Choose Intensa for some of the best intensive Spanish language programs around! Family-operated since 1980, Intensa runs four language schools in various locations around Costa Rica. Check out the program listing below to see some more details!


Calle 33
San Jose, San Jose
Costa Rica


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I went to Intensa to learn Spanish, and the intensive schooling combined with practice in the real world at home and on the streets definitely did the job. Everyone I interacted with outside of school on a daily basis was blown away with the progress I made in such a short time.

I was already living in Costa Rica when I started this program and chose it based on 2 factors: reputation among the locals as a good school and cost. They gave me a great discount because I had friends that were alumni and I was making a typical Costa Rican salary, which is basically nothing. Plus, I planned to go through the whole course and not just a week or two. I went through a total of 10 levels, taking about 3 months.

The teachers were dedicated and really cared about teaching. We did a lot of repetitive work with grammar structures, but we also had free conversation time everyday. For me, it was the perfect mix of technical and practical.

I didn't have 1st hand experience with living situations, but the other students in class seemed to be satisfied. The class sizes were very small - the most students in a class ever were 5, and that was only for 1 week. I usually had the teacher to myself or just another student and me.

I attended the school in San Jose as well as Alajuela. Both urban locations, but there were trips to other towns and the beach. Plus cultural activities, e.g. I learned how to cook some typical Costa Rican dishes. :)

Yes, I recommend this program


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