Study Spanish and Tango Dance in Buenos Aires

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Our visitors could reach and improve their Spanish language skills and practice and have a complete immersion to the Tango and porteño culture. Our School is located at Retiro neighborhood, near downtown area, few blocks from the remarkable Recoleta Cemetery, and 20 minutes walking distance from San Telmo, the most typical neighborhood in Buenos Aires, with their centennial buildings and the tango's atmosphere.

Our programs are based in the European Language Framework system, and our materials were thought to have a pleasant experience and not at all pretentious. Our students could face the experience of the tango dance in our building, with private and group classes.

From our experience, we can assure you that our long- term courses:
- Help students improve their Spanish rapidly.
- Provide students with chances to use the language with real communicative purposes outside the classroom with native speakers.

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Great School

I really loved my time at CASA Spanish Academy. The teachers were excellent and I made good friends with the my co-students. The class sizes were small - on average 4 people which meant I could practice my spoken spanish alot. There was also a good mix of nationalities which I think made the conversation interesting.

The school organises social nights 3 times a week and they took us to some of Buenos Airea more authentic and lesser well known parts.

All in I had a really fun time and I felt like my spanish improved alot.

The only downside was some of the desks were a bit old, also they set out powdered milk to go with the coffee which I don't really like.

How can this program be improved?
Replace the desks and get fresh milk for the coffee
Yes, I recommend this program

About CASA Spanish Academy

Learning Spanish while living in a Spanish speaking country is the best, and fastest way to gain competence and get a real understanding of the language.
Our biggest challenge is to provide a conducive environment for language learning is the best...