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Taiwan Mandarin Institute is a Chinese language school located in the center of Taipei. All of our teachers are fully trained and have a minimum of two years teaching experience. We have small group and individual courses at all levels to suit your needs. Our classes are offered many times throughout the day to fit into your busy schedule and you can choose to study 2 or 6 hours a day.

We start all of our students studying the Traditional method and students can expect to learn 100-150 new words per week. At Taiwan Mandarin Institute we pride ourselves on offering the most effective Chinese lessons at the most reasonable price as we believe anyone who wants to learn Chinese should be able to.

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Chinese in Taipei

I did a week of 4 hours of Mandarin per day at TMI, and I loved it! It was set up as me and one other guy with an excellent instructor. She reviewed a lot and spoke slowly, using "charades" and repeating herself when we didn't understand her.

It was great. I wish so bad I had more than a week to spend at TMI, and would highly recommend it, they can help you with housing while you're there as well. I spent 1 night at a hostel and then they offered me a room. It was great and totally worth it.

If you've done your research I think you will discover that you will enjoy the city of Taipei more than probably anywhere in China you could do something similar. I lived in China for a year and even Beijing or Hong Kong does not have Mexican food like the burrito place right down the street from TMI!!!

How can this program be improved?
I wasn't looking for academic credit, but to my knowledge, the school is not accredited. I don't know if there is a way, but that would be good. Again, I wish I had more time to go to TMI.
Yes, I recommend this program

About Taiwan Mandarin Institute

Taiwan Mandarin Institute is the only language school in Taiwan that offers solely Mandarin Lessons. This means all of the institutes resources, effort and facilities is dedicated to the you - The Mandarin learner.