program

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